Geeking Out With A Very Potter Musical

(I like this one best from about 3:30 I LOVE THE DRACO character-the first part is just okay to me)

So I have no idea how I never knew about this before but I’ve been laughing out loud hysterically since I discovered A Very Potter Musical. I was looking up Darren Kriss you know the guy who plays Blaine on Glee, yeah I’m a big fan. And I found out he wrote a Potter musical and I had to check it out. I totally don’t regret it.

(Anyone up for a tapping Voldermort?)

Here are a few of my favorite parts so far. I’m only on Act 1 Part 16 now and there’s a whole sequel. They are really dorky and my husband who loves Potter but hates Glee really does not understand what I see in these and to be honest I had to take breaks because it’s a little fantabulously intense. But I do and I figure some of you might too. Ahhh the things that will keep a girl sewing to 2 in the morning!


  1. Funny, but I prefer Potter Puppet Pals. ;)


  2. AVPS is good (lots of Draco in the sequel)… and check out Darren in Little White Lie too (see the StarKidPotter channel). Potter Puppet Pals are pretty funny too, good for a crafting break.

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