Mini Collage Upcycled Lid Ornament

I’m guest posting today over at Craft Snob as part of the handmade Ornament Paraded. There’s been tons of fun ornament tutes and even more to come. Check out how I remade old canning lids to make cute collage ornaments here.

For those of you visiting from Craft Snob. Welcome it’s great to have you. I hope you take a peek around. Here are a few of my personal favorite posts if you need somewhere to start.

Tutorial reposted below.

What you need

  • Mason Jar Lids (reuse them or buy a pack for a little over a dollar for 12)
  • Mod Podge
  • Pictures (either print them small or use wallet sized prints)
  • Other embellishments (sparkles, jewels, feathers, words, etc)
  • Ribbon
  • A small scrap of felt or other fabric
  • Background fabric or felt
  • Top glaze (I used Aleen’s Paper Glaze for one and Mod Podge’s Dimensional Magic for the other
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Foam brush

(click on the image to enlarge)

 What to Do

  1. Cut out picture and background paper or fabric. (I wish that I would have cut the background circles a little bigger than the lid so it would wrap fully around the edge)
  2. Apply a layer of Mod Podge and put the background paper/felt down and do the same to the back of the lid.
  3. Arrange your picture and words and apply those using Mod Podge (one I used plain and one I used the sparkle kind). Do that by first putting a thin layer over your background and placing your pieces and then applying another layer of Mod Podge.
  4. If you want to add any sparkles or other embellishments you can do that now. If you want more of a glazed look like I wanted you can use paper glaze or dimensional magic. Just read the packaging for details on how to apply it. It’s best to work from the outside in. If you are using 3D embellishments (like the snow flake) you can just throw them on after you put the glaze on. You can add more glitter also if you want. I used a pin to move air bubbles out of the way and move glitter when it was too concentrated over faces. Let it sit overnight.
  5. If you cut your background pieces big your edges probably look nice and covered but I didn’t think that far ahead so I wanted to add something. On one I just used a thin ribbon and on the other I used chunky glitter. I applied it using tacky glue.
  6. Next make a ribbon hanger. I just made a loop and tied a bow at the ends of a strip of ribbon. Next hot glue it to the back of your ornament by sandwiching it in between the back of the ornament and a piece of felt.

Super easy and fun. I love them because not only do I get to repurpose something but it’s like a little memory. With the stripe one I’m taken back to the matador and bull costumes I made for my nieces and hubby last year and with the other one I’m reminded of the good times we had at my oldest niece’s 4th butterfly birthday party this year. I hope you have fun making them and I’d love to hear from you and see picture of yours too.


  1. How cute! Love the ornament. Great idea… I totally want to try this one now.

  2. Hi Marissa-thank you for your kind comments on ReMadeSimple today! I tried to find your link party but couldn’t-can you tell me where to find it?

  3. Thanks Miss Red they are so fun and easy!

    Kristina here’s the direct link (it’s the second post that’s up today)

  4. Hi Marissa! Thanks a lot for the invite and for visiting my blog. I added my reindeer pattern to your link party. I would love it if you linked on my link party as well. It start this evening and will go on tomorrow as well. Hope to see you there!
    Best wishes, Annemarie

  5. Of course annemarie, it is so so darling! I”ll have to hop on over for your party too, thanks for the heads up!

  6. Great idea for an ornament!

  7. Oh my goodness, these little ornaments are adorable!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. =)

  8. What a great idea!!! You are so talented and creative!

    Have a wonderful day,
    Melanie :)

  9. Great idea, love this!

  10. Marissa the ornaments are super cute. I would love for you to link this wonderful post at our linky party launch. Hope you can join us.


  11. Very fun. THese type are always my favorite ornaments.

  12. What a cute idea, thank you for the tutorial. Kathi

  13. Marissa….THANKS for Linking Up at RAndee’s Organized CHaos!!!


  14. Great way to reuse old canning jar lids! I love to make organic raspberrry jam each and always have some from our empty jars!

  15. Thank you so much for linking up your lovely project at Get Schooled Saturday. We will be open for business again Friday night-Sunday night!
    Kim @ Too Much Time

  16. These ornaments are so cute! I am loving the pictures! Thanks for linking up to Strut Your Stuff Saturday! We hope that you will come back tomorrow and share more of you amazing ideas!
    Camille @

  17. definitely adorable! thanks a lot for linking up at the party. hope to see you again this week! ^^)

  18. Great idea! I love it!

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