Hogwarts House Harry Potter Bath Bombs Recipe Tutorial


What is better than joining two loves? Bath Bombs and Harry Potter are huge in our family. Last year we made Expecto Patronum bath bombs that revealed the user’s patrons and frankly make the kids (and if we’re honest adults) giddy. This time I’m doing good old Hogwarts House Bath Bombs. 

best recipe for DIY hogwarts house bathbombs Gryffindor

Can anyone say GO Gryffindor!? And of course you can show your Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff pride too by swapping colors in my easy recipe tutorial.

easy recipe for hogwarts house harry potter bathbombs

How to Make a Harry Potter House Bath Bombs

Wet Ingredients

  • 3/4 tsp water
  • 2tsp essential oil
  • 2 1/2 tsp coconut oil, melted

Dry Ingredients

Handmade Harry Potter Bath bombs recipe great gift idea

See process pictures of how to make basic bath bombs on my Patronus Bath bomb post or watch the vi.

  1. Combine Wet Ingredients
  2. Combine Dry Ingredients
  3. SLOWLY add the wet ingredients to the dry. Drop by drop. And mix. Mixing with hands works better. Divide up and color (you want about a 1 to 1 ratio for Hogwarts House bath bombs so for Gryffindor do half the mixture yellow and half red (if you’re doing more than one house in one batch you can split it even further). 
  4. Place a small amount of gold (or first color) and then some of the red (or second color) and repeat to fill the mold. Press to pack down and fill more so it’s mounding over the top.
  5. Fill the other half of the mold so it is packed and overflowing. Smoosh together and twist so that the excess presses out through the center. Press time. If you have extra molds let it sit in the mold to dry for a few minutes or until fully dry. If you don’t have extras then carefully remove the bath bomb and repeat the steps until you use up your mixture. If using the same molds work fast so your mixture doesn’t dry too much before you can mold it.

how to make Harry Potter bath bombs great booknerd gift

So easy right!? These make amazing gifts for all your Harry Potter loving booknerd friends. And as a bonus the kids LOOOOOVE making these! 

Tons of fun Harry Potter gift ideas for the whole family

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  • Dumbledore and Harry Potter action figures! 
  • Other surprise Harry Potter swag! 

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Handmade Fathers Day and Block Party

Father’s Day and Summer are just around the corner. All of these DIY Father’s Day Gifts are perfect for keeping little ones busy and dad will love all of them!

Celebrate father's day with these great DIY gift ideas


Picture Bookmarks | Photo Treat Jar | Popsicle Stick Planter|Handprint Tie

Printable Father’s Day Cards | BBQ Sauce Gift Pack| Father’s Day Tool Box Gift Card Holder | Father’s Day Bottle Tags

Free Father’s Day Printables | Nuts About You Gift|Hands Down Best Dad Shirt| Dad Photos

Scrabble Coaster Tiles| Golf Cupcakes| Father’s Day Garland| Handprint Picture Frame


Here are some of my favorite DIY Father’s Day Crafts and all of the printables are free!

Printable Dad Picture Frame| Candy Tie | Picture Bookmarks | Family Hand Prints

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DIY Teacher Gifts and Block Party

Whether it’s the end of the year, teacher appreciation week or just an average Tuesday, it’s always a good time to show those men and women that they are appreciated! Teachers put so much time and energy into their jobs and the kids they teach that. If you need some great DIY teacher gifts, check out these last minute teacher appreciation gift ideas that were linked last week in the linky party.

Last Minute DIY Teacher Gifts quick and easy teacher appreciation ideas

Nail Polish Strips Pouch

Book Bag

Kindergarten Teacher Gift

Read Like Rory

Berry Best

Triangle Scarf

Bee Lavender Soap

Harry Potter Mugs

Ruler Letter Board

Dumbledore Pillow

Target Gift Card Printable

Froyo Gift Card

Gift Card Holder

Lysol Wipes

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DIY Mothers Day Gifts and Block Party

With Mother’s Day is just around the corner, it’s easy to make mom feel super loved with one of these meaningful and beautiful DIY Mothers Day Gifts.

