Books That I Want More of, Sequels, Spin-offs and Snarky Mentions

If only these books had sequels or more sequels or spin-offs - Rae Gun Ramblings

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is “10 books I wish could have sequels”. And for me I wish that the books on my list could have sequels just for the pure fact that I absolutely loved them, the characters, the world, and the story. If I’m honest with myself these books are actually perfect how they are so maybe I’m really asking for non-traditional sequels and while we’re doing that how about we add a few spin-offs to completed series.

  • The Night Circus – This is one of my favorite books every. I would love a spin off book maybe from Poppet and Widget’s perspective or following the previous contestants or some other manner of a spin off since I’m not sure  a true sequel would be possible.
  • Parallel – I’m not at all complaining about the ending. I actually think it was kind of perfect but I love the story, characters, and ideas so so much I would love more.
  • Transparent – I know that this is being sold as a standalone but I loved this spin on kids with super powers that I really really really hope that we get a sequel.
  • The Sea of Tranquility – Great and complete how it is but I could see a sequel being great in the way that Where She Went was a great follow up to If I stay.
  • Harry Potter – I know I know there are already TONS, but I desperately want more. I want prequels and I want
  • Graceling – I love all these books. I want more and more and more. Kristen Cashore is a magician when it comes to sequels so I’m sure she could give us many more in this great world.
  • The Challenge and The Academy (Steel Trapp series) – I was really getting into these books. Come on kid spys yup sounds pretty fun but then there hasn’t been a book in this series since 2010 boo. I was really liking the direction these were headed.

Snarky Mentions

  • Requiem – I know that’s kinda Lauren Oliver’s thing, the no real resolution ending but seriously that was way way way too open. Way too many loose ends. It freaking ends mid-fight I would like more.
  • Invisibility – I liked it alright but I would love another installment. Not only did I enjoy the process of this story and the characters so I’d like more of them but I just thought the whole conflict resolution thing was strange/week I’d like a bit more.
  • Life As We Knew It – For the love, please NO MORE SEQUELS. I was roped into the first three thinking there would be some resolution, but the depression level just gets worse and worse with each book. Serious these books made me majorly anxious and gave no real hope. Unless someone tells me that there is a happily ever after with the next one I vow not to read them. Don’t get me wrong they are well written, quick reads, that totally suck you in but boy are they downers.

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Best and Worst Book to Movie Adaptations

books to movies

I LOVE when they make my favorite books into movies. I just think it’s so fun to see the world come alive on the big screen. I used to have a hard time with little changes and things being different. But I think I’ve come to understand that story telling just has to be different in the two media. That being said there are still some movies that do a much better time keeping the spirit and story strong and others what sadly make me wonder if people will ever pick up the book or if they movie makers even read the book. Today I’m linking up some of my favorite book to movie adaptations for Top Ten Tuesday. I kept on thinking of books that I read really young and don’t remember how accurate those movies were so I left them off but I’d love to hear what some of your favorite (and least favorite) book to movie flicks are in the comments.


  • The Harry Potter Movies – I’ve had my share of freak outs over the changes in these movies along the years but I still love them. They did an amazing job capturing the magical world of Harry Potter, the wonder, the characters and the adventure. I put them on all the time.
  • The Lion, Witch, and The Wardrobe – I really loved the movie the characters fit how I pictured them but they kept the wonderful main message of the book while making the entrance to Narnia just as wonderful.
  • The Hunger Games – Were there changes? Yes. Where the costumes kind of a let down? Yup. But this book is so complex and full of story and action that I was actually really impressed with how they did the movie. The things they decided to include cut, how they got across important bits. I think they really captured the spirit of the tale.
  • The Help – I liked this. Did it blow me away like some of the other books to movies, no. But I thought it was solid and even with leaving off many major story lines I thought it kept to the heart of the story.
  • The Witches – I remember loving both the book and the movie as a kid. Super fun and ahem creepy.


