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I come from a family of readers. My mom and sister have totes full of library books checked out at all times. I remember when the Harry Potter books were released my dad and I would sneak into my sisters room while she was asleep to steal our copy to read it. If you come to my house on the weekends you’ll probably see one of my family members reading on a couch (or floor), while I ahem sew.

While I don’t read during the day much myself (unless it’s at the gym to keep me going on a cardio machine)  I’ve become addicted to reading every night when I get in bed. Even if it’s 3 am (like it’s been for the last month) my brain is going crazy so the reading helps it shut down and lets me sleep better. The problem is my current ‘to read’ list is weak. I’m wondering if any of you have some good book suggestions.

You can see some of the books I’ve recently enjoyed on my goodreads account (which I highly recommend if you’re a reader). Some of them include the Hunger Games, Incarceron, The Host, and Percy Jackson books. My default is Young Adult fiction (usually fantasy or sci-fi, hence my Potter obsession) but I really like other books like The Help, Escape, and Water for Elephants. To be honest it’s harder for me to find those kind of books (it’s just more work than looking at a YA reading list you know) but I do enjoy them just as much. I’m not sure how to search for them. I’m supposed to read so much non-fiction i.e. philosophy for my stupid dissertation so when I read for fun, I mostly read fiction but I’m open to non-fiction if it’s story like (if that makes sense).

So … do you have any book recommendations for me?


  1. have you read the sequel to incarceron, saphique? very, very good. you and i read a lot along the same lines. here are some of my suggestions
    the wager by donna jo napoli

    the warrior heir by cinda williams chima

    hex hall and demonglass by rachel hawkins.

    you should drop by my blog…i keep track of all the young adult and juvenile reading i do (mixed in with crafts i do for the littles at the library)

  2. I love Joshilyn Jackson, both “Gods in Alabama,” and “Between, Georgia.”

    Laurie Colwin, “Happy All the Time.”

    Hm what else. I did enjoy the Poisonwood Bible.

    I use to read only classic literature but the past few years contemporary is more appealing. :)

  3. Delirium. Great read, loved it

  4. Oh, apart from the sci fi stuff we have similar taste in books, so in no particular order some of my recent great reads were;

    Snow Flower and The Secret Fan by Lisa See

    The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud by Ben Sherwood

    Three Weeks with my Brother by Nicholas and Micah Sparks

    The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walters

  5. When she says family member she usually means me LOL because I can’t sew.

    The mortal instrument series woman!

  6. You guys are awesome I haven’t heard of most of these so I’m so excited to check them out!

    and bobbie I just finished saphique :)

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