DIY Mothers Day Gifts with tutorials perfect handmade presents for Mother's Day

Check out the wonderful tutorials and projects perfect for making your own DIY Mother’s Day Gifts. These handmade creations will make your mother and grandmother feel the love!

Paper Roses

Mother’s Day Card with Foil

Fingerprint Necklace

Polka Dot Ring Dishes

Silhouette Locket

Flower Thumbprint Planter

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DIY Crafts and Tips for Video Game Lovers

I have been looking forward to the Ready Player One movie for a long time so to celebrate I pulled together some fabulous DIY Crafts and Tips for Video Game Lovers.

DIY crafts books and gift ideas for video game lovers

DIY Gamer Shirt | Angry Birds Pom Poms | Super Mario Brothers Hack | Remote Tray

Ready Player One Characters Shirt | Too Many Tabs Mug | Tips for Kids and Video Games | DIY Wood Computer

Nintendo Birthday Shirt | Pokemon Cornhole Game | Mario Cart Costume | Books for Ready Player One Fans

Legend of Zelda Link Plushie | All About PAX | Minecraft Shirt | Super Mario Mushroom Costume

Rae Gun guest posting picture


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Free Organizer Pattern with Cricut

Whether you’re trying to organize your finances or keep track of your important contacts, notes, or coupons this DIY Fabric Covered Organizer will do just the trick.

free pattern for a awesome DIY organizer perfect for Dave Ramsey followers. Coupon holder and nice option to make one on the Cricut Maker.

I was able to save a ton of time by using my Cricut Maker and other Cricut Essentials to cut out all the fabric pieces and embellishments. This is a super simple project that’s easy to adjust for any size accordion organizer. 

Better than I deserve free organizer pattern perfect for envelope system savings like dave ramsey

What You Need

During the beginning of the year I tend to find these little accordion organizers at the dollar store or even Target’s dollar section. Mine was 7 X13.5 inches The rest of the year I’ve found them in the stationary isles at grocery stores or sometime office supply stores. The fabric I used was Cricut fabricCricut fabric.

quick and easy DIY organizer perfect for cash system or envelope system dave ramsey fans

What to Do

1). Cut out cover fabric and binding. You can easily adjust my Cricut project dimensions to suit other sizes or just manually cut the correct size. You want a rectangle the same width as your organizer and the length should be the measurement of wraps from the inside panel around the bottom to the front flap. If you have a Cricut maker simply use my project and edit the dimensions of the main piece if needed. The binding should be plenty for most small size organizers.

cut bias tape with a Cricut makerIf using a Cricut Maker to cut out the pieces you’ll want to make sure to use your rotary blade and fabric map. I have the binding and main fabric as different colors so it will lead you through loading the fabric twice.

2). Next cut out your iron on vinyl. You can download the “Better than I deserve” image and then resize it to however big you want it. I did mine 2 inches by 1.5 inches (remember that you can unlock the dimensions when resizing!). When you go to cut it you’ll need to mirror the image. Place the iron-on vinyl  plastic side down (vinyl sized up) on a strong mat. Weed the negative space out (I found my Cricut BrightPad to be super helpful especially with the glitter iron-on vinyl).

Cricut Bright Pad

3). With right sides together sew the short ends of the binding pieces together to create a long strip. 

Cricut EasyPress and how to make faux bias take quickly

4). Fold both edges towards the center of the binding to make something resembling double fold bias tape. I used my Cricut EasyPress since the huge surface area made it perfect for ironing the folds in place. Next fold the binding in half and iron. You’ve now made faux bias tape. 

DIY fabric coupon holder great for Dave Ramsey fans with sewing tutorial

5). Mark the position of the “button” on some these are on the flap and others they are on the underside. Sew a buttonhole right where the button should be. 

6). Slide out the elastic. 

7). Iron vinyl onto the fabric. You can use a household iron but I find the Cricut EasyPress does a better job.

8). Measure the width of the organizer and sew that length x 2 of the binding folded sides together. Cut half of the sewn amount and set aside.

quick and easy DIY coupon organizer with free pattern. great for cash system dave ramsey program

9). Glue the base fabric to the organizer. 

10). Position the sewn side across the front of the organizer. Glue the binding to the organizer by folding it around all the edges. Glue the sewn strip of binding across the top and tuck under the side binding. Use binder clips to hold in place while the glue sets.

