Show and Tell: Fourth of July Festivities


I am exhausted. I’ve been sewing pretty much non-stop minus going to a couple Independence Day celebrations. Gosh being sick for a week just wrecks things. I’m still thrashing to get caught up and ahead, since we’re taking off for a couple days this next weekend. On top of orders this weekend was crazy busy. Fourth of July of course but also my nieces got baptized and my inlaws celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. I am tired. I’ve got pics to share of the baptism dresses (that I happen to be very proud off) but we’ll have to wait for me to get a chance to sort through pictures and edit.

For now I wanted to share Tira’s fourth of July dress, that I love. It’s a new design for me (a totally last minute throw it together deal) and it was a big hit with Tira. I do believe she’ll be getting a number of these little dresses and maybe some top versions for playing in. And I’m definitely going to think of ways to use this design in the shop. Okay I hope everyone else had a great weekend.

(I just had to share this stink eye picture)

I also want to remind you that there are two giveaways open (see the left column) finishing off my month of weekly giveaways. I’m definitely going to do more giveaways because that was loads of fun. So that’s what’s going on here.

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  1. adorable!

  2. I love that pic!! haha

  3. She is adorable that that dress is so cute!!

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