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So I wasn’t intending to have a break from blogging but it just happened and it was kinda nice. It’s a weird thing trying to finish this dissertation. I keep on feeling like I need to be coming up with i.e. using all the freaking Christmas fabric I bought for stuff in the store but then I remember my decision to really finish the dissertation and truly put the shop on the side burner (which if you’ve been to the store you know the I didn’t stick to the proposed Tuesday schedule).

It’s actually really nice, I think for some psycho reason I was really trying to do both the shop and the school stuff at the same time and that really didn’t work and just so stressful. That being said I do have a good handful of new goodies worked out in my head and fabric waiting for me to have a spare moment and energy to bring to life. Some of the Christmas ideas like the fun dresses (which the nieces will be getting),skirts and stockings may have to wait until next year (since it’ll probably really be pushing it order wise by the time I get to them), but I’ve got plenty of non-Christmas stuff in the stack. Plus I can’t stop buying fabric so I do need to use some of it right?

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  1. good for you for giving yourself a break!

    I hope the disseration is coming a long.

    cute fabric!

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