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DIY Jack-o-lantern Shirt with Cricut EasyPress

I love a super quick craft project and this adorable Last Minute Halloween Jack-o-lantern shirt costume couldn’t be easier.Pumpkin shirt tutorial with free jack-o-lantern face image great for costumes

This was one of my favorite first projects trying out the new Cricut EasyPress and holy moly was it a time saver! Instead of waiting for my giant heat press to heat up (which I know most of you don’t even have) or taking each segment bit by bit with my house hold iron. I was done in just a few minutes! 

DIY super fast jack-o-lantern shirt plus easypress review

If you don’t already know about the EasyPress it’s this portable heat press that is pretty much my dream craft tool that I didn’t even think to ask for. The ironing surface is big so it covers a good space. Unlike a regular iron, for most T-shirt  or bag sized images, you can have it done in one press. Somehow while the pressing surface is much bigger than a traditional iron it’s still relatively small which I CANNOT say about my heat press. Regular heat presses weigh SO much and take up crazy amounts of space. Not only that but it’s safe. It comes with a heat proof holder which is awesome and makes it totally portable and not completely terrifying like my heat press that sometimes pops open. Yup a giant plate of hot metal popping open by your face it’s so stressful guys.

Great information about the cricut easy press and how it compares to traditional heat press machines for HTV Iron-on Vinyl DIY crafts.

But I think my favorite part is the time I save. With this new Cricut EasyPress as soon as I cut out my design the press was up to temperature in just a few minutes and I had it pressed to my shirt  so fast! Iron-on vinyl is hands down one of my favorite crafting supplies and this EasyPress makes using it even easier and more fun. 

darling DIY Halloween shirt great last minute craft tutorial

What You Need

  • Orange shirt or fabric to make a shirt (I used the Happy Feet shirt pattern and love the contrasting green for the neck and sleeve binding)
  • Black iron-on vinyl 
  • Jack-o-lantern image (available for free to my email subscribers)

What to Do

  1. Import the jack-o-lantern image into Cricut design space and cut from vinyl. Remember to place the vinyl plastic side down and set your machine to iron-on. I used my Cricut Maker and it cut it perfectly. Weed the image (remove the negative pieces so you just have the jack-0-lantern pieces.
  2. Press your shirt or front bodice piece of fabric to remove any moisture or wrinkles. 
  3. Position. your vinyl with the plastic side UP.
  4. With the EasyPress up to temperature (just go by the directions on your vinyl to set the temp). Press the vinyl to the shirt with a little pressure. I do this on my homemade pressing board but anything that’s firm and heatproof (like a table with a thickly folded towel) will do.
  5. Starting slowly at a corner peel the plastic off (stop and reheat if it seems like the vinyl has not fully adhered to your fabric/shirt).
  6. If sewing finish making the shirt otherwise you’re good to go!

Cricut Heat Press review

Teddy ADORES pumpkins. This year he grew his own with the help of grandma. He’s so happy with his new little pumpkin shirt he’s been picking it to wear all the time.

Adorable DIY kids raglan shirt with free jack-o-lantern face design

I have a feeling like this will be in the rotation long after Halloween passes. Hopefully I can talk him into more mommy made, vinyl attacked shirts though because I think he looks stinking cute in them and my new little toy makes it so fast and easy!!

great free jackolantern design plus easy last minute Halloween costume and cricut easypress heat press review

Want more Cricut projects? I’ve got tons see all of mine!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.







Free DIY Bunny Softie Pattern and Cricut Maker Giveaway

This sweet little DIY bunny softie is just too cute. Even better it’s incredibly easy to make and a free pattern.
adorable DIY bunny with free sewing pattern for the Cricut Maker-2

I used my brand new Cricut Maker to whip this up and it took me less than 3 hours and I even made an extra little dress! And make sure to read to the bottom because I’m giving one of these amazing machines away!!!!

