So Looking Forward to Insurgent

I’ve shared my love of Veronica Roth’s Divergent before, but if you haven’t read it and enjoy YA fiction you definitely need to pick up a copy. Really what are you waiting for? It’s out in paperback so it’s cheap if you don’t want to wait through the holds list at your local library. The second book Insurgent comes out on May 1st. I was actually able to read an advance copy last week and LOVED it, even still I am so so excited for May 1st when I can pick up my own shinny hard covered copy and take a second read through plus see what the rest of my friends think of it. Seriously obsessed is too week a word it’s right up there with Harry Potter for me friends.

To get ready for the release of Insurgent a bunch of bloggers have been recruited to represent the 5 factions found in Divergent. Emily of Emily’s Reading Room (who celebrated with us during the Hunger Games party) is lucky enough to be a part of Team Amity and was hoping you all would join her. See this post for more information.

Book trailer squeeeeeeal!

And if you don’t see yourself as an Amity member our friends over at YA sisterhood are representing Erudite and the other three are out there too.

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