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Happy Hunger Games! DIY Tutorials, Recipes, Party Ideas, and More

Well the Hunger Games DVD is due out tomorrow! If you’ve been around here you know I’m a huge fan of the books and I think they did a pretty good job on the movie too. I wanted to share my most recent Hunger Games crafts tutorials since I figured you all probably need some fan goods to ring in the movie.

I made this necklace by using bottle caps made with Heidi’s tutorial and printables that she shared during my Hunger Games Blog Party and instead of using a pin back I picked glued on a necklace bail. So easy right? I love it so much and I wear it all the time.

You’ve got to have something to carry your movie home in right? I’m pretty sure an awesome I Shop The Hob market tote is exactly what you need. Make your own with my quick and easy tutorial.

Are you having a viewing party or just want a feast fit for the film? Try my crock pot Katniss Stew. Yes that Lamb and Dried Plum Stew that our favorite tribute gushes over, that’s what should be on your menu.

Or maybe you’ve got district pride. Show the district 12 tributes that they are in your heart by wearing this awesome chunk of coal coal inspired pendant around your neck (or on your keys). Oh yes I do indeed wear that, and I feel awesome whilst doing it!

And last but not least every HG fan needs her own Mockingjay Shirt. I mean really does that need any explanation? And if you want more tutorials, recipes and party ideas (oh yes I even show you have to make your own Hunger Games Parachutes) be sure to check out all the awesome posts from me and my friends from the Hunger Games Blog Party!

Let’s connect! You can also find me hanging out here.

Guest Blogging: Butterfly Wand Tutorial

Hey all I’m sharing my tutorial for these fun Butterfly Wands over at Southern Lovely today. I hope you’ll hop on over and check it out.

If you’re visiting from Southern Lovely welcome! I hope you’ll hang out a while and take a peek around. Here are a few spots to check out if you need a place to start.

  • If you’re a fan of The Hunger Games I just finished up a 3 week long blog party with tons of HG related posts, giveaways and tutorials. Some of the giveaways are still open. You can find the posts that were a part of the party here.
  • I went on a huge cheesecake making kick and if you’re looking for something special to make for Easter you might want to check out my Cheesecake factory knock off of their White Chocolate Blueberry Cheesecake
  • I’ve had a lot of fun decorating my house (or starting to at least) and I’m especially proud of these Big Bow Pillow Cases I made.
  • Finally I’d love to see what you’ve been up to I hope you’ll link a few of your posts to my current What We Wore and Made Link party.

updated: tutorial originally shared on Southern Lovely reposted below
Today I want to share a tutorial on how to make awesome Felt Butterfly Wands. We made these for my niece’s butterfly themed birthday party and all the kiddos loved them.

 What You Need

  • Wooden Dowls
  • Green Spray Paint
  • Felt 
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Ribbon

What to Do

  1. Spray paint the dowls green.
  2. Make yourself a butterfly wing and body pattern. I just free handed it. Cut out your felt pieces (you’ll need 2 wing bases, wing details 2 sets (one for each wing) and 1 body for each butterfly).
  3. Sew the wing details onto one wing base.
  4. Sew the wing base front (the one with the detailing) to the wing base back leaving an opening at the bottom to put the stick in.
  5. Sew on the wing body leaving an opening at the bottom for the stick.
  6. Cut pipe cleaner pieces and fold in half to form a V. Sew the pipe cleaner on the head side of the body piece (I did this on the machine just going back and forth a few times)
  7. Curl the antennae with your fingers.
  8. Slide in stick (once paint has dried). 
  9. Add ribbon and glue in place with hot glue gun.
  10. Hand to the kiddos and enjoy.

Thanks so much Lindsay for having me! And if any of you try out the tutorial or have any questions I’d love you to let me know. I hope you’ll stop by and say hi.

    Hunger Games Party Ideas and Printables

    Hello! I’m Kyla and I’m the OCD mind behind Funky PolkaDot Giraffe.
    I’m so excited to be here guesting at Marissa’s blog,
    and grateful to the Hunger Games for bringing us together!My birthday is March 21st – the day before the Hunger Games movie opening!
    I know the movie opens on the the 23rd, but if you’re a nut
    like me, and you’re going to see the Midnight showing,
    then your pre- PAR-TAY! will be taking place on March 22nd.
    I’ve already thrown one Capitol Feast in honor of the Hunger Games,
    so I wanted to share my menu with you,
    and give you some more ideas I’ve rounded up
    to make your Hunger Games pre- PAR-TAY awesome.

    If you ask my husband what the Hunger Games is about,
    you’ll probably get this answer,
    “Oh, I’m so hungry, let’s play some games.”
    He thinks he’s so funny.
    But let’s be honest, if you’re throwing a party,
    it is all about the food :)

    At my original Hunger Games Capitol Feast I served:
    *soups & stews
    specifically clam chowder & corn chowder
    in honor of the soups & stews consumed by Katniss*salad
    I picked a yummy one out of the refrigerated section of Costco :)
    But you could get fancy and whip something up.

    *various breads
    Bread is HUGE in the Hunger Games,
    so you gotta have your carbs present to REPRESENT!

    *CHEESE & grapes
    It really isn’t a party without a cheese platter.

    *hot chocolate & rolls
    Turn on that Cocoa Latte machine,
    grab a bag of rolls of Costco,
    and let your guests go to town.

    Not only does this beverage remind me of my
    darling Grandpa Meyer, but it was the
    first food I thought of when I thought the Hunger Games.
    Can you imagine remembering what it was like
    to taste OJ for the first time?

    And the piece de resistance . . . . . .

    These radtastic FLAMING cupcakes by Lady Cupcake’s Corner!

    They look really stunning on a candlelit table.

