Turkey Crowns Tutorial

So we had a our Thanksgiving early because my husband’s uncle passed away after a few months of fast health decline so the music maker’s mom and dad are off to help the family get things in order and do funeral things. We had both sides of the family over to our little condo and it was really nice. For the naughties I made up some turkey crowns (that went along with a bizarre turkey dance, that had no resemblance to turkey’s in real life at all). They turned out so cute and the whole fam loved them so I thought that I would post a little tutorial since they are actually done in time for you to use it for your own Thanksgiving festivities. And seriously they are so easy.

Note that my thing is sewing so while I think it would work totally fine just to glue all of this I’m way more comfortable with a sewing machine than glue. So you could totally do this if you don’t sew or if you only hand sew.

You’ll Need
-sheets of different colored felt, for feathers, brown for the body and band, and red for the gobbler thing which can double as a tail feather
-black marker
-sewing stuff or glue
1. This is what you’re shooting for, or something better
2. Cut out feathers, I did 7 but more or less would work just fine
3. I cut the sheet in thirds lengthwise (so I needed 2 sheets for the 2 naughties, you need 2 strips for each hat/crown) then sew/glue the ends of two of the brown straps
4. Cut a body it’s basically a rectangle that’s rounded on the top, sorry the pic got cropped in the collage. I arranged the tails and then just freehanded the body to the size I thought would look cute.
5. Put the feathers over the long strap with the seam centered, then put the body on top of that. Sew around the body this will tack the feathers down. If you’re using glue you’ll have the glue the feathers and then the body. Cut a little orange or yellow triangle for a beak and a squiggle out of red and arrange the face. Sew or glue onto the body.
6. Wrestle your little one into letting you use his or her head to figure out the size and the sew or glue the band so it’s like a crown. Finally use a black marker and draw on some eyes (I thought about using googly eyes but I ran out of time to wait for glue to dry)

Have fun let me know if you make any. Also I’ve just started a Rae Gun flickr group, so I’d love you all to join if you’re already on flickr. Feel free to post any of your creations to the flickr group as well as any customer/winner appreciation pics, or other rae gun inspired things or just to see what everyone else has made. Let me see some turkey crows!


  1. Cute idea!! I am sorry to hear about Daniel’s uncle….

  2. Those hats are so cute!

  3. Very cute… you are quite talented!


  4. How cute!

  5. how cute are these!?!?! Precious ~ my kids would love to wear this!

  6. Thank you for this cute idea! Just posted mine to the Flicker group.

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