Favorite Spots for Fabric Shopping in LA

Must see fabric shops in LA - rae gun ramblings

As I’ve already mentioned (here and here) I had the extreme pleasure of traveling to California for a wonderful weekend of shopping and friendship. During our fabric weekend a bunch (over 20) sewing bloggers got together traveled from all over and hung out and and shopped for fabric together in Los Angeles. It was seriously amazing. In the blog world it’s fun getting to know other people who live far away with similar interest and that’s all great and fine online but when you get to meet them in person and not just that, really hang out and get some good quality time together there is just something truly special about that. And even better if you can bond over shared interest like fabric hoarding, oh I mean shopping. So I’m super excited to share my favorite spots for fabric shopping in La!

The best fabric shops in LA - rae gun ramblings

Michael levine logo

Michael Levine, Inc.
“Everything In Fabrics & Notions”
920 Maple Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Phone: 213-622-6259

One of my all time favorite stops was Michael Levine. This place is like a mecca for fabric lovers. They have all sorts of fabrics from quilting cottons to leather. You name it they’ve got it and the place is HUGE. They have so many amazing fabrics it was fun just to walk up and down the isles. After a wonderful lunch hosted by the store we got to tour the warehouses and saw rolls and rolls of fabric that is waiting to be cataloged and posted to their website (yes lucky for those of us who live far away they have an online fabric shop). See that cute man with the box? That’s Larry. He pulled this Valentino box out and we were all a bit confused then he told us to “touch it” and we all TOTALLY got it haha it was awesome! Apparently when they sell Valentino fabric they wrap it and ship it in these fancy (and pet-able) boxes. The store is giant and I had so much fun going through all the fabric and the people who run it are some of nicest individuals ever. I purchased my first Echino, drooled over the Liberty of London, and picked  up a bunch of other great pieces.

My favorite fabric shops in LA - rae gun ramblings

the Loft
Fabric sold by the pound!
Located on the 2nd floor above the Home Decor Store
917 Maple Ave.
Los Angeles, CA.  90015

Across the street they have another shop that has barrels and barrels of fabric sold by the pound. It was so fun digging through and finding hidden treasures. I was able to find all kinds of awesome knits that I am so excited to put to good use. Seriously there was something so enjoyable about going through all the tubs of fabric. See the goodies I got?

Must see fabric shops in LA - rae gun ramblings

After a good chunk at Michael Levine we hit the streets. If you’ve never been to the fabric district downtown there are rows and rows of stores selling fabric and notions and really any sewing supply you could dream of. And everything is priced really well. Pretty much go to Michael Levine check their stuff out and then walk in any direction and you’re bound to find even more fabric goodness. One of my favorite images of the whole weekend was when our van got back to the hotel and we spread our bags of fabric out. It was an awesome fabric pile and this was just ONE of the cars full of the girls that went with us.

Secret fabric shops in LA - rae gun ramblings

Since Mood (yes that Mood) has a shop in LA we made a stop there. Everything was a bit pricier than I’m used to spending but the the selection was terrific. There was a wall full of printed knits that I helped myself to and I may have snagged a bit of silk that is the prettiest fabric ever. No I’ve never sewn with silk before, yes I’m totally nervous of screwing it up, but I’m also really excited.

mood fabrics and other fabric gems in La - rae gun ramblings

Isn’t our group so cute! Thanks to Jess for the picture.

Justine (Sew Country Chick) – Jen (icandy) – Stef (Girl Inspired) – Mie (Sewing Like Mad) – Miriam (Mad Mim) – Melissa (I Still Love You) – Andrea (Train to Crazy) – Me – Sabra (Sew a Straight Line) – Bev (Flamingo Toes)

Jessica (Sewing Rabbit this cute photo is hers!) – Melissa (Melly Sews) – Caila (Caila Made) – Cherie (You and Mie) – Abby (Sew Much Ado)

Leanne (Elle Apparel)- Merrick (Merrick’s Art) – Marigold (Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky!) – Christina not pictured (2 Little Hooligans)

fabric shopping in la - rae gun ramblings

Here are some shots of us shopping around. It really was a sewing girls heaven. I just loved walking up and down the rows of fabric shops but some notable places we popped into included Golden Cutting and Sewing Supply, which had a great selection of notions and sewing tidbits. For example, giant spools of elastic tread, zippers galore, and I got a bendy ruler for pattern drafting. A few of us also went to SAS Fabrics in Hawthore and found some gems there as well. I scored some really cool white and gold spandex that I’m have so many ideas for. Tell me your mind is spinning right now.

 Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft,     # 1798
2115 W Commonwealth Ave
Alhambra, CA 91803-1403

(This is the closest location to the fabric district but check out their website for a location near you!)

And of course even with all these fun hidden gems of shops it’s nice to know that there is always a Joann Fabric close by. Joann is my go to fabric shop I seriously have to restrict myself to only going a few times a week. But I can always trust Joann to have the staples that I use every day and even some fun and interesting fabrics as well.

To say I had fun would be a vast understatement. I didn’t even share the fun of visiting FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) seeing their amazing student projects, the project trends for upcoming seasons and their droolable textiles room which had fabrics made out of all kinds of crazy materials. And I didn’t get to mention all the delicious meals we had (although check out pictures from our Girls Night Out here). Or the fun book talk we had over drinks and dessert (and for me calamari because as you know I’m a fried food fiend) one night. I’ll have to put pictures up on Instagram because I just can’t fit all the wonderfulness here. Thank you so much to Andrea, Bev, and Justine for putting in so much hard work to give us such a fabulous time that I will cherish forever!

And not only did we get a great experience (and many many pounds of fabric to play with) but we have a fun giveaway jam packed full of awesome sewing supplies. To enter click here.

 Let’s connect! You can also find me hanging out here.



  1. Wish I had a sewing machine!

  2. I went there last fall and bought so much my suitcase was busting. It was just incredible how cheap stuff was. i would add the Fashion School store. I got some amazing stuff for $1/ yard. I even got and amazing silk for $5 (it it was even 50 inches wide).

  3. I love LOVE that picture of you with those huge bolts of fabric!! Marissa, you are amazing! I loved hanging out with you and getting to know you. I would love to do it again.

  4. I am jealous!! I love me some fabric shopping!

  5. I’m not a big sewer–I only make the most simple of things. But I am a big bargain hunter and love finding wonderful buys on craft supplies. (Had fun at a fabric shop in Honolulu in January: http://biblelovenotes.blogspot.com/2011/03/hawaiian-fabric.html.

    This looks so fun. Wish I were closer because I would love to shop there. Never heard of fabric sold by the pound although I have seen old clothes sold by the pound in a thrift shop overseas in Hungary.

    Looks like a fun time all the way around. Thanks for sharing. If I am ever in LA, I will put this on my to do list.

  6. Jessica says:

    Keep taking those breaks and allowing others to help you! I’m so happy for you to have support. I agree, babies are hard ;)

  7. how I would love to be there! I wish fabric shops in my area would be like these :-/
    thanks for sharing your experience :-)

    I have shared this in my facebook page :-)

  8. Catherine says:

    I love love love Michael Levine, both their regular fabric store and their home dec/upholstery store across the street, but I am literally scared to go up to the Loft. I just don’t want to end up homeless because I spent the rent on fabric. I haven’t been to Mood yet. It’s on my list.


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