Harry Potter Fashion Sew Our Stash

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Are you ready for some awesome Harry Potter Fashion?

DIY Hogwarts Swim Team Shorts fun Harry Potter Fashion

It’s the last Thursday of the month as well as Happy Harry Potter week 2 which means I’ve got a Sew Our Stash Harry Potter edition coming at you. And I have to say that I absolutely ADORE the two items I made for myself this month.

Harry Potter board shorts and towel. And other DIY potter fashion

I liked my shirts from last month and have worn them a ton but I squealed from delight when I finished my two pieces for this month.

How awesome are these Harry Potter inspired Hogwarts Swim Team Board Shorts DIY sewing pattern

The first are these swim shorts. I used the Swim and Surf pattern by Gracious Threads along with some board short material that I got from Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop. And I couldn’t resist attacking them with heat transfer vinyl to add Hogwarts Swim Team emblem to them with my Cricut explore. And you guys I TOTALLY love them.

DIY women board short sewing patten review

I made the size 16 in the Run (medium) length. I like it a lot but I think I’ll make the Swim (shortest) length next. I did the simplest version without a tie or eyelets and used regular elastic instead of multiple rows of swim elastic. I figure IF I wear them in the water and the elastic breaks down fast I can just open the casing and replace it easy peasy. If you’re looking for an easy and cute board short pattern I highly recommend this pattern. I will definitely be making more for myself!

Fabulous swim short sewing pattern for women plus how fun Hogwarts swim team board shorts

I’m sharing this as a part of the Summer Swimwear Tour hosted by by Call Ajaire, Gracious Threads, and The Wolf and the Tree  to see more awesome DIY Swimwear, get discounts, and enter their fabulous giveaway see this post! I had originally planned on sharing my easy technique for making bias tape like I used on the shorts BUT I had some major technical issues so I’ll have to share that later.

Deathly Hallows tank top. Santa Fe sewing pattern review. DIY shirt

Now to my second creation the Santa Fe Top by Hey June Handmade. You all know I love Adrianna’s patterns. I seriously love this tank. I made the Large which was exactly what my measurements suggested I should make and I think it fits great.

Super cute women's tank pattern. Great fit and fast sew. I will be making many more

I love the flowy style and the various options. I’m excited to try both the more narrow tank version (this is the wider tank) as well as the actual sleeved versions.

Fabulous diy harry potter tank and sewing pattern review for women

It came together SO fast I really can’t wait to make more. Goodness I really need to just cut out a bunch. Of course I had to add some Iron-on vinyl again because I just can’t handle plain clothes and I think the Deathly Hallows sign on it is the perfect compliment. And it’s totally just a tad off center ugh but I don’t think I’ll ever but still enough or the shirt will be sitting just so that most people would be able to notice without staring and then they would be the weirdos right!?

Don’t forget to check out the awesome top that Bev from Flamingo Toes made! We would love you to join us by tagging your selfish sewing with #sewourstash and challenging ourselves to sew at least one wearable item each month for ourselves.

And there’s still time to enter the Happy Harry Potter giveways! They are amazing guys!



Sew Our Stash Summer Tops

You guys, I sewed myself THREE new tops this month!!! Two I totally love and the other I’m trying to decide.

DIY knit top. This is my favorite shirt.

So this is one of the ones I love. I actually made it earlier today. I have a favorite shirt and I drafted the pattern based off of it and I am in love. I plan on making at least 10 more. Also ignore my crazy squinty eyes and wild hair the weather was nutso but when you sew your Sew Our Stash items the last day you need to write up your post you get what you get haha.

Sew Our Stash monthly selfish sewing challenge.

It came together so quickly and it’s one of those easy to wear styles that I need so badly in this stage of my mommy hood.

Sorbetto Top Sewing Pattern

The top I’m unsure about you may have already seen. I used some SUPER gorgeous Riley Blake fabric from their Desert Bloom line. I had originally planned on making a dress with the fabric but decided I needed more tops. I just don’t love how this turned out. I think it’s frumpy and not flattering. I took TONS of pictures in this shirt and there were only 3 where I didn’t think I looked really blah. I still really love the fabric so I feel like I wasted it you know. I think part of the problem was this style probably needed a lighter weight fabric but also the cut doesn’t seem to work for me. I don’t think the lines hit the right places to be flattering on me. Also I think it’s too big despite taking it in. I don’t know what do you guys think? You can see a couple more pictures here.

handmade wardrobe perfect tee

And the final top is another version of the first this time with the Idle Wilde print on the front and solid black on the back. I’m not sure if you’ve ever sewn with Riley Blake knits but they are dreamy. I have a few skirts (with big white sections) and I can wear bright neon undies under these tight pencil skirts and they don’t show through but they are still super soft and have a great drape.