  • Beautiful Creatures – I have such mixed feelings about Beautiful Creatures. I adored the first 3/4 of the movie but that ending WAS NOT IN THE BOOK. In fact I feel like that ending totally went against the spirit of the book and the core essence of Ethan and Lena’s relationship in the book. I really wish they hadn’t done that. In fact it took me everything to keep myself from asking Margaret Stohl how she let them butcher her book at the last signing she was at. Sigh but I held it in.
  • Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightening Thief – I didn’t write down specifics but there were just SO many differences in the movie I was really disappointed. I really hope they do better with the next installment that comes out next month.
  • Inkheart –  Blah Brenden Fraser are you freaking serious? This is one of my favorite books, so creative, so interesting, such great story telling and amazing characters and the movie not only changed a ton but the cast was totally lacking. Ugg what a disappointing movie.

Books to Movies 2013

And because I was a dork this weekend and took pictures by all the movie posts of the wonderful books that will be hitting the big screen too here’s a little collage of movies I hope to be adding to my best lists. It’s extra nerve racking because some of these are my favorite books ever.

Best YA Reads of 2013 So Far

best ya reads of 2013 - rae gun ramblings

I can’t believe that the year is half over. It’s just crazy. Today I’m going to share what I think are the Best YA reads of 2013 so far. I’d love to hear what your favorites are too. These are all books I’ve read in 2013 that have also been released this year. All of these books are special. I’ve read a lot of good books that were entertaining but all of these have something extra special with them. If you haven’t read them yet I can’t recommend them enough.  I’m also including a few bonus reads that weren’t released this year but I read and loved them this year! Linking up with the Broke and Bookish.

  1. Parallel – This was my favorite book this year the idea just blew me away. Think fun contemporary but time traveling sci-fi bits. It’s like a reverse Ground’s Hog Day idea where every day the main character wakes up and her yesterdays have changed which obviously impact what she’s doing today. In addition to awesome ideas it’s got a great story and it’s a nice stand alone.
  2. Dark Triumph – I never know what to think of a sequel told from another character’s perceptive but this was an absolutely fabulous book in the His Fair Assassins series. Life in a castle, political intrigue, teen assassin nuns, with plenty of romance. And might I say refreshing realistic honorable romance not the instalove/shallow stuff that most YA books tout.
  3. Pretty Girl -13 – one of the only books I’ve read in a day and it was great. Super super intense kind of rough content but it never lost hope. A super fascinating story reminiscent of Elizabeth Smart’s story.
  4. Dualed – everyone is born a twin and some time before you be come an adult  your time comes up and you have 30 days to kill your Alternate or be killed. Only one of you can survive. This book is full of action and keep me interested the whole time.
  5. Transparent – My new favorite super hero story. If you like stories about kids with powers and great friendships check this one out.
  6. The Ward – Think speed racer on the water with a dystopian set up, rampant disease, and a little bit of American folklore. I adored this one.
  7. Indigo Spell – Oh  how I love Adrian. The third book in the Bloodlines series, the spin off of Vampire academy kept me laughing and interested the whole time. I love seeing Sydney develop new abilities and Adrian well you can’t ever get enough of Adrian.
  8. Clockwork Princess – What a fabulous ending to the Infernal Devices series. Really I absolutely loved it I was smiling and crying and over joyed with happiness at the end. Yes it sounds ridiculous but it was so so good.
  9. The Program – There is a teen suicide epidemic and to keep it under control you are sent to The Program if  you show the smallest hint of depression. Each day in school you answer questions about your mental state and you watch as friends and siblings get taken away or kill themselves. It’s intense but even with the heavy content not depressing. It’s a story of survival and love and it’s awesome.
  10. Siege and Storm – Part pirate adventure, love story, kingdom in crisis and more. This book is exactly what a sequel should be. Siege and Storm builds on Shadow and Bone not just filling the space before the end of the story but giving us more (characters, plot lines, twists) I absolutely loved it!

