New Years Resolutions: 2012

Well here we are at another year both on the calendar and for my age, yup it’s my birthday. I am a resolution maker it’s kind of unavoidable. I know that not every one “gets” making yearly resolutions but it really helps me. Plus I am such a planner and list maker. I get the whole, every day should be important and there isn’t something magical about New Years thing but I really like having a date to reflect on the past year as a whole and think out what I want for the future. Plus since my birthday is at the top of the year it really works for me.

You can see my resolutions last year here. While I struggled with getting all the veggies I wanted to and keeping up with my pictures I succeeded in my two most important resolutions. The first was Do not be controlled by anxiety or worry and let me tell you I do feel so much more free, I cut some anxiety makers in my life and I adopted some good practices (like not entertaining worry in bed).

The second that I feel really made an impact in my life this year was to Re-evaluate and optimize Rae GunI can happily report that I haven’t been spending EVERY SECOND working. This resolution was definitely a long term one but I stuck with it. Falling into workaholic mode takes a lot of work to get out of (you know unless you’re okay with just quitting work, but I love running the shop I just needed it to be more managable). I’ve been playing more, taking days off without worrying or feeling like I should be working, making things for myself, it’s been wonderful.

This year I have a few goals but they aren’t as grand and life changing as the ones from last year but they are important in a more practical way.

1. Contain the Clutter – I’m a pile maker and clutter bug. I’m not dirty but it’s hard for me to tidy up as I go, it’s just not my personality so I end up with lots of stuff around since I’ve been doing lots of stuff, then I get tired and don’t feel like putting everything away. So this year I want to get organized (I know I’m the only one right?). Part of how I want to do this is to set my world up in a way that it’s easier for me to stay organized. Not only do I want to get a hold on my every day living spaces I want this year to be the year I go through, sort and organize all my storage areas and  delete extra/bad/etc. photos regularly. I also want to develop the habit of tidying up the kitchen and my sewing area every day. I really think this will minimize the stress I feel when things look so messy and cleaning up feels overwhelming.

2. Curb Emotional Eating – I have the taste buds of a fat girl. I love anything fried, cheese, muchies and more. I know eating right will be something I always will have to work on but in the past few months I’ve had some frustrations that I let myself eat a lot of crap to comfort myself. I want to again try and get more veggies (hey have any of you tried green smoothies, what’s your honest opinion?). I want to go back to only eating things that taste delicious I don’t want to eat crappy food that’s just convenient, if I’m going to spend the calories on it I want to enjoy it. And finally I want to make my snacking healthier and more purposeful.

3. Pray More Intentionally – I pray a lot like during the day, small things, big things, about everything and anything. When I read something of facebook, think of something going on I pray but I want to take time to pray in more focused ways. For Christmas one of the gifts the in-laws gave me is a daily devotional. I want to go through that and pray for whatever is going on, for friends, for people that drive me crazy, for people I don’t know. I was better at this in college and I want to get back

    I do plan on picking a power verse (you know something from the Bible to focus on and keep close through out the year) but I haven’t decided on a verse yet. Last year’s verse was Philippians 4:6-7 and it was wonderful to have on the tip of my mind as I tried to control my worry and overloaded-ness.

    So there it is my gols for this year. I hope that 2012 is a great one for all of us!


    1. I really don’t make resolutions, but I relate to all 3 of yours. Good luck with them!!

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