What’s For Dinner

Buffalo blue cheese fries from Cubby's in Utah - Rae Gun Ramblings

I’m tired and I just have a little bet left of my book and I’m anxious to jump in bed and finish it (it’s SO good) so let’s just jump straight to the point tonight!

What’s For Dinner

Day Meal
Saturday Thai Steak Salad and Tofu
Sunday Mac and Cheese
Monday Kielbasa and Acorn Squash
Tuesday Indian Food with the Girls
Wednesday Curry Chicken Strips with Avocado Ranch
Thursday Eat Out
Friday  Salmon Chowder


What's For Dinner

What We Actually Ate

  • Thanksgiving Leftovers
  • Turkey Turnover
  • Cubby’s Chicago Beef – We shared the Tri Tip Steak Sandwich the Buffalo Cheese Fries and the Original Mr. Beef. Everything was good but the fries were crazy delicious! I’ve been dreaming of them since but the restaurant is 45 minutes away boo!
  • Burgers at Salt City Burger Co – sadly disappointing just not as good as I remember and greasy
  • Turkey Sweet Potato Chowder
  • OAK Wood Fire Kitchen – We had the White Pizza (super yum) and the nachos (not bad but we both thought there was something strange)
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