Two fabrics for a fun DIY knit shirt

So that’s what I made for Sew Our Stash this month. I’m quite proud. I’m super anxious to make more of those tees! Make sure you check out what Bev from Flamingo Toes made this month for herself! And keep tagging those pictures  #sewourstash

SOS and Sewing Box Tour

It’s Sew Our Stash day and I made two (wahoo) creations. Not only that but I’m wearing them at the same time (I still am undecided if they go together) in a video sewing box tour. It’s my new favorite thing.

Cute and fast DIY dolman shirt. Sewing project for Sew Our Stash

So first the creations. was actually something I made while I was at the SNAP! conference a few weeks ago. My friends from Pattern Anthology were teaching a hands on class and we all got to make dolman tops with fabric from Girl Charlee! Good deal right?! You can make your own with this pattern.

Speedy DIY sewing knit pencil skirtNow for the skirt. This is another of those 10 minute elastic waist band knit pencil skirts the the Ikat one I did last year. SO easy and so fast. I used some fabric from a cute local store Harmony and I am so happy with how it turned out I’m pretty sure weather willing I’ll be wearing it tomorrow.

two easy sewing projects. DIY dolman top and fast knit pencil skirt.

And I didn’t intend for these to “go together” but I had them laid out next to each other to remind myself to take pictures and I realized the colors are exactly the same. But tell me the truth what do you think? You can see the combo more in action in the video.

Since Teddy has been around my sewing time has been super limited because he currently sleeps in a room right by my work room. Moving him isn’t really an option until he is older and my machines are just too loud for while he is sleeping. So I’ve been wanting a Sewing Box by the Original Scrap Box people SUPER badly. I will do a whole big formal review (with a better video) and all but I thought it would be fun to show off my new sewing toy that I totally adore and that has enabled me to sew more again.

So cool everything you need to sew closed up in a cabinet. Awesome organization for DIY crafty people with small spaces.

I know I say it every month but it’s because it’s true. I love doing this Sew Our Stash challenge because I am “forced” to make something for myself. And you know what the last few times I packed to go somewhere all the things I felt good in or thought I looked good in were things I made. I hope you’ll join us as we sew using the #sewourstash and tell me in the comments what you made this month or plan on making next month. And of course don’t forget to visit Flamingo Toes‘ Sew Our Stash Post too!

UPDATE: looks like they retired this sewing box but they do have a larger sewing box now

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Awesome Must Sew Patterns for Women and Sew Our Stash

I’ve been on a sewing spree so I thought I’d gather up some awesome women’s sewing patterns and inspiration as a sort of to-do list.

I want to sew all of them. So many great sewing patterns for women. Great DIY fashion

It is indeed Sew Our Stash day. And I DID make myself something (wahooo) my Vintage Kitchen Kitty dress that I already showed off. But between Easter, which I did quite a bit of other sewing (for the kids), spring break, and company, that I didn’t have time to make a second item. But if you haven’t seen my dress yet I love it and I also share an easy tutorial for how to make the back stretchy even when using non-stretchy fabrics!

Love this idea to add an elastic back panel to DIY sewing dresses so they always fit no matter your weight changes! Great tutorial with lots of steps and pictures

Something about Spring fires up my sewing bug. Maybe that we aren’t constantly bundled under layers and coats, but regardless of the reason here are some fabulous sewing projects for women I hope to be adding to my stack and eventually my closet!

Must sew them all. Great DIY women's clothing sewing patterns.

Must Sew Women’s Patterns

Did you sew something for yourself this month? I’d love to see it remember to tag your pictures #sewourstash and follow me on Instagram at @raegunramblings to see my behind the scenes SOSing all month. And don’t forget to see what Bev from Flamingos Toes made this month!

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Sew Our Stash Floral Cardigan

Sew Our Stash is all about giving ourselves a deadline and making sewing for ourselves a priority.

DIY floral cardigan a knock off Forever 21 sewing project

We’ve put it on the calendar (the last Thursday of the month) and even if that means we’re scrambling on Wednesday to whip something up and take some pics that’s what Flamingo Toes Bev and I are doing. I have to admit this month it was definitely a scramble. I know for me this month just FLEW by and I know Bev was sewing up her top just yesterday too.