11). Using an awl or embroidery scissors poke a hole where the elastic fits. Use a small bit of fray check or clear nail polish and then slide the elastic back into place. 

how to make a fabric covered coupon holder great dave ramsey saving tool. with free sewing pattern and works with the cricut maker too






This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.


13 Reasons Why I Love My B&N Membership

Looking for a super easy last minute gift or fun treat for the whole family? A Barnes & Noble membership might be just the thing.

Great gift idea for any reader or even a family gift

I’ve been a long time fan of the Barnes & Noble membership (I’ve had one since grad school) and today I’m sharing 13 Reasons why I love my B&N membership.

1-3 Fabulous Memories

great idea for a family gift and to encourage a love of reading

I spent MANY hours in grad school at my neighborhood Barnes & Noble cafe tables slaving over papers and laughing with my classmates. When Daniel and I were first dating we’d often swing through for an easy date. Now with Teddy you can find us killing time wandering the aisles. I love checking out the new releases in the Teen Fantasy and Adventure section, Daniel loves flipping through the music magazines which can’t be found anywhere else, and Teddy loves reading with us in the kids section. Whether we’re picking up a new release at a discount or stopping in for a snack at the cafe it’s time together that I cherish.

4-5 Free Shipping and FAST Shipping

And while I do love wandering aisle I love online shipping! I am a sucker for free shipping and when I order off of BN.com. With my membership the orders ship for free. Not just that but it ships  fast in just 1-3 days.

6-9 Stuffed Pretzels, Peanut Butter Cup Cookies, Brie Sandwiches, and Cafe Drinks

food at barnes & noble cafe

Okay maybe not just those,  I have a serious weakness for the cafe food and treats at Barnes & Noble. I remember a time that I practically lived off the stuffed pretzels and I still can’t resist getting one of their peanut butter cookies every time we’re in. There are so many yummy items on their menu that I’m hoping to try and of course it’s all a bonus that members get discounts on the cafe goodies too!

10 Kids Club

barnes & noble kids club and membership perks

I was excited to find a new perk of the membership that now includes an easy way to sign up for their free kids club. With the Kids Club the little ones (up to age 12) receive a free treat for their birthday – a birthday cupcake, cookie or rice krispy treat and a $5 rewards card for every $100 spent on kids stuff.

11-12 40% off Hardcover Best Sellers and Other Great Discounts

barnes & noble teen fantasy and adventure aisle

I love that with my membership, I can snatch up the latest best selling hardcover at 40% off and that pretty much everything else they sell (including toys and cafe items) for 10% everyday. In fact when we went in last week they had  a promotion that gave members 20% offWAHOO. If you don’t know, they have some crazy amazing exclusive items that you can’t find anywhere else -incredible books, commissioned gift items, and really unique creative toys! Barnes & Noble is actually one of my favorite places to find interesting gifts.

13 Special Notifications Right to My Inbox

unusal gift ideas for families and young readers

With 3 full time businesses, a super active kiddo and just normal life I feel like I can’t remember anything and don’t have the time to research fun activities. It probably sounds silly but I LOVE my membership emails. I love knowing when special events like the Harry Potter and Star Wars aisles are happening, getting exclusive discounts that are easy for me to look up and access, and of course the book and gift suggestions. Today we took advantage of $1 Cafe drinks thanks to the email!

If you have someone who loves to read or just want to treat yourself or your family to a unique gift that lasts the whole year giving the gift of a Barnes & Noble membership is a great choice!

love this idea for a fun an unusual family gift idea















Christmas Kids Crafts and Block Party

This week the kids get out of school and winter break officially starts! Are you ready for it? It is always crazy chaos at my house because the kids are so excited about Christmas and school being out. Well this year I am going to be prepared and have some awesome Christmas kids crafts for them to do during break! Here are some great ideas to do this week with the kids!

