Pop Up Bird Pocket Tutorial

Cute Pocket tutorial! The attached bird can hide in the pocket and slide out - Rae Gun Ramblings.com

We’ve been reading a lot of pop-up books around here so I thought why not pop-up pockets? I added a little attached bird to the Bottom Up Pants I sewed for Teddy and I’m totally smitten. There’s so much I love about them. They are insanely cute, they are super fast, and they are a great project for using up scraps. And for you non-crafty girls, I’ve been thinking of adding these to my shop. Would you be interested in that?

How cute are these pants the attached bird can hide in the pocket and slide out - Rae Gun Ramblings.com

If you missed my review on the Bottoms Up pattern make sure to take a peek, they are my new go to pant pattern for my little boy. Today I’m going to show you how to make a pop up pocket.

You can do this with any pocket that is sewn on the outside of a garment. You could probably do it to inset pockets too but it would just be a little bit trickier.

Tutorial for how to sew a simple fabric bird - Rae Gun Ramblings

What You Need

  • Bird body fabric
  • Bird wing fabric
  • Yellow thread for the beak
  • Scrap of grosgrain ribbon
  • Fabric that matches the body of the pants
  • Pants to sew with Outside pockets

How to Make a Fabric Bird

  1. Cut two body pieces out and sew right sides together leaving a small gap to turn it near the top where the wing will cover.
  2. Cut two wing pieces and sew right sides together leaving a small gap to turn on the rounded edge where it will be sewn to the body of the bird.
  3. Clip to the sewing line around the curves
  4. Turn both right side out and press.
  5. Sew on a beak using your wide tight zig zag stitch. Every few stitches reduce the stitch length so it narrows into a point.
  6. Position the wing and sew on around the curve.
  7. Sew on two black beads for eyes

Easy way to make a cute pocket bird detail (the bird can hid in the pocket or slide out but is still attached) Rae Gun Ramblings

How to Make a Pop-Up Pocket

  1. Cut a small piece of ribbon about the length of the wing. Seal the edges by running it along a flame
  2. Sew the piece of ribbon under the wing at the ends.
  3. Make a long tube out of the same fabric as your pants fabric. Turn right side out and press tucking in the ends. You’ll want your strip to extend 3-4 inches out of your pocket. The width of your tube should be about 1/4 inch.
  4. Next position the pockets where they will go on your pants. Lay the tube down so that most of it will be in the pocket and 3-4 inches extend out of it.
  5. Sew the bottom edge of the tube down.
  6. Thread the bird onto the tube and sew the top edge down (unless this needs to be sewn on a part of the pant that is not finished yet).
  7. Continue putting together your pants according to your pattern.

Darling bird pants with tutorial - Rae Gun Ramblings

So cute right? It’s really an easy addition that can be used on so many things with pockets. How fun would this be on a hoodie, or apron, or skirt, or bag. Bwahahaha I might be a Pop-Up Pocket monster.

Super cute peek-a-boo bird pocket - Rae GUn Ramblings

Also you know what they say about a bird in the hand, or errr well maybe it should be the pocket! Also if you like these pants I am a huge fan of the pattern and it’s still on sale for another week so you’ll want to snatch it up while it’s 25% off! Please only use this tutorial for personal use.

How to make a cute fabric bird that hides in the pocket and can slide out (attached to the pants) Rae Gun Ramblings

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  1. Holy flippin’ cute! What a great idea! It’s a built in toy, I bet my little would love this, could be fun to try on a shirt pocket too.

  2. Too darn cute!! You are so creative!! Hey I would love for you to share your stuff on my link party on Thursday!! Here is the link http://www.cookinandcraftin.com/my-2-favorite-things-on-thursday-link-party-2/

  3. Green gingham baby pants! Love!!! I’ve got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for later this morning that links to your birdie pop up tutorial:

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