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The Books I’m Going to Read This Summer

Books I'm going to read this Summer

So yesterday I shared my fabric hoarding problem and I was going to say that’s the only thing but then I went to write this post and I realized I have a serious to be read book hoarding problem. Luckily most of these have been gifted or borrowed so it’s not quite as bad as the fabric but I’ve got a few more than 10 on the list this week. These are the books that have come off my library hold, appeared in my mailbox, or have just been sitting on my shelf for too long. Linking up with The Broke and the Bookish. So here are the books I’m going to read this Summer.

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Top Ten Beach Reads and Huge Book Giveaway

10 great YA Beach Reads at Rae Gun Ramblings

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday with The Broke and The Bookish is “beach reads”. Before I get to it I want to let you know about a giveaway my good friend and fellow book girl Debra and I have going on. I’m posting an image and a linky below just to make it easy but if you want to read more about the giveaway check out my Summer Survival Kit Giveaway post. I hope you’ll enter and spread the word! (if you don’t see the rafflecopter just reload the page)

  • The Summer Trilogy I just adored this trilogy that starts with The Summer I Turned Pretty. It’s a sweet story of a girl growing up, childhood family friends, Summer vacation, and romance. I loved them. It will definitely get you in the mood for the beach.
  • The Throne of Glass is a great choice If you feel like some action and romance. The story is full of political intrigue, awesome fighting, and some swoonable boys. It’s a fun action filled book with great characters and an interesting story.
  • Wake there’s a lot of beach and swimming action in this interesting mythology retelling.
  • Divergent is one of my all time favorite books. If you haven’t made time to read this yet you should. It’s a great dystopian with lots of action and interesting ideas. It’s not your standard beach book but just line the Hunger Games book it’s one of those stories that would be great to read while at the beach.
  • Starcrossed is another greek mythology retelling. Much of the story takes place along the waterfront and it’s great.
  • The Raven Boys – I’ve raved about this before but the combo of mystery, adventure and cute witty boys makes it a perfect pick for taking with on a relaxing beach outing.
  • Percy Jackson or really any of Rick Riordan’s books. All three series are fun light hearted read and the Percy books take place over Summer break so it’s a perfect book read.
  • Soulbound is a fun action filled book if you liked Vampire Academy or have a inkling for some paranormal romance this is a good one that isn’t too heavy.
  • Along for the Ride is my favorite of the Dessen books that I’ve read. Sweet contemporary romance perfect for reading on the beach.
  • 13 Little Blue Envelops is a lovely story about travel and learning more about yourself. It’s a sweet contemporary that hits some tough issues without being too heavy.

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Top 10 Stand Alone Books to Add to Your Reading List

10 Stand alone books to add to you reading list.

This week’s Top Ten with The Broke and the Bookish is a freebie so I decided with all my series reading I should share some stand alones that really stood out to me. As much as I love a good series (really I just want more and more Ender and Potter books) sometimes it’s nice to have the complete story in one volume. So here are some of my favorites stand alone books.

  • Parallel – A great book that lives out the question what if my life had gone differently. A fun mix of contemporary and light sci-fi.
  • Pretty Girl-13 – This book is an intense story of a girl coming back from serious abuse and putting her life back together. A psychological thriller.
  • The Sky is Everywhere – One of my favorite contemporary reads. A beautiful story of sisterhood, family, love, and survival.
  • Airman – This is such a good midgrade book. Such a wonderful tale about making the best of a bad situation, perseverance, hope, and survival.
  • The Host – I know there are rumors of a sequel but this book stands on it’s own. It’s a bit of a slow starter but once it picks up it’s great. Wonderful questions of personal identity, morality and some great romance.
  • Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares – Probably the cutest book I have EVER read. A fun light read written journal style between two characters, perfect for book lovers everywhere. Plus some of the most loveable characters I have encountered.
  • Forgotten – What if every day you woke up and you couldn’t remember the past? And what if you could remember bits of the future. Instead of “remember” but checking her memories she has to look into what she knows is going on tomorrow. It’s such a fun set up with great characters and interesting twist and just the right amount of romance.
  • The Book Thief – Life growing up in Nazi Germany was hard but not without beauty. This tale has it’s share of heart ache but the love and friendship that you get are amazing.
  • Ready Player One – If you are a geek you will love this one. Video games, 80’s awesomeness, and adventure. This is such a fun book.
  • The Night Circus – I fell in love with this book. It is absolutely beautiful. The story of a mysterious circus which really is the stage for a strange magic competition. I adored watching the circus come together and the romance bloom.