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Bunny Sewing Pattern-2

This is one of the free projects that can be accessed for free with the Cricut Maker. I was able to cut all the fabric pieces on the machine and marked all the embroidery with the fabric pen in the machine.

It was pretty amazing to have all the annoying parts about sewing – figuring out the pattern, cutting the fabric, and marking the fabric, done for me!

how to sew a stuffed bunny with free pattern

What You Need

cricut maker and fabric marker

How to Sew the Bunny Softie

  1. Iron the ear contrast fabric and nose fabric to heat-n-bond.
  2. Cut and mark your pattern pieces using the Cricut Maker.
  3. Embroider the face and sew on the nose (I totally forgot to sew on the nose so I’ll be cutting one out of iron-on vinyl and iron-ing it on OOPS! hahah)
  4. With right sides together sew the limbs together, clip the curves and turn right side out.
  5. With right sides together sew the head pieces to the body pieces at the neck.
  6. With right sides together sew the one back ear piece to a front ear piece. Clip curves and turn right side out.
  7. Stuff the limbs and set aside.
  8. Fold a pleat into the ears and pin to the top of the head piece. Roll the length of the ears.
  9. Pin the arms and legs in place and pin to the center of the body so you will have room to sew around the edge. Position the back body piece over sandwiching the ears and limbs.
  10. Start at the bottom and attach one leg and sew around leaving a gap between the legs to turn and stuff.
  11. Click any curs and points. Turn right side out and stuff.
  12. Hand stitch the hole closed.

how to make a doll dress sewing project

How to Sew the Dress and Pumpkin Costume

  1. If using a pocket position right sides together and sew around the edges leaving a small gap in the straight edge for turning.
  2. Clip around the edges and turn right side out.
  3. Iron and topstitch along the top edge to close the hole.
  4. Position on dress and topstitch to the dress piece by sewing along the curved edges.
  5. If making the costume cut the Jack-o-lantern face out of black iron-on vinyl and iron to the dress.
  6. Fold straps in half and sew down the long side. Turn right side out.
  7. With right sides together sew the side seams of the dress.
  8. Fold under the armhole edge and sew under.
  9. Do the same for the neckline and hem.
  10. Attach the straps to the side of the dress (not the top like pictured below  oops) and you’re good to go!

DIY pumpkin dress for a doll tutorial

how cute is this free bunny with Halloween pumpkin costume.

Want to check out the other 49 FREE projects included with the Cricut Maker?! Click the pictures below to see how some of my blog buddies created these projects with their Maker!

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Want to make these projects but don’t have a Maker yet? Enter through the widget below to not only win the new Cricut Maker but also the HSN bundle being released tonight at midnight!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway open to residents in the US and Canada ages 18 years and older. Giveaway runs from 10/2/17-10/9/17 and winner will be notified by email no later than 10/10/17. Winner will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

Love this adorable DIY bunny stuffed animal free sewing tutorial for the costume option too. Cricut Maker projects

7 Reason Sewing Crafters Need the Cricut Maker

Years ago I sat in a room full of sewing friends telling them about my love for my Cricut cutting machine. “But can it cut fabric”, they asked?

Great seeing the Cricut Maker through the eyes of a sewing crafter

That was the dream, sure I could bond my fabric and force it to cut but that totally changed the fabric and how it could be used. I loved the Cricut for all it did but this year Cricut made my dreams come true by not only releasing a revolutionary new machine, the Cricut Maker, that finally DOES cut fabric but by adding features that I didn’t even think to ask for. Watch this video it’s SO cool!

So today, after I’ve had a chance to play with this glorious machine for a month I’m sharing 7 reason this machine is a must have in my sewing and craft room. And for those of you who have been wondering if YOU need a Cricut Maker hopefully I can shed some light.

