Princess and the Frog Finally!

I’m so excited, I was casually checking our dollar theater’s list only to find that the Princess and the Frog is finally playing. My sister and I are going to try to take Tira tomorrow, woohoo. I’ve really been looking forward to seeing this film (no one would go with me for full price). And it’ll be Tira’s first theater show.

Send any movie going tips with an almost 3 year old if you have them.

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  1. Have fun! It sounds like a fun show!
    I still haven’t taken my almost 4yo. We tried to take him to go see Up, but he wasn’t interested. We even took him to the theater so he could look around. He expressed a very emphatic NO!

  2. Make sure you go pee right before the show, every time I forget with my 3 year old, we end up going pee 15 minutes in. Have fun at the movie!

  3. If you think your little one will be at all distracted by things in the lobby, ie. video games that look like cars, distract her so she doesn’t see them. It’s at our dollar theater too, but I know I’ll spend half the movie in the lobby while Linus pretends to “drive”.

  4. thanks guys these were super helpful. my sister and I were commenting how it was a bit scarier than we expected and tira piped in with “Not scary, I like it” it I’d say it was a hit

  5. what did you/she think? my 3 year old thought it was too scary.

  6. she really liked it. If I had seen it before we went i probably would have thought it would be too scary but Tira wasn’t phased at all by the scary parts. She doesn’t like the evil stepmother on cinderella or the bad men on mulan but she was fine with all the evil stuff in the princess frog and my sister says my dad shows her the dragon part of sleeping beauty on youtube all the time

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