    Some things I’m considering for this year’s festivities:
    1. Twig Arrows 2. Effie Inspired Flower
    3. Coal Necklace 4. Bookmarks

    In honor of the Hunger Games and my birthday,
    I have a couple gifts for you!!!

    First is this fun 8×10 print.
    Print it.
    Frame it.
    Be proud.


    And the second is a rad little invite.
    It was inspired by a photo I saw on Pinterest,
    it only linked to a photo, so I decided to make my own!


    Fine Print:
    Please feel free to use this printable for your personal use. Please be kind and give credit where credit is due. Any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Thanks so much to Kyla for this awesome guest post full of hunger games party ideas and printables! For those of you interested in even more Hunger Games Party Ideas see my own Hunger Games Party Post, my crock pot recipe for Katniss’ Lamb stew as well as my tutorial for how to make parachutes to decorate your party. Also to see all the amazing guest posts from the Hunger Games Party and get great Hunger Game craft, recipe, book and home decor ideas check out my Hunger Games Blog Party Tag.

    Best of 2012: Reflections on the Year

    I cannot thank all of you enough for being apart of my life, whether you lurk or comment or I know you in the real world, I am happy to have you. Last week I shared my most popular posts from 2012 and today I want to share some of my personal favorite blogging highlights from the year.

    By far the best part of my blog life this year was getting to know many of you and other bloggers better and being able to meet them in person. I have had an absolute blast connecting with many awesome Utah craft and book bloggers as well as many wonderful out of town folk that have come through my area. I have also enjoyed guest posting, hosting guest bloggers and participating in fun blog series here (Hunger Games and Halloween) and on other blogs. It has been amazing. I am absolutely looking forward to more of that next year

    I have long wanted to share My Etsy Journey with you guys. It has been a lot of of work but I love that I’m my own boss and I make my living being creative. I know many of you have considered opening shops or have just been curious about how things work in my world. My Etsy Life series has been a lot of fun. I hope to do more this coming year so if you have an questions let me know since everything is so normal to me I forget what kinds of topics might be helpful and interesting.

    To continue my getting to know you guys better I finally have gotten my tush in gear and started connecting more on various social media outlets. It has been great getting to know so many of you on a new level. You know sometimes you want to share something but it doesn’t really justify a whole blog post. I have loved peeking into your lives, meeting your children, and connecting over the little moments of our lives. I am excited to continue to visit with you all, be able to support you in the frustrations and celebrate with you in the wins on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

    And just for fun, here are some of my favorite posts that weren’t featured in my Top 10 post on Friday.

    Best of 2012: Top 10 Posts of the Year

    As a blogger it is such a fun thing to look back on the year and see what posts were most popular with your readers. I’m not sure about other bloggers but I am always surprised. Sometimes I can guess which posts will pinned, featured, or draw comments but most of the time I just throw it out there and see what happens. Thanks to all of you who have visited, pinned, shared and commented on my blog this year. I really appreciate you all and look forward to getting to know you all even better in 2013 (it’s one of my goals).  I already shared my favorite reads and bookish moments in my End of Year Book Survey so now it’s time to share the posts that were most popular on my blog this year.

    This one definitely took me by surprise! I was mostly just documenting my Beginner Green Smoothie Recipes for myself but it ended up being my most popular post.

    Next was my Simple Bow Pillowcase Tutorial. I’ve been meaning tom make more of these for different holidays. They are so quick and easy (and I think pretty) I’m glad the rest of you liked them too!

    I’m not sure how I hadn’t shared this recipe before but everyone seemed to like my Cheesecake Factory Bread Copy Cat Recipe.

    Remember that ‘little’ Hunger Games blog party I had? Well it seems like I wasn’t the only one that caught the Hunger Games Bug this year. My most popular Hunger Games post was my District 12 Coal Necklace Tutorial but not far behind that were my Hunger Games Parachute Decorations, my Hunger Games Party, and I Shop the Hob Bags. I’m glad many others share my love for the books and movie! You can see my many HG related posts here.

    People really liked my Glass Tile Pendant Tutorial. I used it to celebrate the 2nd book in Veronica Roth’s Divergent series and made myself and ahem (VRoth herself) an Insurgent Book Cover Necklace.

    This was a project that I had been wanting to do forever. I’m not sure why I kept putting off making Fabric Covered Ikea Expedit Boxes because it was a pretty quick and easy project. Plus it makes my studio look 100 times better. They make me happy every time I look at them

    This is another random project that I had no idea people would latch on to. My sister asked me to make her an iphone Travel Case so the good blogger I am took pictures while I did it and voila.

    Even with my reading mania my love for all things Harry Potter is still holding strong. And you all still seem to love HP as well since my Gryffindor Neck Tie Necklace is still being pinned daily along with my Gryffindor Jacket with revised freezer stenciling instructions, and my tutorial for how to make your own Weasley Clock! And if you don’t feel like making your own I am now selling Harry Potter Tie Necklaces in my Etsy Shop.

    And as much as I like to think people liked my Insurgent Necklace post for the books I’m pretty sure it was more the craft. But it does look like there are some Divergent fans since my Divergent Shirt with Tris’ birds and quote did get some good attention. And I can be patient when they finish that movie (hopefully they don’t screw it up) I’m sure we’ll have more on Team Veronica Roth! Haven’t read it yet? Oh you need to check out Divergent it’s SO fun.

    Last but not least my Pouch Sling Baby Carrier Tutorial. I’m not sure how I haven’t shared a tute for this before but these slings literally saved us when L was a baby and we watched her while my sister was at work. They are so great for keeping the wee ones close but freeing up your hands.

    Thanks again to all of you for making this blog a happy part of my life! On Monday I’ll be sharing some of my personal favorite posts from the year.