#1 It Cuts All Kinds of Materials Including Fabric

With previous machines we could cut a lot but we had to be creative. We could certainly cut all sorts of paper and paper like materials (like bonded fabric) but with this machine we can cut from super delicate things like silk and tissue paper to thicker things like chipboard! The machine been reworked completely to be able to be capable of new materials. The rotary blade swivels so you don’t run the risk of snagging and dragging your fabric with the normal fine point blade and the soon to be released knife blade will allow us to cut DEEP and fast. I saw leather and even chipboard cut out with this puppy! Can you say jewelry, and puzzles, and ornaments, and gifts, oh the possibilities. But best to me is that it adds all this new functionality to all the things we could do with the previous Cricut cutting machines. That’s a huge plus because as much as I love the idea of a machine that cuts fabric I need to be able to switch back and forth easily and I’m telling you, I totally can.

great post all about the cricut maker and how sewing crafters will use it

#2 It Allows You to Make Custom Fabrics

My number one use for my Cricut machines over the years has been to make custom fabrics. Did you even know this was an option? I do it by cutting out heat transfer vinyl and applying it to my fabrics or finished sewing projects. There have been SO many times that I just want a certain fabric (often times Harry Potter related) and I can’t for the life of me find anything that works. Well with this machine I can just design what I want, in the size I want, and bam I now have one of kind fabrics for my projects EXACTLY to my specifications. Fun fact, I actually looked into manufacturing fabric for my baby costume business but instead I cut my designs out on my Cricut Maker and Iron them with the Cricut Easy Press on voila the fabric I need without the minimums and high costs and risks for manufacturing!

#3 It Is VERY Easy to Use

I’m am not technologically savvy. I am competent but I struggle with photo editing basics. My head glazes over if you bring up the word vectors. That being said, this machine is so easy to use all you have to do is plug it in and follow the prompts. I tried to use a Silhouette once (I even got it for free) and for the life of me could not figure it out, it just was so confusing and stressed me out. This works so easily and everything is crazy intuitive. Making it a tool perfect for newbies and pros. And if you’re a mix, say a pro-sewer but a newbie party planner it’s perfect for that. You can feel free to test the waters in all kinds of new crafts because this machine can handle them all.

cricut maker hexie coasters

#4 It Cuts the Fabric Faster and BETTER Than You

I don’t know about you but when I want to sew, I want to sew. Cutting is a necessary evil. And when I do it I do the bare minimum. I haven’t cut notches in a decade. Sometimes I’ll cut a little nick into my fabric to mark the spots where the pieces should match up but you guys this machine does ALL OF THAT for me. Like really it’s magical not only that but it cuts it EXACTLY the right way every time so the pieces match up perfectly.

Between the time it takes to lay out pattern pieces, cut the pattern and then the fabric (if you’re using digital patterns, print and tape together before you can even start that) sending a project to cut on the Maker is so much faster. You select your project and it lets you know which fabrics need to be cut in which pieces by showing them on different colored mats. It saves so much brain power and energy!

But there’s something extra magical for those of you who have apple mobile devices. In the free Cricut Design Space app there is this feature called SNAP MAT and it’s like magic. You can lay your fabric scraps on your cutting mat take a picture of the mat within the app and the program places the designs perfectly so you don’t have to worry about wither the image will fit or is laid in just the right place. My fussy quilting friends went absolutely crazy over this feature.

so awesome I will never mark my fabric the same way again

#5 It Marks the Fabric FOR You

I passionately hate marking my fabric but sometimes you need those markings. I just feel like I never get it quite where it’s supposed to go. This past week I tried the fabric marker out for the first time. Yup this thing has a WASHABLE FABRIC MARKER that you can insert and it can do the marking for you!

I needed to do the embroidering for this sweet little bunny face and in just a couple swipes the Cricut Maker drew my sewing lines like it was nothing. I’ve been putting off getting into embroidery but with it being this easy to transfer a design to my fabric I am so gonna make all the gorgeous things and you know have my not as glamorous but totally necessary pattern markings in just the right spots.

