Movie Night Popcorn Pudding Cups

snack pack disclosure5 Minute popcorn dessert cups perfect for movie nights or parties

The best part of about movie night are the snacks am I right? Of course popcorn is an absolute must when having a movie night but sometimes you want something a little sweet to throw in there too. So today I’m sharing how to make some quick, easy, and tasty Movie Night Popcorn Pudding Cups. #SnackPackMixins #CollectiveBias

Quick and easy popcorn inspired pudding cup treats for movie night

These are so cute that it makes me tempted to have a whole movie themed party. It could have fake tickets a little concessions stand oh yes that would be SO cute!

Easy pudding popcorn inspired movie night treat

What You Need

  • Pudding Snack Packs (I used chocolate)
  • Crunch n’ Munch Popcorn
  • Red and White Striped Fabric (or scrapbook paper)
  • Tape
  • Black Ribbon

How to make Movie Night treat cups in less than 5 minutes.

What to Do

  • Cut the fabric/paper to 2X8 inches and the ribbon to 11 inches long.
  • While the pudding cup is still sealed wrap the fabric/paper around the pudding cup. Take the back in place.
  • Tie a the ribbon into a bow around the pudding cup.
  • Remove the easy to open lid off of the yummy pudding and top with a pile of Crunch n’ Munch Popcorn (I used the Toffee flavor).

fast and adorable popcorn pudding treat cups. The perfect dessert for movie night.

So quick and easy. I love how the little snack pack cups look like little popcorn containers! Now all you have to do is pop up some Orville popcorn and find a great movie to watch.

snack pack pudding in store picture

I found all the supplies, pudding, popcorn, and even the fabric and ribbon at Walmart. All I had to do was grab a redbox movie on the way out and I was good to go for a quick, cute, and delicious movie night!

Love this idea. Cute and easy popcorn dessert idea great for movie night.

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  1. Those are so stinking adorable!!! Love it :)

  2. I LOVE this!!! Those cups are too cute and my 5 year old wants to do this tomorrow :-) thanks!!

  3. These are SO super cute!! I love that they’re completely adorable but also SO easy!! #client

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