Tutorial: Pouch Sling Baby Carrier

I’m not shy about my love for baby carriers as evidenced here, here, and here. They are just fantastic for people with little ones to keep close while also giving you the freedom to get things done. I’ve spent many hours with my niece in a pouch sling working, sewing, shopping and more. My friends and I had our monthly craft day this past weekend and I helped two of them make their own slings. I figured I should share the how to’s with you all since they are so easy, cheap and of course useful (plus that way next time I want to make someone one it’s all written up and I don’t have to think as hard haha).

What You Need

  • 2 pieces of woven (non-stretchy) fabric 56 x 22(ish) inches (for people who wear size small to medium shirts)

If you buy two yards of each fabric or you’ll have enough to make two carriers. Or if you want the outside and inside to be the same two yards of one fabric will do. Or you can do what my friends did and pick up 2 one yard pieces of two different fabrics then cut the fabric in half and sew the ends together to get the length. I always do it 56 by half the width of my fabric and since I like to use quilting cottons that usually is 56 x 22 inches (you want the width be between 20 and 22 inches).

This measurement should work for those of you who normally wear a small or medium size shirt. My friends and I are different heights and sizes but all wear shirts that are small or medium and the 56 inches worked for all three of us. If you want to customize the sling to yourself check out this tutorial. It will tell you have to measure yourself to get the right proportions.

What To Do

  1. Get your 2 pieces ready. Cut to size/sew if necessary.
  2. With right sides together sew the both long edges of your fabric together.
  3. Right side out and iron. 
  4. Fold in half lengthwise then in half again widthwise and cut a curve in your sling as shown above. It should be from the folded edge to about 2 inches in on the open edge.
  5. Unfold and then refold width wise.
  6. Sew the curved edge to make a tube. 
  7. Then make a french seam by folding the fabric back on itself, sewing so the raw edge of the original seam is enclosed. You will be left with a flap. If you are unfamiliar with french seams this post might help you picture what I mean.
  8. Sew the flap down. 

You can use this type of sling with a cradle carry for little babies but I am a fan of it for kiddos that have neck control and like sitting up in a hip carry position.  There are other ways to use them just search with the term pouch sling on Youtube or the web and you should find a bunch of instructions. I like the modmumslings ones on Youtube.


  1. I thought about this as I was making the cowl–they are basically the same thing in different sizes :) I LOVED our pouch sling for the hip carry for my daughter, but my son is a danger seeker who arches his back and come thisclose to falling out all the time…

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  5. Baby M looks like he LOVES it!

  6. Thanks for the tutorial!

  7. What a fun project! I didn’t discover hip slings until the third baby! Come share at my party! http://www.dwellonjoy.com/2012/02/dwell-on-fridays-five.html

  8. Cute carriers! Cute photos too!

  9. I SO could have used one of these with my boys! With the next baby I’m makin one ;) Thanks for sharing :)

  10. These are great! Logan wants to be held all the time! Thanks for linking up to Manic Monday!

  11. This would make an AWESOME baby shower gift! Thanks for linking up to Cutsey Monday! I always look forward to seeing what you’ve been up to :)

    XO! Kathryn

  12. I used a baby sling just like this when my guys were tiny. It was awesome…they would just rock to sleep. Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial!


  13. Love the gray and yellow.

  14. I feel like I’m missing out on the whole baby wearing thing. How long can you carry them around in this? Is there a weight where it gets to be too much for you?

  15. Love this Marissa! Thanks for the easy tutorial. I’m going to attempt this no later than this weekend for BB#2 on the way! Thanks again. I’m your newest follower!
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  16. Lisa,
    I used mine until my niece preferred walking to being held and then after that every once in a while but I did through her in last year when she was 3 after she wacked herself and it was tight but it wasn’t “too heavy” for me to handle and I found it much more preferable than carrying her. I think I used it with my niece until 18 m or later although I got the most use probably from 4 months to a year ish.

    I’m curious how long others use them.

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  18. I don’t have a baby nor know anyone with a child in the age range to need one. However, I know this tutorial will be very useful to moms and other familie members of young children. Thanks for sharing your tutorial on Your Cozy Home Party.

  19. I am pinning this one for my sister! Thanks for sharing!
    :) Samantha @ Cowgirl Up!

  20. This looks like another great beginning sewing project! I’m excited to add it to my list. I’ll be pinning this.

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  22. This is a great tutorial! I am really excited to make one now. I bought a sling once and it was just weird. But if I could make it the way I want it I think it would be better. These would also make great baby shower gifts. I am pinning this so I can come back. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Link It Up Thursday.

  23. These are awesome.. and I just love stretchy baby carriers.. I just about wore mine out with my little lovies and then passed them on! This is such a great idea.. and if I ever have another .. I know what I’m making! Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink hippo Party.. can’t wait to see what you share next!

  24. This is another reason I need to learn to sew. What a great gift these would be to give to the new parents to be. Great tutorial when I learn to sew. Thanks for Linking up over at SweetTalkin’ Sunday!

  25. Marissa, this is a great idea. Wish I knew about when my two were babies. Thanks for linking up at Thriving on Thursdays. The linky party starts in just over 12 hours. Would love to see what you’ve been up to this week.

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  26. GREAT SLING. Beautiful. So helpful, isn’t it?!! You look styling!!

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