#6 It Allows You to Do Multiple Tasks at Once

You can set it and do something else while it does the work. This blows my mind you guys. As long as you take a few minutes to be organized with a plan you can have the machine cut out projects WHILE you are sewing them. It’s really amazing. Now when you’re making a batch of Christmas presents you can start on them or make more without having to stop sewing. I know for myself I tend to make 3 of everything 1 for teddy and 1 for each of my nieces. Now instead of all that extra prep time I can be sewing and finishing while I have the machine do the cutting and marking. Its so fun!

cricut maker sewing projects so many awesome diy ideas

#7 It Has an Amazing Growing Library of Projects

The Maker runs with the free Cricut Design Space program a part of that includes 50 free sewing projects (cut files, instructions, and pictures) as well as a giant, continually growing library of more sewing projects available for a small individual fee or as apart of their membership program. This includes projects designed with some of the top names in the sewing world like Simplicity and Riley Blake Designs! And I haven’t even mentioned the thousands and thousands of non-sewing designs and projects but that’s a whole other post. These above are just a few of the darling projects!

I love a great pattern and project I just need to follow the steps for but what is really exciting to me is that you can make your own dreams come to life. Anything you can imagine and design you can create as a project. It is as simple as opening a file to import a design, adding draw marks, and it will have for you to sew!

simplicity mermaid stuffie pattern for the cricut maker

As a sewer I’m over the moon with this machine. I cannot wait to find all the uses that I have not even considered. If you are a sewing enthusiast, whether you make apparel and crafts like I do or create stunning quilts, you will certain find tons of fun applications for the Cricut Maker.

This Cricut Maker looks so cool would be a game changer in a sewing room.

Do you have questions? Whether it’s with my own experience or technical questions I would love to help you find an answer!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

10 Minute DIY Trick-or-Treat Flashlights

Make Halloween even more fun with these quick and easy DIY Trick-or-Treat Flashlights!

DIY trick or treat flashlights great easy cricut project idea for safe halloween

I love costumes but the combo of cumbersome outfits and kids in dark streets makes me nervous. Not only are these just fun to play with they give the little ones enough light to keep them safe.

cricut maker giveaway

And as an amazing bonus I’ve got a Cricut Maker machine giveaway for you. Scroll down to enter to win this amazing machine!

how to make diy trick-or-treat safety flashlights

I found these small LED flashlights at just about a dollar a piece and I love them. With a little help from my Cricut Maker I was able to turn them into festive Halloween lights.

what you need for DIY halloween flashlights

What You Need

Fun ideas for DIY safety flashlights for Halloween

What to Do

  1. Measure the lighted surface of your flashlight.
  2. Find images to cut (I just used the ones in Cricut design space) and reside to .2 inches less than the max width of you flashlight.
  3. Repeat for the outside decoration. I found the cute Trick or Treat just by searching “trick or treat” in design space.
  4. Cut from either vinyl or window cling. Window click will be more transparent but since you are leaving a .2 inch border there should still be plenty of light either way. In my pictures the black is vinyl the orange is window cling.
  5. Weed (remove negative spaces) and position your cuts on the flashlight.

Vampire vinyl flashlights tutorial cricut DIY

So easy and fast and look how fun they look in the dark!

Insanely easy DIY trick-or-treating flashlights tutorial

I am actually planning on making some non-Halloween ones to take on our cruise as part of the family gift exchange. I think these flashlights could be way for all different kinds of occasions.

Would you love the brand new Cricut Maker Machine that I made this on? The answer is yes. you guys it’s fabulous it cuts fabric and thicker materials like wood and leather! I’ll have a full review soon but you guys I already love this machine and you will too. Thanks to the lovely Craft Lightning girls we get to give one of these amazing machines away!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

love this easy and cheap idea for diy trick-or-treat safety flashlights

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Revelio Harry Potter I Spy Bags

What better way to train the next generation of Potterheads than with quick and easy DIY I Spy Harry Potter bags.

DIY Harry Potter I Spy Bags tutorial copy

Just say Revelio and make that trinket appear, well almost ;) I made these with the help of my little guy and he loved being involved in the process.

