Book Club Kick Off! Book 1: Beautiful Creatures

I was blown away with the response to my little survey last week. I’m so excited to see that many of you are interested in geeking out with me over books. Wahoo!

I have set up a book group on goodreads for us to do our sheninagans on. If you are not on goodreads it is free and easy to join. Plus if you’re a reader it’s a fabulous tool to track what you are reading and find new books.

The focus of the group will be to read some of the awesome YA books that are becoming movies this year as well as any other books we think would be fun to read as a group. This is a ZERO PRESSURE book group. Feel free to join and participate to the level that you want. This is meant to be fun.

We will be doing both online activities as well as local activities. The local activities will be in the Salt Lake City/Sandy, Utah area. But I encourage those of you in other areas to meet up and get to know each other as well.

In the online book group I’ve set it up so we can…

  • discuss the books BEFORE the movie comes out (I’ll be adding more books over time)
  • discuss our thoughts of the trailer and hopes and fears for the movie
  • discuss our thoughts of the movie after we watch it
  • share our bookish creations, posts, and awesomness we see
  • and of course get to know each other better!

I’ll be setting up opportunities for those in my area (Salt Lake City/Sandy, Utah) to …

  • meet up for author events
  • have book parties before the movies
  • go together to watch the movies
  • possibly meet up to discuss other books if desired

If you are a reader and this sounds interesting to you I’d love you to join! And if you are local and want to make sure you’re on the local mailing list send me an email or let me know in the comments :)

It is definitely a work in progress so if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

The first book we’ll read is Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. The movie comes out February 14th.

We’ll have a local meet up 1-2 weeks before and an online twitter chat, google hangout, or maybe both just to see what we like since it’s all new around that time too. Let me know if you have a preference for online chatting :) So find yourself a copy of the book and start reading.

And if you’ve already read it and need to chat I’ve already posted some discussion boards for Beautiful Creatures on the group.


WARNING: If you haven’t read the book there are story spoilers in the trailer!


  1. Wonderful! I’m so in and whats even better is that when I am done with my current book in a couple of days, I already have Beautiful Creatures sitting on my shelf. I’m so excited and cant wait to participate!

  2. I didn’t even know about this book until I saw the trailer at the theater (which looks pretty good) and just had a feeling that it was based on a book. So excited, will pick it up tonight.

  3. I am going to go sign up for Good Reads right now – thanks for the push. I want to join in on your local activites as well. I am hoping to start the book tonight!

  4. What! Are you inspired or something?!?!?! I literally put this on my night stand last night to start reading!

  5. Oh yay!! I just saw this trailer today and came to see if it was a book you recommended – and now it’s the first one of the club! Woot! Now I need to order my book!

  6. So excited to join! =)

  7. I’m in!!! This should be fun!! :)

  8. Just signed up! :-)

  9. Ok! I’m in the group now! :)

  10. And I’m a huge dummy – I just realized where I knew you from. My friend Amber tagged me in one of your statuses on Facebook! *light bulb* :)

  11. So excited to have all of you! I’ve been having a blast reading all the introduction posts in the group :)

  12. Oh I just bought this book today too!!! Headed to goodreads now to sign up!

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