Fancy Nancy Photo Shoot


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The other week photographer Tamra from Modern Expressions bought a few dresses. She just sent me some lovely pictures from her recent photoshoot of her two cute daughters. I adore the whole rough feel of a background with the pretty clothes. These are some very fun customer appreciation pics. Visit my store if you have a Fancy Nancy fan that would like her own dress. You can see more pics from her photoshoot on her blog.

p.s. I know I promised updates, and Jessica is all excited about the white cupcakes, but the week has been crazy and fast so they didn’t get done I guess that leaves fun for next week


  1. how fun!

    I can wait for a white cupcake update, but I look forward to it when it comes up!

  2. very cute dresses. :)

    p.s. did you see the last eliminated person on so you think you can dance? sad.

  3. we forgot to set the vcr last night but I was so mad at will…I’m hoping they replay this weeks next wednesday

  4. marissa, i was really shocked about will. i thought he was going to win. need to watch this weeks.

  5. That was a great photoshoot. The dresses are cute too.

  6. adorable dresses :)

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