DIY Harry Potter I Spy bag and pouch sewing tutorial

DIY I Spy Pouch

What You Need

What to Do

  1. Make Harry Potter shrinky dinks (see my description below)
  2. Tape the Vinyl to the felt.
  3. Sew the vinyl down on three sides.
  4. Fill about half way with pellets and trinkets. You don’t want to overfill it since that makes it harder for little hands to move the pieces and locate the different trinkets.
  5. Use the tape and close the open side in place.
  6. Sew closed

And that’s really all. So stinking easy right!

How to make Revelio Harry Potter I Spy bags tutorial

Revelio Harry Potter I Spy Travel Bag Tutorial

What You Need

how to make Harry Potter trinkets and I Spy Bag tutorial

What to Do

  1. Make Harry Potter shrinky dinks. I just used permanent markers and drew silly pictures and then just followed the directions on the package. Remember they will shrink down to be about 1/4-1/3 the size. Set aside. I like to put different Harry Potter icons like the snitch, Hogwarts castle, rat, glasses, characters etc. and I like picking beads and buttons that represent the different Hogwarts house colors and animals.
  2. Fold the main fabric in half and iron in place. Tape the vinyl to the middle of one of the sides of the main fabric. Attach and fill the I Spy pouch like described above.
  3. Assemble the I Spy Bag according to these I Spy Bag directions. I will be updating this with a condensed video tutorial but until then I have a live video you can watch step by step pictures here.
  4. Cut “Revelio” out of iron-on vinyl (I used my Cricut explore 2). If you’ve never done that see my full iron-on vinyl tutorial.
  5. Iron it on.

Aren’t they so so cute!? We’ve had our regular I Spy Bag for years and we just keep it in the car. It’s big enough to hold small books, activity pads, a small etchisketch, color pencils (I like those better than crayons since they won’t melt in the heat), mini slinkies, and really any other fun things to keep kids busy in the car, church, or at appointments.

Love this idea make an I Spy bag with Harry potter items. Full simple sewing tutorial

Don’t forget about the giveaway!

unique must have gifts harry potter fans

Enter to win this amazing prize pack by using the widget below or click hereif the widget isn’t loading. Make sure to check back as new ways to enter will be added throughout the series!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

This year’s Happy Harry Potter giveaway winner will give a fun package including:

Want More? See hundreds of Harry Potter recipes, craft ideas and more from years of the series and more!

Crafty Harry Potter awesomeness. Hundreds of free tutorials, sewing patters, recipes, party ideas, book recommendations and more for Harry Potter fans.

DIY Expecto Patronum Bath Bombs

Love Harry Potter and a relaxing bath? Well these DIY Expecto Patronum bath bomb are just what the doctor ordered!

how to make Harry Potter bath bombs DIY tutorial

I’m a Lush addict but the price tag on the fancy bath fizzles umm no thanks. So I finally decided to make my own and of course I couldn’t do just any old bath bombs I had to do Harry Potter ones. I made three versions in all but these first ones are supposed to represent the Expecto Patronum spell.

DIY Expecto Patronum Harry Potter Bath Bombs

In the books and movies this charm is used for protection. Your patronus  appears in an animal form and can help fight off various dangers. A witch or wizard doesn’t get to pick their patronus it just is.

Harry Potter Surprise Bath Bombs Patronus

So when you place this star covered bath bomb in the tub it glitters and fizzes with power and reveals a hidden animal bead signifying your patronus. FUN right!?

How to Make a Harry Potter Patronus Bath Bombs

1). Combine Wet Ingredients

  • 3/4 tsp water
  • 2tsp essential oil
  • 2 1/2 tsp coconut oil, melted

2). Combine Dry Ingredients

Note: I combined the colorings after I mixed the other ingredients but I think it would work better to add it to the wet ingredients but I was noncommittal on colors before ;)

3). SLOWLY add the wet ingredients to the dry. Drop by drop. And mix. Mixing with hands works better. Divide up and color as desired

how to make galaxy bath bombs

4). Place a small amount of edible stars into one half of the bath bomb mold.

