Guest Posting: Harry Potter Snitch Shirt and Stencil

I am hanging out today over at Heron’s Crafts for her weekly Story Book Crafts series. I’m sharing a new Harry Potter shirt and how to do reverse stencil. Stop by and say hi!

If you’re visiting from Heron’s Crafts welcome it’s great to have you. I hope you have a peek around. You can find some of my readers’ favorite projects in the widget on the right and see all my bookish posts by checking out my Book Geekery and Harry Potter labels :)

And here’s a printable you can use for a stencil :) Just click on the image to enlarge and then right click to save it.

UDATED: tutorial reposted below
I also have a slight weakness for fan related shirts. I may have over 10 Potter shirts alone. So today I want to share with you how to make a fun Snitch shirt.

What You Need

  • Fabric paint (I used both metallic gold and gold glitter)
  • Foam brush
  • Freezer Paper (it’s like wax paper but only has the coating on one side)
  • Paper cutting machine or Exacto Knife

Make your stencil. I cut my stencils out on my cricut but you can just print your design and and then cut it out of the freezer paper with an exacto knife. You’ll want the shinny side to face down.

Iron your stencil (shinny side down) onto your shirt. Make sure to take your time and check that all the edges are sealed. For the snitch I just used it as a basic stencil but for the lettering I did a reverse stencil and put the cut out letters down and then painted on top of them so the lettering was the color of the shirt.

Put something in between the layers of the shirt. I just use a pieces of freezer paper shinny side up.

Start painting. I find that with this technique it is much better to blot and avoid brushing since you don’t want to accidentally pull up the stencil. For mine I used the metallic paint first then did the glitter paint.

Allow to dry for about 1 hour.

Pull off paper. The paint will still be tacky so be careful when removing the paper. I like to use s straight pin to hold down the shirt while I pull off the stencil.

Allow to dry completely and you’re done.

I hope you try it out. It’s SO much fun. Feel free to visit my blog to get a printable of the snitch that you can use to make your stencil. If this went a bit fast for you feel free to check out my Freezer Paper Tutorial that has a bit more thorough instructions and lots more pictures. And definitely let me know if you have any questions.


  1. What a great shirt, have bookmarked it to use the stencil soon

  2. I freaking love this. I love that you love geeky things too!

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