Fast DIY cardigan with pockets

BUT the point is we did it and we each have a new wearable. Mine actually still needs to be finished (sleeves hemmed) but you get the point. And SOOOO sorry for the junky photos I was trying to snap them before an appointment and the room I usually take pictures in is torn apart because I’m got a Sewing Box (eeep so excited) that is half built and totally blocking my dressform.

Floral Cardigan handmade

I live in cardigans so I tried to take the pattern off of one of my favorite Forever 21 styles. I’d say it went OK. It could have been better. But that’s fine since this was a tester. I have some awesome star knit fabric that I want to use when I fix the pattern.

DIY floral cardigan collage

It’s a bit wide at the shoulders and even though the original cardigan is has a flowy band around the front/neck I might see what I think about a folded band so if it flaps back at the neck there won’t be inside seams showing. (Also, what is ALL over my pants?)
Easy pockets on a DIY cardigan

I love the pocket detail. I think My pieces are right and I put it together right I just need to make the back piece a bit smaller at the neck and shoulder. TMI? Do you really care about all those little details? Well hopefully next month I’ll be able to show you a star one that is perfect!

knock off forever 21 diy cardigan

Did you sew anything for yourself this month? I hope you did and if you posted it anywhere I’d love you to comment with a link and if it’s on social media be sure to used #sewourstash so we can see it. If you don’t have it any where feel free to post it to the Rae Gun Ramblings Facebook page. I would love to see it! And don’t forget to see what Bev made!

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DIY Slouchy Sweatshirt Hack + Sew Our Stash


I am still giddy at how easy it was to tweak one of my favorite patterns to make a slouchy sweatshirt.

DIY slouchy sweatshirt great tutorial

Ever since I got my Owlcrate sweatshirt I’ve been obsessed with making more girly sweatshirts. I have never been a sweatshirt girl but this one has such a feminine cut with it’s wide neckline and fitted bodice. Luckily I’ve been hording this great floral sweatshirt fabric so it was pretty much meant to be.
quick and easy DIY slouchy sweatshirt sewing pattern hack

Since it is the last Thursday of the month that makes it Sew Our Stash day. I’m so excited we’re doing this again. Since I now have TWO new sweatshirts that I love.

Love this how to take a regular raglan and turn it into a slouchy sweatshirt

I made both using the Lane Raglan pattern by Hey June Handmade. Even though my sweatshirt knits had almost zero stretch I cut the same size as I’ve made before (a large) and it worked beautifully.

Basic raglan pattern hacked into a slouchy sweatshirt

I did make a couple tweaks to the pattern to get the more relaxed look. I really love that it scoops down in the back the same as the front. I adore the black one it’s perfect. The floral one I like a lot but the print makes the fabric more stiff and it’s heavier and just a little too warm. Both sweatshirt fabrics I found at Girl Charlee the stripes have been in my stash from a trip to LA Fabric district ages ago.

Super easy sewing hack. Make a DIY slouchy sweatshirt

  1. Instead of the front and back bodice pieces of the Lane Shirt Pattern I cut two fronts. This helps to get the wider slouchy look.
  2. On the pattern the sleeve goes up to accommodate the back bodice pattern piece but you want it to fit with two fronts so cut  your sleeve pieces by folding your sleeve pattern in half and only use the “front half” on the fold.
  3. Add two inches to the waist band. I have wider hips and I new with the lack of stretch in my fabrics that I would need a little more room for it to look right. I didn’t change the bodice pieces and they stretched fine to fit the bigger band. I made sure to put the bodice piece down when I serged the two together.
  4. I did not add any length to the neck band. Okay I did at first I added 2 inches to the pattern (totally the length to 4 inches) and that was TOO MUCH. It didn’t lay right at all. So I cut it back down to size and it worked great. BUT next time I am going to try adding 1/2 inch to the pattern since I think I’d like even a wider neckline.

Great sewing tutorial for turning a regular shirt pattern into a slouchy sweatshirt

Also have I mentioned how awkward it is to take pictures of yourself? Especially when your camera battery is low and the the self timer takes FOREVER to take the 10 pictures it’s supposed too? Umm yeah well it’s awkward.

DIY slouchy sweatshirt quick and easy diy sewing hack

Don’t forget to hop over and check out what Bev made this month and keep tagging your sewing with #sewourstash we LOVE seeing what you’ve been up to.

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Sew For YOURSELF This Year Sew Our Stash

One of the best things I ever did for myself was accept the challenge to sew at least one garment every month just for me. When Flamingo Toes Bev and I started Sew Our Stash it was supposed to be fun and just a way to get us sewing more clothing and use up all the fabric we bought. But it became more than that.

