Easy Super Hero Snack Tutorial and FREE Printable

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Cute and easy Super Hero snack. Fun activity for school lunches with free printable

Do you have Super Hero lovers in your family? We sure do! I have a really quick and #MARVELSnackBar idea that can be done as a fun surprise for the children or even as a little craft activity for them to join in on. #CollectiveBias

Fast fun idea for snack or cute kid school lunches. Downloadable super hero mask template to color on.

I had Teddy decorate the little masks for his cousins (the girls are so cute with him and love his silly baby drawings). But it would also be fun to have older children color the masks and then keep them stashed and every time they get a granola bar in their lunch it would be a fun surprise to see which mask and cape they got.

Fun and easy super hero snack and kid activity. Great for school lunch and parties

And of course they could always decorate and snack in the same sitting. Really there are so many possibilities for fun with these. The MARVEL wrappers are so fun too niece T immediately claimed the Black Widow one, L wanted Hulk but there are also Captain America, Spider Man, Iron Man, and Thor. Now only are the wrappers fun but there are also 4 collector cards to be on the look out for too.

Marvel Chewy Granola Bars at TargetWhat You Need

  • Granola Bars
  • Scraps of Fabric
  • Clear Mailing Labels and Printer
  • Color Pencils or Markers

Easiest adorable super hero granola bars. fun kid activity with free printable

What to Do

  1. Print your super hero masks onto your transparent labels  or if you just want to do a few you can always hand draw them. Download the Mask Printable template file here.
  2. Decorate the masks or have the kiddos decorate the masks.
  3. Make the Capes. Start by cutting your fabric scrap into 10×5 inch pieces. Then lay your granola bar on top and cut out triangles to make the tie.
  4. Place your colored mask sticker on the BACK (plain side) of your granola bar and tie your cape around the treat.

Fun easy super hero snack idea. great for school lunch and parties. free printable included

So quick and easy right!? Just in case your curious (I found the MARVEL Chewy Granola Bars at Target there is a 25% off discount on Cartwheel right now). These  Super Heron ones are also 40% bigger than before which I could totally tell right when I opened them! I hope you like this fun little project. Which Super Hero do you most hope for on your super hero snack?

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  1. How cute are these?!?!?!!? Seriously though! I could definitely see making these for fun with my kids and they would LOVE THEM! What a fabulous idea to show off these MARVEL-ous granola bars! :) #client

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