Notable Alchemy #4: Ummm Just read it

So I have no idea where to start on finding a picture that suits this next notable alchemy so I’ll just give you the request as is. And if you don’t believe me here’s the link.

full get up (I promise its worth a look)
posted 4/7/2008 , expires 4/28/2008
Its a suit, but something not like a suit at all. I am a guy, and would be built
to those specifications.

First layer: Full body pajama clothes. with buttun up [bum], and botton hole in the
front. Something that could be worn all day. Ideally made from a cotton silk thread mixture. Then a wool dress on top of that. Something with holes and like fish net but pretty, and strong, made of wool. (also all this is white, virgin white.) Then a black coat/cape on top. The cape will be wide enough around to pass over each side in the front. a button on the top, and two slits to stick my arms through. and the cape would have a hood on top.
Materials: silk, cotton, wool
Tags: clothes

Ideal price: $100.00
Deadline: Dec 28, 2008
Quantity: 1
Ship To: Hastings on hudson, NY 10706
United States

Yeah I don’t know what to say about this one. I think my favorite part is that it has to be something that “could be worn all day”. Oh boy. And where do you get this wool fishnet that he’s talking about. Alchemy is amazing for bringing your dreams to life but I think this one might have been pushing it past it’s breaking point.


  1. I read that one when it was posted. I wonder if he found someone to make it for him.

  2. uhmmm….yikes

  3. oh my…alchemy is always good for a laugh, no?

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