Sew Our Stash: In Disguise

Naked and Afraid homemade costume based on the TV show

This month’s theme for Sew Our Stash was In Disguise. I’m super excited about my creation. While MY OWN costume is done I didn’t QUITE finish the boys’ costumes that go along with mine so I’ll have to do a full family costume post but you’ll get a peek at the whole group any ways.

Family costume naked and afraid contestants and crocodile predator

Do you know what we’re dressed up as? No not Adam and Eve, but close. Have you heard of the ridiculous show on the Discovery Channel called Naked and Afraid? The concept sounds so dumb (two strangers stranded in really rough survival conditions…naked) but once you start watching you get drawn in. No really it just happens. I told my husband it sounded so so stupid but it was on one day and somehow I got sucked in. So Daniel and I are the “survivalists” as they call them. And Teddy is the predator, in this case the crocodile.

such a funny costume. How to make a Naked and Afraid costume

They blur out the privates which for girls means boobs and crotch area. So to do that I sewed some tulle on my Hey June pattern Lane Raglan (that pattern is one of my favs!). For the leggins I used the base from the Hey June Sloan Leggings but just used an elastic waist instead of the fancy waistband in the pattern.

DIY Naked and Afraid TV show inspired costume

The “microphone” is just a bead on thread, I need to run to the craft store to get proper cording before Halloween. And the bag is just a slopped together tote out of burlap. Both of those items are given to every survivalist on the show.

Naked and Afraid TV show DIY costume

Isn’t he the cutest crocodile ever. Er umm tail-less croc? Yeah I totally forgot to make his tail eep so that will happen tomorrow.

Costumes are my very favorite thing to sew! Even after sewing hundreds every September and October once I get all my shop orders out I’m excited to sew our family costumes. The costumes for the nieces turned out SUPER great. I can’t wait to share them. Make sure you check in on my instagram for a peek since I’ll have them up there first :)

Sew Our Stash Schedule Square-01

And before we say goodbye remember that next month’s theme is COZY. I have pinned a ton of speedy scarf and cowl patterns that I’m hoping to whip up. And maybe I’ll even finish up that coat that I cut out ahem 8 years ago (that is if it fits).

Make sure you go see the awesomeness that Bev made this month too!

Easy DIY Naked and Afraid costume

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  1. Oh my gosh this is hilarious!! I had no idea there was a show like that lol! Your costumes are perfect though and Teddy is just the cutest crocodile ever!

  2. This cracks me up – I love it!

  3. Oh my gosh, how funny!!

  4. That costume is just hilarious! I have seen that show, why didn’t I think of that as a costume last Halloween? Great imagination there. :)

    I love sewing for my kid too, she loves costumes as well so I try to make her as much as I could. Also that’s a cute none-tail croc haha! Don’t worry for forgetting

    • yay finally someone who get’s it!! Thanks for sharing our silly joke! I have to blog the finished croc the tail turned out really cute and he loves wearing it and chasing us around!

  5. haha, love it! Your costume is perfect and love the little crocodile too :)
    I’ve been making cute costumes for my grandson for the past year and it is so fun. I think he’d love to be a crocodile too. Thanks for sharing!

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