Insurgent Movie Did You Watch It? What the Heck?

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So did you watch Insurgent this weekend? I mean seriously whhhhhhhaaaaattttt the heck!!!!? Okay First if you have no idea what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the HUGE giant added plot point in the movie that is no where in the book. This plot point is actually the whole thing that the movie is about. If you’re a Divergent book fan like me you probably sat there going what is that box? Did I forget the box? How could I forget the box? There wasn’t a box, was there a box?

Insurgent Movie debrief.

That in addition to a good number of other crazy changes I thought we should have a place to chat/rant/debrief. But I didn’t want to put the spoilers in a post so that people don’t accidentally see it. So instead I’m putting it in the comments then we can reply to each other freely.

So, if you don’t want to accidentally read spoilers DO NOT READ THE COMMENTS. I repeat. The comments will be full of spoilers for both the Insurgent Book and Movie and possibly even the Allegiant book.

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  1. THE BOX: Why why did they do that? I read this about the box stuff and I get that’s a way to cram in content but I don’t think it was a very good way. Seriously I was so distracted by this change that I spent the whole movie going back and forth between wondering if I just read Insurgent so fast that I missed such a huge thing or if they really had changed it. Ummm yeah.

  2. FOUR’S MOM: First off she’s supposed to be “middle-aged with curly black hair, olive skin, stern/angular features, hooked nose, strong jaw, spare upper lip, stick-out ears, and dark eyes that look almost black” the actress they picked up NONE OF THOSE! My husband blurted out in the theater “what did you have him when you were 5?” and Tobias is supposed to be mixed race. She’s supposed to be someone of color which in my head I always assumed was African American or possibly Puerto Rican but not super super young white girl so so bizarre. Again really distracting.It’s a bummer that Veronica Roth seeing the gap in representation of other races purposely made Evelyn not white (I read her reasoning ages ago) and they go and do this in the movie. Shame.

  3. THE BROADCAST: What everyone know’s everything? Huh? Oh and they are ALL walking toward’s the fence? I thought tyrant part two Evelyn said no one was leaving. Again, I’m so confused. Is this a different story?

  4. URIAH: Oh there you are…but why

  5. What about the message at the end? It was such a cliffhanger in the book – who is this Edith Prior? And then that isn’t even part of the video?!?!

    • YES!!! In the book I never felt like they could easily question the authenticity of the message but in the movie I was just thinking why on earth would they all believe that?

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