5). Fill mold. Press to pack down and fill more so it’s mounding over the top. Place a small animal figurine, bead or other “patronus” onto the mound. Just make sure the patronus is big enough if won’t go down the drain.

6). Fill the other half of the mold so it is packed and overflowing. Smoosh together and twist so that the excess presses out through the center. Press time. If you have extra molds let it sit in the mold to dry for a few minutes or until fully dry. If you don’t have extras then carefully remove the bath bomb and repeat the steps until you use up your mixture. I find that when I take time to color and change the designs by my very last bath bomb it’s dry and has a hard time holding but the rest until then do great.

How to make expecto patronum bath bombs fun harry potter craft

Are you loving this year’s Happy Harry Potter series as much as I am? Don’t forget about the giveaway!

unique must have gifts harry potter fans

Enter to win this amazing prize pack by using the widget below or click here if the widget isn’t loading. Make sure to check back as new ways to enter will be added throughout the series!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

This year’s Happy Harry Potter giveaway winner will give a fun package including:

Want More? See hundreds of Harry Potter recipes, craft ideas and more from years of the series and more!

Crafty Harry Potter awesomeness. Hundreds of free tutorials, sewing patters, recipes, party ideas, book recommendations and more for Harry Potter fans.

Daddy Superhero Shirt DIY Template

Need something awesome for dad? This DIY Daddy Superhero Shirt with free DIY template is easy and will put a smile on his face.

super hero shirt tutorial

Daddy you are as smart as Iron Man, as strong as Thor, as fast as Flash, and as brave as Batman. You are our favorite Superhero! My friend ask me to make one of these cute shirts. She just sent me a picture so I’m not sure where she found it but they are all over if you’re not a crafty person you can even order one on Etsy. But really they are so easy might as well make your own!

Father's Day shirt DIY

All you need to show that special guy that he’s appreciated this Father’s Day, Birthday, or just because is a plain shirt and some iron-on vinyl. I have a free downloadable printable design that will make this as if you had Flash himself helping you out.

DIY daddy superhero shirt

What You Need

What to Do

  • Download the free Daddy Superhero Design
  • Upload the design into your cutting program.
  • Flip the image so it’s mirrored image and resize so it fits your shirt how you would like.
  • Cut the vinyl by laying the plastic side down on your mat, setting your machine to iron-on vinyl setting, and cutting through the back vinyl side.
  • Remove the negative space and then position on your shirt and iron. If you’re new to heat transfer vinyl read this great iron-on vinyl tutorial for how to use it.

DIY daddy superhero shirt

I’ll be making this live on my Facebook today! I’ll update it with finished pictures when I’m done.

DIY Elsa and Anna Sister Shirts with Cricut

I’m pretty obsessed with these DIY Frozen Elsa and Anna sister shirts. No surprise since it’s the perfect wearable costume.

DIY Frozen Sister Elsa and Anna shirt tutorial

My sister gave the girls a trip to Disneyland for Christmas and the one thing she wanted for their trip were Elsa and Anna shirts. Sure I could have just grabbed some blank shirts and vinyl-ized them but I can’t resist a good costume-y project so I tried to make versions of shirts that had elements of the characters’ outfits.

Frozen Elsa and Anna Shirt Tutorials

I was so giddy about how these turned out plus I love how they can wear these to school. Their trip was back in February  but I’ve got both of the girls wearing these multiple times since and you know there isn’t a better compliment you can give someone who makes you clothes than wearing them alot :).

