Bookish Confessions Part I

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday theme is bookish confessions. What are some silly book related things you do or think? And if you want befriend me on Goodreads I’m over here.

  1. I judge books by their movies. Terrible I know. Sorry Hugo. Percy Jackson I’m so glad I read about you first!
  2. I dog-ear library books but would never think to dog-ear a book I own.
  3. During Grad School the only fictional works I read were the Harry Potter books, when they came out for a couple days straight. Now that I’m done with that I can’t get enough of fiction and I haven’t picked up any non-fiction since I stopped doing school.
  4. I feel naked if I forget my book at home even if I probably won’t get to read it. That extra  pounds pulling on my should is like a security blanket. When I’m near the end of a book sometimes I feel the need to have two books in my purse.
  5. After I finished reading Divergent I immediately downloaded the audio version and listened to it. It’s my drug when I’m stressed I pop it on to listen but my husband hasn’t finished it and so I haven’t had a random listen in the while lest I lose his place on my ipod. I’m starting to develop a grudge.
  6. I have a fear of being without a book which is my my holds list is totally maxed out…and maybe part of my husbands.
  7. Before I discovered audiobooks I tried to read while sewing (yes on a machine). I’d use one of those book weights and try not to sew my hand. It was desperate but sometimes you’ve got stuff to get done and your book is just so good.
  8. I’ve spent many hours wishing J.K.Rowling would milk the Harry Potter franschiese for all it’s got. I want spin off, prequels, all of it. 
  9.  One of my favorite things to do is get a Chicken McNugget Happy Meal and eat it while reading in the parking lot. All.By.Myself.
  10. I take the book jackets off of my hardcovers so the jacket won’t get beat up but then I get annoyed when the actual book gets anything on it or looks worn.


  1. I can never leave home without a book either! Sometimes two, just in case I do find time to read I can pick which ones to read!

    Great confessions.

    -Marybeth P.

  2. I so know and understand no. 4. Getting an e-book reader helped with the weight. I also keep several spare books on my phone.
    No. 7: Audio books rock!
    No. 10. I have the same problem.

  3. I take my book everywhere too! I usually never get a chance to read it, but I’ve got it! Also, YES to the J.K. Rowling one! :)
    My Confessions

  4. To combat #4, I typically take something small and leave it in my purse. Then if I happen to remember to bring my current book or ereader, I have a backup. Otherwise, I have one there.

    I do number 10 too!

  5. I always bring something to read with me, even when I know I don’t have the time to read anyway :p It feels good.

    My top 10 Tuesday.

  6. I with you on #4 and #10. Nothing worse that being stuck somewhere with nothing to read.

  7. That list is awesome.

    My husband doesn’t read, he just looks to me to tell him what the book is about and waits on the movies.

    I don’t think I’ve ever found a movie that I thought was as awesome as the book. Ever. It’s just not possible.

    And, for the record, I just saw the HG movie and HATED it. LOATHE. I was so upset about so many things… from how she got the pin, to it being Peeta’s idea to hold hands, Haymitch’s weirdness… But, I’ll still see the other 2 movies. Because I like to suffer.

    I use my jackets to mark my page, so for the first half of the book, the cover side of the jacket edge gets tucked into the page and then it swaps to the back of the book cover. But with paperbacks, I just use a card my Grandma sent me.

    I really, really dislike having to put down a book if it’s in the middle of a chapter… UGH!

    And I’m currently refusing to read any books on some sort of electronic device. Refuse!! I like the feel & smell of books too much. Even if my closet is full of them… LOL!!!

    Thanks for the therapy. ;)

  8. A great list!!! I love how you don’t leave the house without a book and if you’re nearing the end you bring along two just in case!

    I don’t know how many times I’ve regretted not having a book when I’m stuck somewhere. But I still feel guilty taking a book to read to my kid’s soccer games.

  9. MWAUAHAHAHA! I finally found someone who dog-ears library books! Yayy!

    New follower.

  10. I am TOTALLY with you. I always want to have a book going, but my problem is that I have a tendency to stop doing everything else and just read the book until I’m done. I have to be super careful about when I start a new book.

    I also wanted to let you know that there is a new Hogwarts series out. It’s about James Potter, Harry’s son. I was super worried about it since it wasn’t written by JK, but I’m into the second book now and I’ve enjoyed it. (I wrote about the series here:

    Hopefully now that the kids are back to school, I’ll be able to finish the series without worrying about not feeding the kids meals!

  11. What that’s awesome, Kim I think you deserve a kiss! I’ll definitely be checking it out I’m glad you have good things to report about it.

  12. I recognized myself in so many of your confessions :) haha especially the last one has been an issue lately and also dogearing library books but not my own ones..;)

  13. You’re hilarious. I actually love a well-worn, well-loved book. I think I’d be sad if I lost a Harry Potter book and had to replace it with a fresh copy.

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