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Top Ten Book Covers of Books I’ve Read

10 great YA reads with awesome covers as well

This week’s Top 10 is book cover of books I’ve read. And I’ll do you skimmers a favor and only include books I actually like too ;) These are all fun books that I’ve rave about before but if you have questions about them let me know and if you click through it’ll take you to amazon where you can read a description.

Also, if you’re just stopping by for the first time this week welcome you made it! I moved to wordpress over the weekend and changed my url from raegunwear to (since I figured that makes more sense. So if things look a little off please bear with me so I’m still learning the ropes and figuring things out :)

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  • Fire by Kristin Cashore – I’m in love with these new paperback covers like might have to double by in love
  • Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins – I hated the original cover but I think these new ones fit so well plus I just love the design
  • The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern – The hardcover is one of the most gorgeous books, cover, insides, fonts all of it. The hardcover is almost impossible to find (well at least around Christmas it was) my husband worked and worked and found one of the last 3 in the US (according to B&N) yup that’s love!
  • Matched by Ally Condie – I love the imagry and the dress, well you already know I like the Matched dress ;)
  • Transparent by Natalie Whipple – There’s something so stunning to me about this cover, love the colors and the feel it fits the awesomeness of the story perfectly
  • The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michell Hodkin – I love this cover I just think it’s super pretty
  • Everneath by Brodi Ashton – I admit it I like girls in dresses covers and it’s a perk to me that her face is cut off
  • Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo – love the feel and look and simplicity of it, such a perfect cover for such a good book (yay for a gender neutral cover that’s interesting!)
  • Glitch by Heather Anastaiu – I’ve always loved this cover. The colors the bits of circuitry yup I just really like it.
  • Mila 2.0 by Debra Driza – This cover totally grabbed me. I just think it’s stunning and it is the only cover that my husband has ever commented on I really think they did a great job on this one.

11 Great Books Dealing with Tough Subjects

This week’s Top Ten with The Broke and The Bookish is Books Dealing With Tough Subjects. Here are a bunch of my favorite reads that had tough subjects. What I like about each of these is that they all deal with their tough topic in a realistic way that never plays down the severity of the situation but at the same time in the end all these books are stories of hope, perseverance, and survival.

