Fitness Journal: Week 28

Sorry for missing last week. It was kinda a frustrating day and my internet wasn’t working. But this week is good I was all the way up to 147 last week ugg but I’m back down. My knee has been bugging me again so my trainer watched me while I was walking and noticed that I do this weird tweaking, flipping motion so basically I have to re-teach myself how to step straight since we think I’m putting weird pressure on my knee like this. Yeah so weird

3/24/2011 147
4/7/2011 145.4
I’m 5’5 but have a small frame
(I think I’m going for 135 and we’ll see from there)

Nutrition Breakdown:

daily calorie average:1537

H: Strength Training
F: Bike 30 min 5 mi Walk 30 min 1.6 mi
S: Day off
S: Bike 30 min 5 mi Walk 30 min 1.50 mi
M: Swim 60 min class 1400 yards
T: Strength Training
W: Bike 30 min 5 mi Walk 30 min 1.5 mi

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  1. But hey, at least you’re back down this week!

    I know how it feels with weird twitches. If I bike, my hips make weird popping sounds and if I lift weights my shoulders do the same. It freaks me out. haha

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