So I’m in California

So I’m in California, hoping to get into Price is Right tomorrow, hit the Aquarium, Disneyland, eat chili cheese fries from Tops and spend so much time with old friends that I ache. But while I’m gone, I’ve scheduled a few posts. I may not be as close to the computer as normal but I should be able to attend to my email and etsy regularly enough.

So to kick things off I wanted to share some of my favorite California inspired items on Etsy.

1. foster’s freeze
2. poppy toddler headband
3. california soda
4. pillow
5. california roll plushies
6. i heart california necklace
7. poppy earrings
8. bear shirt
9. pick earrings


  1. I hope you’re having lots of fun in California! I also love the new skirt you have for a giveaway…so darling!

  2. I’m having LOADS of fun!

  3. Yeah for your time in CA…looks like the weather cooled down a bit because it knew you were coming! :)

  4. I just discovered you blog.. Love it. Keep up the good work. I am inspired by your creativity. I also am a crafter. and have a blog of my own, although with my “real” paying job dont have as much time to dedicate to crafting as i wished i did.

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