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If you’re new Bev from Flamingo Toes and I have challenged each other to make stuff for ourselves and we post our creations the last Thursday of the month (but since it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow we’re bumping it up this month). Join in on the fun by sharing what you’re sewing for yourself or what you’re wearing that you’ve made for yourself by using the hashtag #sewourstash and we might feature you! You can follow us over at @raegunramblings and @flamingotoes . Here are some of our favorite hashtag posts from last month!

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Okay so today I bring to you a total fail. See this dress. While I was making it I couldn’t decide if it was okay or if I hated it. I used my upcycled shirt dress tutorial but didn’t have enough fabric to make the skirt longer and I haven’t really mastered the whole sewing for a belly yet. In fact I only basted the skirt to the sweater.

 They can't all be winners, sewing fail - Rae GUn Ramblings

So after I had my sister take some pictures I asked what she thought, she didn’t like it. And her boyfriend who hemmed and hawed until we assured him I wanted his real opinion and he admitted his dislike. So even though the top picture is OK these ones above were the next best that I got with all the rest being just awful. So it’s one of those pieces that mostly looks horrendous on but from the absolute perfect angle is tolerable. Oh well. It didn’t take too long.

Maternity Shirt from Casual Lady Pattern - Rae Gun Ramblings

I also made another Materity-ized Casual Lady. I love that that pattern. I need to make more. I keep walking into stores looking at their boring maternity shirts for 30$ that are so plain and leave with nothing. I think I’m going to just cut a bunch of these out this weekend and stop my winning about clothes.

Mockingjay Cowl - Rae Gun Ramblings

Finally I couldn’t control my inner creative book geek and had to make myself a mockingjay cowl. I used my tutorial for making a mockingjay iron on from my mockingjay tank and then this 10 minute cowl tutorial so easy and cozy.

So since I’m flaunting my ginormous belly in all these pictures and I haven’t done a prego update in ages I figured I’d add a few fun facts. I might have been freaking out a tiny bit while editing pictures for today’s Sew Our Stash post. I mean I feel HUGE but everyone is all like oh you just feel that way, but nope I LOOK huge too and it’s only going to get bigger hahaha. Oh well it’s all a part of it right?

  • I’m 26 and a half weeks
  • I just realized that we are getting close especially with the holidays it’s going to go fast!
  • We’re not ready AT ALL. We have nothing. No really what do we need to get?
  • I have my glucose test next appointment which I hope I pass because I still can’t drink water without throwing up and I don’t want to be told to drink stuff with aspertane in it.
  • We have a couple names that we don’t hate. I think we’ve given up on any hope that we’re going to love a name. We won’t be sharing the name until he’s born. It’s way too hard for us to agree on a name and people have no self control in telling you they hate the name or that they know some awful evil person with the name so we will not be risking getting back to no names.
  • I think my mom and MIL have been secretly buying baby stuff.
  • I have bought baby socks and one onesie. I thought I hated the selection of boy clothes but Daniel makes it even worse. He’s declared a hate for anything with words on it, skulls, and bow ties. So I guess this baby is doomed to wearing stripes stripes and more stripes.
  • We call the baby Toasty. Short for Toaster Strudel because he makes the bed so stinking hot!
  • Toasty likes to have dance parties at about 1 am. And he dances like a wild beast. Luckily I’m not usually in bed until later any ways.

Well don’t forget to go see what Bev has been sewing this month! And hopefully the holidays won’t be too crazy and I’ll see some of you sharing your #sewourstash pictures on Instagram :)

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  1. Thank you for the feature. I was coming over to read your pillow blog post and got reading the pregnancy one, only to see my picture. Really made for a fun suprise.
    I love your Maternity-zed Casual Lady. So smart! Hint on the Gulcose test refrigerate it. Then it will not seem so weird. Then tell yourself that it has to stay down no matter what because that one bad hour is worse than the 4 hour test later.

  2. Thank you for the feature. I was coming over to read your pillow blog post and got reading the pregnancy one, only to see my picture. Really made for a fun suprise.
    I love your Maternity-zed Casual Lady. So smart! Hint on the Gulcose test refrigerate it. Then it will not seem so weird. Then tell yourself that it has to stay down no matter what because that one bad hour is better than the 4 hour test later.

  3. Check out H&M for cute boys clothes. It is the only place I have found that I really like the boys clothes and doesn’t break the bank. It is about all my two year old has worn since he was born.

  4. I love the scarf- I also think the colors and fabrics on your dress are great. I think it looks beautiful on you, but I will trust you if you say it’s horrible at any other angle. Smart decision on not revealing the name. People are tacky. I will tell you, when I was pregnant with a “boy” (who turned out to be a girl) I was looking in the bible for an old name that isn’t common and had an edgy feel…my mom started looking in the phone book because she said my names were horrible. So she found the name Hightower, and it bothered me so much that everyone called “him” Hightower for the rest of the pregnancy! It’s bad when they dissed my unborn child’s name, and worse when they all rename him something I hated! Thank God she was a girl, because if they nicknamed my son I would divorce my whole family and move away. Lol!
    Do you have a tut or pattern for the little scarf?

  5. LOVE!!! Your belly is adorable :) All the new clothes look fab on you. You’re so talented!

  6. I think the dress is cute on you! I love the casual lady top and your scarf too! I’ll be thinking about you as your test comes up – I hope it goes really smooth!

  7. You are looking great! I really love your Casual Lady top – I lived in tops like that when I was pregnant (both my pregnancies were mainly over summer). Don’t stress too much about baby clothes – you will get LOADS as gifts once baby arrives. Perhaps just pick up a few nice suits and hats that you can dress him in for hospital and coming home. In terms of shopping, I recommend you try and get your big items sorted out – cot, pram, car seat. When nappies are on sale, get a stack to get you started – nothing worse than running out at 3am in those early weeks. Apart from that, all the small stuff can wait :)

  8. That top looks great on you. You defiantly need more. And as far as baby names, I can’t believe you haven’t decided on something from one of your favorite books. Like Griffith, instead of Gryffindor. I’m sure you’ll be happy with whatever you decide.

  9. Why do you think you would be told to drink aspertane? I did the whole gestational diabetes thing and I hope you don’t have to deal with it. If you do, I recommend sparkling water with lemon or ginger.

  10. Your maternity mod Casual Lady tops are so cute! My favorite maternity shirts are similar, with a surplice neckline so I can still wear them while nursing those first few months.

    Babies don’t really need much. A carseat if they will travel by car, a place to sleep, something to eat, and diapers. All three of ours slept in a bassinet next to our bed until they were at least 6 months old, so no need for a crib right away. We’re “crunchy” and breastfeed and and babywear, so no bottles or stroller, and use cloth diapers, so no running out of diapers as long as we have power to the house, lol. But it’s also fine to get every piece of baby equipment that catches your fancy, and use formula, and stockpile disposable diapers. :) It’s also fine to want to do things one way, then change your mind in the throes of sleep deprivation. As long as your baby is fed and clean and dry, it’s all good.

  11. So, so cute!! Looking good!

  12. you are adorable. Wear what makes you feel good! Less pleats in the skirt and a little longer I think would have worked (its actually not bad). Loved the movie(hunger games) Be Happy!

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