Tutorial: Tutus for Any Halloween Costume

  (wonder woman by jessicakertel1)
I am in love with the trend of using tutus for most any girl costume. I’ve seen so many cute ideas.The possibilities are endless and what’s even better is that when Halloween is done your little one will have a cute tutu to play dress up.

(baby blue bird by princessdreamstutu)
You can do pretty much any animal think white with a fun hat for a chicken, black for a cute kitty or even a fun lady bug or bumble bee.

(snow white by thebudgetbowtique)
Also pretty much any princess, I’ve seen super cute Disney princesses, darling fairies and pretty much any other cool girl characters like super heros.

(witch by littledivatutus)

And for those of you who are more traditional, you can even go for a fun witch costume. Tutus are so cheap quick and easy to make.

What you need

  • 2-4 yards tulle (depending on how long and how full you want it)
  • elastic

 What to do

  1. Cut your elastic to the size of your little one’s waist and sew so that you have a circle.
  2. Cut your tulle. For toodler sizes I usually do about 4 inches wide by 18 inches long. for less work just do 4 inches by the width of the bolt (a lot comes on 54 inch bolts which would be great for elementary aged kids) remember the length of your tulle halved minus a little since it’ll poof up is about how long it’ll be.
  3. Attache each strip one by one by folding the strip lengthwise. Place the fold behind the elastic.
  4. Loop the bottom of the strip around the elastic and pull through the loop. 
  5. Repeat until you’ve reached your desired fullness.
  6. Play around with the fullness by crunching the tulle, pulling the loops tighter or fluffing the strips.


  1. i was going to make me a tutu for halloween but OMGoodness for the amount of tulle needed to cover my butt, it was looking expensive. I decided just to buy ribbon and make a cute ribbon/scrap tutu. Much easier on my bank. =]

    • you crack me up but where are you getting your tulle it should be really cheap definitely cheaper than ribbon. I wanna see it when it’s all done it sounds cute

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