Giveaway: Sara Seeton Photography

I’m participating in a super huge giveaway to help Sara Seeton Photography celebrate their first year of business. The prizes total to over a 1200$ value. My measly contribution is the winner’s choice of any pair of bottoms out of my shop. Check it out here. (psst I also gave out a discount code for the shop over there)

I know I’ve had an unusually high number of giveaways lately. This will probably be the last for a while though so if you want your chance for free raegun good, head on over.


  1. those are cutie patootie bottoms!

  2. Super cute!! {wishing I had lil girls to play dress up with!! I’ve been blessed with boys! Boys! BOYS!} lol

    be blessed


  3. Those are so cute! My Avery would look so adorable in those!

  4. Oh so cute!

  5. Super cute! :)

  6. OH how adorable!!! :)

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