What’s For Dinner Week #146 and Lately in Awesome Bookish Films Edition

Day Main Meal Goals (Veggies, Whole Grain, Fish)
Sunday Popcorn and junk yeah! Grains and nuts: granola bars
Veggies: green beans
Fish: ?
Monday White Chili and Cornbread
Tuesday Chicken Sausage, Roasted Potatoes and Poached Egg
Wednesday Thai Pork at my Mom’s
Thursday Turkey Duh
Friday Open Faced Thanksgiving Sandwiches
Saturday Eat Out

Now that we’ve got the menu out of the way let’s get down to business!

This week was a great week for YA book fans in terms of our books becoming movies. I’ve got my tickets for Breaking Dawn that’s right I haven’t seen it yet. Everyone thinks because I did a few Twilight-y crafts that I’m a Twi-hard but it’s more like I just love an excuse to make bookish goodies and for books I’ve enjoyed. Plus I hate how awful people are to S.Meyers without even haven’t a smidgen of real knowledge of the books…but I’ve already said all that ;) But yeah so my fellow movie goers will be getting packs of Blood (twizzler bites), Breaking Dawn Brooches (tutorial and printable here), and cake pops (tutorial to come)!

To be honest I’m looking forward to a night out with friends and what I’m sure will be cheese fest of a flick but I.CAN’T.WAIT.TO.WATCH.THE.CITY.OF.BONES.TRAILER.ON.THE.BIG.SCREEN! If you follow my books stuff you know I’m a crazy fan of Cassandra Clare’s books and the first in the Moral Instruments series finished filming just 2 weeks ago and they already released a trailer. I’m not going to lie I’ve watched it many many times already on my computer…and ahem on my computer plugged into my tv. yeah we already know I’m a crazy geek! But August uggg too long.

And not just that but there’s a new Beautiful Creatures movie trailer too! I mentioned the Caster Chronicles in my Twilight Readalikes post but I haven’t done a real review of them yet. I’ll have to fix that. But, the books are so fun and I’m super excited for the movie and that one comes out in February so not much of a wait!


  1. BOOO I was in one of the few theaters that didn’t show the city of bones trailer and I even wore my shadowhunter shirt oh well I still got to see beautiful darkness

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