Pottermore The Owls are Gathering

I’m a huge fan, currently in possession of 12 tickets for the movie next month so as the countdown to J.K. Rowling’s big announcement approaches I find myself all giddy and anxious. Like the first day of school. Many think it’s going to be a revamped awesome website Pottermore but I really really hope that it’s new books. I’ve said all along. I want her to milk it for everything it’s got. I won’t ever call her a sellout or any of those other mean things people call authors just for helping such a wonderful thing keep living on a little longer for me.

So I know there are other Potter fans out there, what are your theories?

I don’t have any backed theories on what it is but I’d love it to be a spin off series like the Bean books (Ender’s Shawdow, etc.) by Orson Scott Card. Or really any wizarding world books would put me through the moon. Maybe somethint like How Rick Riordan is doing the Egyptian and Greek Mythology series, different kids same fun. Oh how I hope it’s new books!


  1. I never even considered that it might be more books because she seemed to so firm on “it’s over.” Plus, I really don’t want to get my hopes up. So I’m just expecting some website that won’t really interest me and then hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised if it’s something more incredible. But now that you’re talking about it, I would LOVE it if it were more books too. :)

  2. That was my thought, too! New books! I’d love a prequel, but if it isn’t that, anything by her in the same universe would be awesome. Someone said they thought it was about the encyclopedia she’s been writing…but that’s not exactly a new revelation for real fans, so I have a hard time believing that theory. Hooray for it being less than a month away! *happy dance*

  3. I thought maybe a prequel too but perhaps that is too obvious? What ever it is I daresay it will be wonderful.A writer of such great creativity and imagination surely can’t just stop writing?

  4. It should be a prequel–I would like to know the story of Harry’s parents! And you’re right, she should milk it for all it’s worth, her fans are rabid enough to enjoy it ;)

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