Romantic Restaurants to Eat at From Salt Lake City to Provo Utah

Pasole at Black Sheep Cafe in Provo Utah

If you follow me on Instagram you know we like to eat out. We are unapologetic foodies we love discovering new places and trying new flavors. You might not expect Utah to have good food most people just don’t think of it as that kind of place, but with so many people who have traveled all over the world living here we have some great spots. Not just that but I feel like in the past few years especially we’ve had something of a foodie community bloom. People are appreciating and celebrating food! So as we head into one of the most restaurant visited days of the year, Valentine’s Days I thought I would share some of my favorite Romantic Restaurants to Eat At From Salt Lake City to Provo Utah.

Black Sheep Cafe – In the heart of Provo, Utah you will find my favorite restaurant. We drive the 40 minutes just to get a meal turnaround and head home. It’s THAT good. If the special of the evening sounds good to you go for it. Every time we’ve had the special we’ve been delighted whether it was Bison Steak to amazing shrimp. My favorite thing on the dinner menu are the Hog Jowl Tacos. They are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO yummy. Really, I can’t even tell you how crazy good they are. Just typing this is making my mouth water. I’ve had the different navajo tacos and enjoyed those as well but oh man that hog jowl just melts in your mouth. If you’re feeling soup-y the Pasole and the Green Chili are both extremely hearty (enough for a full meal) and so flavorful. Be sure to order them with the fry bread. Shoot I’m going to have to drive there tomorrow. Oh splurge and get the catus pear lemonade it’s so yummy.

Bambara great restaurant in Salt Lake City Utah - Rae Gun Ramblings

Bambara – This place had a great mood and great food. It’s right down town in Salt Lake City. The lights are dimmed but not too dark making it a great place for an intimate dinner. The house bread is SO good and it’s served with a super tasty hummus. If you’re a blue cheese lover the blue cheese potato chips are heavenly. I’ve had so many good things here everything is fresh and cooked to perfection. It’s beautiful too some times I think of Hell’s Kitchen (but you know with out the Hell) when I go here.

puro peru fantastic Peruvian food in Sandy UT - Rae Gun Ramblings

Pero Puro – Peruvian hidden in Sandy, Utah!? You bet. Now I can’t attest to the authenticity of this place because it’s the only Peruvian food I’ve had but I can say it’s darn yummy food. If you like fried seafood you have to go here. Every time we go we have to get the Royal Jalea. It’s a giant pile of fried calamari, mussels, shrimp, fish, and more. I also really like the Verdes pasta dish with steak. The pasta is flavorful and cheesey (the kids love it too) and the steak is cooked to perfection. This is a fun place to go if you wish you could go on vacation. One step in here and you’ll feel like you are in another country in a good way. If you’re lucky enough to go on a weekend night you’ll be able to hear some awesome music.

Breakfast at Rye in Salt lake City Utah (pork bellow waffles with whiskey syrup)

  Rye – Want a romantic breakfast? I have a new favorite. Rye, right next door to the famous Urban Lounge in downtow SLC BLEW ME AWAY a few weekends ago when we stopped in for lunch. We had the Waffle with Pork Belly and Whiskey Syrup.  Oh yes you read that right and it was all ah-mazing. The eggs were buttery and the home fries were so good my sister and I joked that there must be crack in them. It’s this hip trendy place with great indie music going. I can’t wait to try more of their menu!

From Scratch Apple salad, risotto cake and delicious pizza in Salt Lake City Utah

From Scratch – If you don’t think Pizza can be romantic think again. From Scratch down town takes their pizza to a level close to fine dinning without the stuffiness or price tag. These pizzas are so good. Made from the freshest ingredients and built on the yummiest crust I have EVER tasted you won’t be sorry. And as much as we do love the pizza my husband who is not a salad guy at all is obsessed with their apple salad and I have to admit it is pretty stinking good! Need some ideas, my favorites are the risotto cake appetizer, the White Out pizza (so much better than any white pizza you’ve had) and the Fennel Sausage Pizza. If you’re closer to Orem Pizzaria 712 comes in a close second for fancy pizza with great ambiance for a date night!

Best Indian food in Utah Bombay House (foothill location)

Bombay House – There are multiple Bombay Houses owned by the same people but the one you need to go to is the one on Foothill in Salt Lake. Even if you’re closer to one of the other locations trust me it is worth the drive to go to the Foothill one. I think it’s way better tasting, better atmosphere, all of it. If your idea of romance is some solid Indian food with dimmed lights and great service go here. This place has been a favorite for a very long time. My first memory of eating East Indian food is going to the Indian section of town in Thailand this tastes just like that. So amazingly flavorful and delicious. If you like friend foods I highly recommend that sampler plate appetizer. My favorite dish is a tie between the Shrimp Coconut Kurma and the Malai Kofta (veggie balls). They both have super yummy creamy sauces full of flavor. A close third would be the Chicken Makhani, okay and the Saag Paneer, okay maybe just order whatever sounds good to you on the menu because I’m sure it’ll be good. Everything I’ve had there has been good including the super interesting unique Bombay Lime, limeaide with spices drink.

Raspberry Chocolate Cake sold by the slice at Salt Lake Roasting Co

  Salt Lake Roasting Company – And last but not least if you’re are just looking for dessert, hands down my favorite dessert in all of the world is the Chocolate Raspberry cake at Salt Lake Roasting Company. This is a cute coffee shop with a great cake selection and delicious coffee and hot chocolates. I’ve enjoyed some of the drinks but in all honesty I’ve only had the one cake because it’s so good and I can’t imagine anything being better. A word of warning though if you’re tempted by the cheesecake just know that it’s somewhat savory and they act weird when you mention it as if all cheesecake is that way. It’s not the normal sweet creamy cheesecake must of us American’s think of and the two people I know who ordered it couldn’t even finish it they disliked the taste so much. But don’t even worry about that because you’re going there for the raspberry chocolate cake anyways!

Romantic Restaurants to eat at from Salt Lake City to Provo Utah

Oh man guys, I want to share more of my eating out adventures with you but goodness writing this up so late when everything is closed and Teddy is asleep is about killing me I want to go to all of these places right now! Ha. And make sure you check back in next week and I’ll have a huge list of post from friends sharing their romantic eatery recommendations in their own towns!

Romantic Restaurants to eat in your area

Well let me know if you try any of them out and if you have any favorite restaurants in Utah let me know. Also we’re thinking of doing a Las Vegas trip soon and we’d love to eat tons of  yumminess while we’re there. Do you have any favorite eateries in Vegas?

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  1. Oooo, all good suggestions. Love Bombay House (one of our first real dates) and SLRC is great for desserts. Did you see that the new aquarium is having a special valentines dinner in the shark tank room? I’m completely intrigued by it, but it looks pricey for not including drinks.

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