What You Need


What to do

  1. Sew the shirts according to the pattern directions. I opted for hemming the Anna sleeve and bottom hems with the my favorite method instead of the bands but that’s a personal preference and doesn’t really change the look.
  2. For Elsa when adding the sleeve band instead of folding the band piece in half and sewing, fold it in half, cut it and then fold in half to find the center (for the finger loop) cut it at an angle. Cut a small piece of elastic and pin it between the two layers of the cuff. Then resew the angled side. Sew the short edges together and now you can add the cuff like normal.
  3. Use the free design and cut out vinyl with the Cricut. And iron onto the shirts.If you don’t already know how to use iron-on vinyl see this post.
  4. For Anna, use gold thread and sew a decorative stitch across the sleeve seams.
  5. For Elsa hand sew the sequins along the top.

I'm her anna shirt tutorial

You don’t have to do the detailing if you don’t have fun stitches on your sewing machine but I absolutely adore how it turned out with the gold metallic thread.

Frozen Elsa Shirt Tutorial

This was one of my first times sewing sequins and it was pretty easy I just kind of took stitches and tied knots every 3-4 pieces since if one stitch pops I don’t want ALL the pieces falling off.

DIY Elsa and Anna Frozen shirts

I just love how these are regular shirts but how the hood totally is a nod to Anna’s cape and the sequins is like all of Elsa’s sparkles!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

How to Sew a Dress Video Tutorial

I sewed this dress in about 2 hours. It’s true and I’m going to show you how I did it.
DIY tutorial for how to sew a dress

When I first saw this amazing By the Sea fabric from Riley Blake I was all swoon. I have a thing for waves and marine life fabrics but most that I’ve found are overly cutesy. I just adored these prints and knew I needed to make a new dress. I used the Sea Main Blue fabric and the Navy Arrow Fabric

How to sew a dress great sewing tutorial

I sewed it live on Facebook in two 1 hour sessions plus a little 15 minute finish I didn’t record and the time it took for me to cut the fabric out. Not too shabby right? For now you can watch the replays in their entirety (you can skip around) but I’ll be editing them down so that they are not real time and easy to quickly see the steps.

Part 1 (click here if the video doesn’t load it’s finicky)

Part 2 (click here if the video doesn’t load it’s finicky)

Feel free to pin this post so you can come back once it’s updated. I had hopes of doing this before but being sick most of last week threw a wrench into things.

make a flexible dress from woven fabric

Just like when you’re cooking when you know the basic steps and order to sewing you can pretty much wing anything. For dress making (with lined bodice) the order usually goes like this:

  1. Any details on the bodice. For this one sewing that contrasts panel would be where I’d start. and then the darts.
  2. Sew the shoulders together. With right sides together sew the front pieces to the back at the shoulders.
  3. Repeat with lining fabric.
  4. Pin bodice piece to bodice lining piece and sew around the neck.
  5. Sew the bodice piece to the lining piece along the armhole.
  6. Turn right side out by reaching through the front bodice piece through the shoulder seam and grabbing the back bodice piece. Repeat on the other side.
  7. Open up the fabric and pin the right sides of the fabric together and the lining together to sew down the side seam (if you are doing an elastic back like I did I wait to do this step since it’s easy to have the fabric flat).
  8. Sew the back together by matching up the right sides of the fabric together and the right sides of the lining to each other. (See my elastic back tutorial if you want to add that feature and then do step 7).
  9. Sew the skirt by sewing the side seams of the skirt.
  10. Finish the top and bottom edges on a serger.
  11. Gather the skirt. This is hands down my favorite technique for gathering skirts.
  12. Pin the bodice to the skirt with right sides together. Stat by matching up side seams and then the center front and center back of the skirt and bodice.
  13. Sew together. Finish with a serger or zig zag stitch.
  14. Hem the skirt.
  15. Make a sash if desired. See this sash tutorial if you don’t already know how to do that.

DIY beside the sea dress tutorial

Follow me on Facebook and be sure to join me as I sew every week on Mondays at 4pm EST and Tuesdays at 1pm EST. See more from the gorgeous By the Sea Fabric line.

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Funny sewing memes. Long drive to the fabric store with 50% off coupon

Lots of funny sewing memes

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