  • Escape – Can you believe it I’m including a non-fiction book. This book is GREAT. It’s about the first woman to leave polygamy that got custody of all her kids. You get to see what life is like for her growing up, raising her kids, getting out, and living in the real world. It’s fascinating.
  • Forgotten – This book reads like a light contemporary mixed with mild sci-fi but actually deals with some heavy matters. I won’t say what exactly since it may be a bit spoiler-y but it’s an excellent book.
  • The Sky is Everywhere – This is a heart breaking beautiful story of sisters. It’s about surviving after you lose the person closet to you. I definitely cried during this one and it was hard in some parts but it’s definitely worth reading. It is such a gorgeous story full of love.
  • Pretty Girl – 13 – This one is intense. Think Elizabet Smart intense. A girl gets kidnapped from camp and finds herself back home after two years with no memories. She’s experienced some terrible things but can’t remember what. It’s a super interesting read and while it’s a very heavy topic it never felt overwhelming or hopeless.
  • Airman – This is a midgrade read with some fantasy elements but at it’s core it’s a story about wrongful imprisonment and how to survive and thrive regardless. The main character is wronged so egregiously and while he could let it consume and define his life he finds a way tho work through it and have something beautiful.
  • The Book Thief – This is a story about a little girl growing up in Nazi Germany. It’s not all sad but it definitely deals with the horrors you’d expect from a book with that setting. But it is also a wonderful story of familiar love and friendship.
  • Dark Triumph – While the first book in this series, Grave Mercy dealt with tough issues of abuse and more, Dark Triumph delves into even tougher situations. Some of the things we learn about Sybella’s past are rough, really rough. But this is a story about a broken girl who has experienced horror making something of her self.
  • The Program – The Program has been set up to combat the teen suicide epidemic. But while participants seem to be free of their suicidal tenancies the so-called cure achieves this by riding the patient of many of their memories. This book is great. It’s intense but never overly heavy. It’s a cool spin on the dystopian stories that I love.
  • The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer – Both the Mara Dyer books are SO good. Mara is the survival of a building collapse in which her friends have died. She has obvious psychological issues as a result. But there is so much more going on. It’s a crazy series unlike any I’ve ever read.
  • If I Stay – This whole book takes place in the mind of a girl who has been in a terrible accident. She is unconscious hearing what is said around her. Her family members have died and she is trying to decide if she should stay. It’s a beautiful story full of love and happiness as well as pain. The way it’s told is so interesting and the sequel while dealing with more tough issues is just as lovely.
  • Fire – This is one of my favorite books but it is rough. While it is definitely a fantasy Fire is a story of a terrible totally evil man. If he lived in our world he would be called a psychopath (no empathy, tortures animals at a young age, all of it). And Fire unfortunately had to live with and through his madness but her strength and goodness are amazing. There is so much more to this story than the hard stuff, magic, romance, growth it really is one of my favorite books.

Authors I turn When I Want Somthing Light and fun

  •  Rick Riordan – I definitely prefer the Percy Jackson books but his Cane Chronicles are great when I want something light too
  • Stephanie Perkins – Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door were both so fun and sweet. I can’t wait for the new one!
  • Richelle Mead – I kind of love her! Everything I’ve read I’ve loved. Great heroines and usually some good fighting and swoonable boys. Not shallow but they never feel too heavy either.
  • Jenny Han – I really adored the Summer I Turned Pretty Books. Yes there were some hard issues pop up but the way it’s written it didn’t feel rough.
  • Rachel Cohn and David Levithan – So I absolutely adored Dash and Lily and Lily’s Book of Dares I haven’t read anything else by these two (they write both together and on their own) but I’ve heard great things so I’m excited to check it out.
  • Brodi Ashton – I really liked Everneath she does an awesome mash up of paranormal romance, mythology retelling and contemporary.
  • Sarah Dessen – She is like the contemporary queen. While they aren’t my favorite books they are good solid fun for when I want something light and sweet. 
  • Eoin Colfer – The Artemis Fowl books are great when I want a break from oppressive governments and the end of the world.
  • Shannon Hale – There’s just something nice about Hale’s books. I really liked the Goose Girl series and Princess Academy but Austenland was fun too.
  •  Marie Lu – Marie Lu’s dystopian Legend just isn’t stressful like some of the others. There’s action, romance and great story. It’s perfect when I want a little of it all.

Also if you’re interested I’m giving away a copy of Reboot by Amy Tintera. Linking up to The Broke and The Bookish

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Liked More/Less Than I Thought I Would


10 books that I liked more/less than I thought I would. Linking up with The Broke and the Bookish.

Books I Loved

  • Inkheart – Have you ever wanted to interact with characters from a book? This one is so fun for those of us who love books. And it’s beautifully written.
  • The Host – I thought it would be shallow and fun, but it’s pretty thoughtful, and full of interesting complicated relationships and dilemmas.
  • Ready Player One -LOVED this so much and I’m not really a video game fan (I just know many).
  • The Covenant Series (book one is Half-Blood) – It was hard for me to see huge chunks of the Vampire Academy books in these but they just sucked me in and eventually headed their own awesome direction.
  • Cinder – I thought “cyborg Cinderella, how dumb” how wrong! This was one of my favorites from last year

Books I Thought I Would Love But Just Didn’t

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