THis would be fun. Free sewing challenge that will get you sewing at least one new thing a month. sew our stash

We are SO excited to be starting Sew Our Stash back up after a few months off due to the holidays, crazy life, and the time and hard work that goes into writing a book (Bev’s book is awesome you need to check it out). But we are back and committed and we’re inviting you to join the challenge!

This looks like fun. Great way to get more sewn for myself. Sew Our Stash

It’s SUPER easy to participate. There are lots of ways for you to take on the challenge. You can do all of them or just a few.

  • Sew at least 1 new thing for yourself each month.
  • Check in on the FIRST THURSDAY of every month. That’s when we post what we made. We’d love you to comment and let us know what you made this month too!
  • If you have a blog or social media account you are welcome to join in posting what you made. It can be on the first Thursday or ANYTIME you have a picture to share. We love using #sewourstash on our pictures so everyone else can see and more people can join in on the fun. (Bev and I also LOOOOOOOVE seeing your creations and have been known feature them too!)
  • Use #sewourstash when you share your pictures of your fabric stash, what you’re sewing for yourself, or whenever you wear the awesome things you made for yourself!

You will get so much more than some new clothes.  It’s hard to explain but taking the time for ME in that way, challenging myself to sew more for me was something magical. I got clothes I loved and wear all the time. I learned more about my body and what works and why. I learned new skills and techniques (it pushed my comfort zone in sewing). And it was awesome to have the focused time every month for a little selfish sewing.

Want to see what I’ve made in the past? Here are all of my Sew Our Stash posts in one place. And be sure to take a peek at Bev’s too!

Okay, let’s meet back here on the last Thursday of this month and share what we made for ourselves and in the meantime remember to use the #sewourstash hastag!

THis would be fun. Free sewing challenge that will get you sewing at least one new thing a month. sew our stash

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Sew Our Stash: In Disguise

Naked and Afraid homemade costume based on the TV show

This month’s theme for Sew Our Stash was In Disguise. I’m super excited about my creation. While MY OWN costume is done I didn’t QUITE finish the boys’ costumes that go along with mine so I’ll have to do a full family costume post but you’ll get a peek at the whole group any ways.

Family costume naked and afraid contestants and crocodile predator

Do you know what we’re dressed up as? No not Adam and Eve, but close. Have you heard of the ridiculous show on the Discovery Channel called Naked and Afraid? The concept sounds so dumb (two strangers stranded in really rough survival conditions…naked) but once you start watching you get drawn in. No really it just happens. I told my husband it sounded so so stupid but it was on one day and somehow I got sucked in. So Daniel and I are the “survivalists” as they call them. And Teddy is the predator, in this case the crocodile.

such a funny costume. How to make a Naked and Afraid costume

They blur out the privates which for girls means boobs and crotch area. So to do that I sewed some tulle on my Hey June pattern Lane Raglan (that pattern is one of my favs!). For the leggins I used the base from the Hey June Sloan Leggings but just used an elastic waist instead of the fancy waistband in the pattern.

DIY Naked and Afraid TV show inspired costume

The “microphone” is just a bead on thread, I need to run to the craft store to get proper cording before Halloween. And the bag is just a slopped together tote out of burlap. Both of those items are given to every survivalist on the show.

Naked and Afraid TV show DIY costume

Isn’t he the cutest crocodile ever. Er umm tail-less croc? Yeah I totally forgot to make his tail eep so that will happen tomorrow.

Costumes are my very favorite thing to sew! Even after sewing hundreds every September and October once I get all my shop orders out I’m excited to sew our family costumes. The costumes for the nieces turned out SUPER great. I can’t wait to share them. Make sure you check in on my instagram for a peek since I’ll have them up there first :)

Sew Our Stash Schedule Square-01

And before we say goodbye remember that next month’s theme is COZY. I have pinned a ton of speedy scarf and cowl patterns that I’m hoping to whip up. And maybe I’ll even finish up that coat that I cut out ahem 8 years ago (that is if it fits).

Make sure you go see the awesomeness that Bev made this month too!