Christmas-Kids-Crafts-printables tutorials DIY and activities for families

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Gift Giving Hacks for Readers, Geeks and More

I kind of pride myself on being a really GREAT gift giver but this year I am drawing blanks. Thankfully Barnes & Noble has a ton of really cool tools that make gift giving super easy whether you’re looking to give a book or other great gift.

what to read next great tools for picking what book to read for all readers

I personally always believe books are one of the best gifts that you can get anyone regardless of age or interests. But, sometimes deciding WHICH book can be a bit tricky. Last week I was browsing the Barnes & Noble website and got giddy when I tried out the Book Graph for the first time. This little tool is brand new this holiday season and I’m keeping my fingers crossed they’ll keep it year around. It’s a little hidden but to find it click on “books” on the top of BN.com and “Book Graph” is the first option.

Basically you click on a book cover and it leads you down a trail of related books that you can follow to find something new and awesome. With every step there are tons of options and you can click on each image to learn more about the different titles. It was so fun seeing books that I love recommended in this way. They have combined all the knowledge from their book sellers and the wealth of data on which books people tend to buy with other and well, you can see how that would make for a power recommendation tool. I could see this being super addicting. Plus this would be great when shopping for someone who reads a ton or who reads different types of content than what you might be familiar with!

super hero gifts and books for boys girls and kids of all ages

Not only is there the Book Graph, -but there are TONS awesome curated book lists and gift guides.  I love how the guides are more than just gender and age based. Of course you can start there if you want, -but, there are really interesting list themes which you might not think to search for, but lead to some pretty fun present ideas. There’s a whole selection of Super Gifts for Superheroes (a peek at that above), gifts for Game of Thrones Fans, Creative Gifts for Scientist and Makers,  Gifts to Inspire Unstoppable Girls and more.

awesome tips and tools for buying gifts for readers and geeks. books and non-book present tricks and ideas

This my friends is how you get a unique and meaningful gift your love ones will be really excited to get! In addition to lists with both non-book gift ideas as well as fresh reading material there are tons of straight up book lists to guide your gift giving (even if it’s for yourself, I won’t judge) like “Thrilling Books for Teen Readers“. 

And as fun as it is to shop from the convenience of your own home in your jammies, you might want to throw on some clothes because I’m not sure if you are aware, -but in most Barnes & Noble locations this holiday season they have a super special Harry Potter aisle!

Tons of Harry POtter gifts from Barnes and Noble

It is jammed packed FULL of goodies, books, and tons of gift ideas all inspired by the J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It’s got great goodies from the original series as well as from the Fantastic Beast movie and the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Screenplay. You guys I wanted it all, scarves, wands, games of all sorts, stuffies, DVDs, there’s so many fun things!

I’m not sure if you’ve ever just wandered the non-book isles at Barnes & Noble, but they always have the most fun gifts for kiddos, geeks, and really anyone! I’m actually drooling over the FAO Schwarz Christmas decoration I saw there earlier this week.

star wars at barnes & noble

I’ll be doing a live walk through on Facebook this week if you want a little peek around and for you Star Wars fans they have a Star Wars aisle too!!!

So if you’re at a loss of what to give the special people in your life head over to Barnes & NobleBarnes & Noble whether in person or online and you’re sure to find plenty of fun options!










Homemade Christmas Ornaments Tutorial and Block Party

It is officially Christmas season and now is the time to get crafting for decor and presents! We have pulled together some of our very favorite homemade Christmas Ornaments to give you inspiration for this upcoming holiday!

Handmade-Christmas-Ornaments diy tutorials

Book Page Ornaments

Quilted Monogram Ornament

Stick Tree Ornaments

Rustic Winter Truck Ornament

No Sew Quilted Ornament

Thumbprint Ornament

Scented Christmas Ornaments

DIY Minion Ornament

Custom Wood Ornaments

Mickey and Minnie Ornaments

Starfish Santa Ornament

Chalkboard Wood Slice Ornament

Paw Print Snowflake Ornament

Glitter Dinosaur Ornaments

Melted Candy Ornaments

Wood Grain Leather Ornaments

It’s time for another Block Party hosted by Rae Gun Ramblings | Keeping It Simple Crafts | Pieces By Polly| Housewife Eclectic! Be sure to check out all of our blogs, because we’ve been up to some fun things lately.
It’s Debra again from Housewife Eclectic. I have been creating like crazy for my Harry Potter Christmas tree. You can check out all of my Harry Potter DIY Ornaments below.
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