Top 10 Books to Take to the Pool

Great list of books to take to the pool Perfect for Summer reading.

So last week I shared my ah-mazing Pool Bag tutorial (used the bag today and I seriously loooooove it). So today I thought I’d share something related to the most important thing that goes into that bag…your reading material. Okay sunscreen, water and snacks rank up there too but there’s just something about the pool and a good book am I right?

I will refrain from adding any duplicates from last Summer’s 7 Books to Read this Summer list, although it’s kinda killing me to keep some off but if you guys promise to go over and peruse that list too I’ll have to live with that ;) So here without any more delay are 10 great books to take to the pool with you.

To read more about each just click on the title or book cover and you can check out the synopses.

aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe book reviewAristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe – Two boys who meet at the pool (that’s right the pool) which an amazing friendship. Cute and honest coming of age book with lots of Summer-y moments and good stuff to think about.

across a star swept-sea by diana peterfreud great ya bookAcross a Star-Swept Sea – Umm a Sea is pretty much like a very big pool. But there’s water action in this book. And technically it’s a series or a companion book or what have you but you can totally read it without or before For the Darkness Shows the Stars. But FTDSTS is so good I just say read ’em both. But really Across a Sea Swept Sky SO good, lots fun socialite party action as well as rebel political kick butt girls changing the world. LOOVED this one.

Defy by Sarah B. Larson book reviewDefy – No overt pool or water that I remember in this one but it’s good. It’s a fun action read. Full of palace life, a girl guard, magic, and fantasy it’s one of my new favorite series. So good and when you’re done and wishing it wasn’t over you’ll be so happy to read Ignite :)

the jewel by amy ewing book reviewThe Jewel – In the mood for a good solid dystopian tale? Don’t worry it’s got everything you like about dystopian but with it’s own spin that makes it new and fresh and fun. Here’s a themes to spark your interest, surrogates, cute boys, a fashionable mentor, a secret rebellion.

the jewel by amy ewing book reviewMeant to Be – To me the pool is an escape and what’s even better than a pool escape? A real escape, like to another country. This is a super cute school trip to England book complete with romance and travel juice.

this is what happy looks like book reviewThis is What Happy Looks Like – It takes place in a beach town which is totally pool-ish but better! Plus the boy is so cute and lovable. The story is fun and easy to read. This is to me the epitome of a perfect Summer book. Trust me you want to read this.

atlantia book reviewAtlantia – It’s a whole land under the sea. Lots of water = very poolish if I do say so. This is a fun easy read and it’s not a part of a series for those of you wimps who are afraid of being sucked into another series and can’t just wait for the next books to come out ;). But really I enjoyed this a lot. Self identity and development, all kinds of relationships, and cute boys. A good pool book should have cute boys.

heist society book reviewHeist Society – Want some pure reading candy? I present to you Heist Society. It’s adorable. A boarding school for spy girls in training. Some of which who’s parents just think it’s a high end prep school. They are fun, easy fluff but through out the series I found myself more and more attached to the characters. And yes I’m quite a fan of the boy in this one too ;)

burn for burn book reviewBurn For Burn – Another beach town book but there’s more going on here than simple relationships. You get the story of three girls who are all out for revenge. It reads like an easy contemporary novel (i.e. chick lit in a good way) but with something below the surface making it super good. I read this book on vacation in just a few days and it was a fun read.

transparent by natalie whipple book reviewTransparent – I think Fiona and her crew are great for any time but there’s something nice and light about this book and it’s sequel that I think is perfect for the pool. Also this friends group is so awesome you’ll be happy to escape to their world where everyone has powers and it’s just as normal as wearing flip flops.

What do you think good ones? I would love to hear what some of your favorite poolside reads are too share them in the comments!

Top 10 Books to Take to the Pool. Great Summer reading list.

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  1. I have never heard of any of these, but some of them sound really good. I recently finished Girl on the Train which I loved. Found you on the SITS link up.

  2. Thanks for the great list of books!

    By the way, I would love to have you post on my new blog hop—the Weekend Blog Hop at My Flagstaff Home ( It begins on Thursday evenings and lasts through the weekend, if you’re interested.


  3. I love book lists! I am currently reading Girl Boss, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and Launch. Mine are all centered around starting my own business. Yay for book lovers!

  4. Interesting selection, I’v not read any of these so I’ll look out for them.
    I get my reading material ready before anything else when planning for our holiday. Kind of feels like the most important thing!

  5. What a great selection! Thank you so much for sharing on our Living with Style Linky Party. Please come back next Wednesday!

    Lisa @

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