The Mother of Invention


So first it was that she needed a hat to go with her blue and green shirt to deter the “what a cute boy” comments. And unfortunately I threw it together based on a hat that I didn’t realize was too small for her. Oops. Hence what we call the synchronized swimming hat. Then today she needed a floral head band to go with her new black and white baby dress to wear to church. I’m quite a fan of how it turned out if I do have to say so myself.

I’ll be including this new dress and these two styles of head gear in the coming update. And unfortunately I think I’m going to have to push it to April. Bummer I know but I’ve been getting a good swing of orders and it looks like it’s going to take longer than we thought to get my sister situated in her own place so I don’t want to totally overload myself (well you know more than the too much I’m used to doing at all times haha). Well there’s cute-o Lanna aka daytime attention sucker aka exclusive raegun model aka great bottle drinker aka bad sleeper (we’re thinking it’s the teeth).

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  1. Get some infant motrin, give before bed..should help! PS–if Ky was younger I would HAVE to have that headband..those should sell like HOTCAKES! Awesome job!

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