Major Shop Update This Week

I kind of let things get away from me during costume season. My etsy business quadruples, no really quadruples. And I pretty much sew and pack and do post office trips with mini food breaks for a month and a half. My dishes get done if someone else does them and my work room is a chaotic mess.

But Halloween is over so I actually vacuumed and picked up yesterday and I sat down to clean up my etsy shop as well. What did I find? Over 50 listings that have sold or expired that I’ve forgotten to renew. Some of my best sellers (not sure how I missed that) and many items that are new and I’ve been meaning to add to the shop but haven’t had a chance. So starting today for about a week I’ll be updating and restocking my shop. New stuff will be appearing, oldies but goodies will be reappearing and maybe even some surprises. Check out all the stuff here.

Also this is my low period so if you’ve been wanting a custom order or if you have any suggestions for new things I would love to hear them. I’ve been thinking of making some holiday onesie sets and I just ordered a bunch of long sleeve onesies (woohoo, I’ll list a long sleeve option as soon as the shipping gets here) so if you have ideas for images to go on the tops that would be great.

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