Easy DIY Naked and Afraid costume

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Family Costume Ideas + SOS Sewing Fails

DIY witch profile shirt

September means it’s time to think about Halloween Costumes and I’m excited to have gathered up a few fun family costume ideas. But before I get to that since it’s the last Thursday of the month which means Sew Our Stash day I have to share my Black and White creations. (and yes there is a tiny person lifting up the back of my shirt)

Like most months I waited until the last minute to work on my projects. Because like most months if I didn’t have this Sew Our Stash regular post looming over me I’d probably just not make anything for myself. But I do really like sewing for myself and more than that having stuff to wear that I’ve made for myself.

mustache shirt

But this month I’ve got a few flops to show you. First is this mustache shirt which looks even frumpier on me than on the dress form. I tried to do what I thought were simple tweaks to the pattern that just didn’t work out. So I tried to fix those tweaks and now what would have been a basic easy top is all bunchy and weird. I’m thinking of hacking it further still to make it into a raglan. Or just using the fabric for something for Teddy.

Cute witch DIY shirt

But then we have this shirt. Which in the pictures looks fine I guess but I never intended (nor would I intend) to make an off the shoulder top and this is really what I’m stuck with. But I like it, I think, but I don’t know. So here’s how this top came to be. You might have seen my frustrated work in progress picture on Instagram yesterday.

  1. Took a tried and true pattern tried to make a tiny adjustment with an insert of a different fabric.
  2. Cut out my shape. Went to sew the piece it TOTALLY didn’t fit. Took it apart.
  3. Cut out a bigger piece. Still didn’t fit.
  4. While taking that a part ripped my bodice.
  5. Decided I could make the back into the front.
  6. But now the neckline was WAY too high like touching my jowls. So I cut off the contrasting band I had added (why I didn’t just cut it in half I have no idea, oh that’s right I did that so it would like up with the mutilated front which was now the back).
  7. Folded the edges under and went with it.

Sewing (and crafting) humor turn that flop into a design element

And that my friends is how I turned my totally screwed up top into something new. But as much as I adore the fabric and I think it looks fine, it’s a pain to wear. For one I hate strapless bras. But I’m constantly having to adjust it because well the it’s perpetually backwards. I’m going to try and wear it with a black bra under and see if the straps bug me a ton. But I don’t know maybe I’ll do further tweaking. Do you guys have any ideas.

This sounds so fun. Monthly sewing themes for women.

So that’s my ultra pathetic Sew Our Stash report for this month. Next month’s theme is “In Disguise” and of course it’s Halloween!!!! I hope you’ll join Bev and I in sewing something for yourself in October whether it’s a full costume or just something you’ve been wanting to make.

Great creative DIY Family Halloween costumes

For inspiration I’ve rounded up some great family costume ideas because I cannot resist a good themed family costume.

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Sew Out Stash: Ikat Hogwarts Style

DIY Ikat knit skirt and Harry Potter shirt
Oh my guys I had high hopes for Sew Our Stash this month but besides the crazy work that the Happy Harry Potter series takes (all worth it though) we got hit with a huge bug and I’ve been holding Teddy through the night poor sick boy. So sadly those amazing hand stamped Harry Potter dresses that I had planned are still sitting as a pile of fabric on my cutting table.

DIY Ikat knit skirt

But I have made myself a few things this month. Just in case you forgot. We had the Square Maxi Skirt for Riley Blake. Pretend that I made myself and awesome Harry Potter top to go with it (I’m thinking with Polkadot Chair’s amazing Quidditch Mom design).

quick and easy square maxi skirt tutorial just 2 steps and 15 minutes

And I made that Hogwarts Text Book Skirt which I ADORE. It’s so cute in person guys! I’ll get a nice modeled shot of that for you soon. I promise.

Must make Harry Potter inspired Text book skirt. Step by step tutorial instructions

But our theme this month was polka dots and here is my unusual take on polka dots. Let’s just say trying to combine Potter and Polka dots and all the other stuff going on was a little tough. But I’m in love with this skirt and I know it will get lots and lots of wear!

hogwarts alumn skirt and ikat knit diy skirt

I made it using my Simple Simon and Co’s SPEEEDY knit skirt tutorial. It teaches you how to take the measurements off your own body and make a pattern. It’s my favorite!

DIY knit skirt and Hogwarts shirt

I do have another polka dot project I was reeeeeaaaaallly wanting to make so I will just have to share it next month. But until then here is my new skirt and new top. I shared the tutorial on how to make this but the baby version last year and I’ll be adding the adult ones to my shop later this week (the baby ones can already be purchased here).

This sounds so fun. Monthly sewing themes for women.

Okay here’s to a better next month of Sew Our Stash. The theme next month is knock off!  And before you go Bev shared a bunch of awesome Maxi Skirt Tutorials so go check them out!

awesome diy ikat knit skirt and harry potter shirt

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