DIY Slouchy Sweatshirt Hack + Sew Our Stash


I am still giddy at how easy it was to tweak one of my favorite patterns to make a slouchy sweatshirt.

DIY slouchy sweatshirt great tutorial

Ever since I got my Owlcrate sweatshirt I’ve been obsessed with making more girly sweatshirts. I have never been a sweatshirt girl but this one has such a feminine cut with it’s wide neckline and fitted bodice. Luckily I’ve been hording this great floral sweatshirt fabric so it was pretty much meant to be.
quick and easy DIY slouchy sweatshirt sewing pattern hack

Since it is the last Thursday of the month that makes it Sew Our Stash day. I’m so excited we’re doing this again. Since I now have TWO new sweatshirts that I love.

Love this how to take a regular raglan and turn it into a slouchy sweatshirt

I made both using the Lane Raglan pattern by Hey June Handmade. Even though my sweatshirt knits had almost zero stretch I cut the same size as I’ve made before (a large) and it worked beautifully.

Basic raglan pattern hacked into a slouchy sweatshirt

I did make a couple tweaks to the pattern to get the more relaxed look. I really love that it scoops down in the back the same as the front. I adore the black one it’s perfect. The floral one I like a lot but the print makes the fabric more stiff and it’s heavier and just a little too warm. Both sweatshirt fabrics I found at Girl Charlee the stripes have been in my stash from a trip to LA Fabric district ages ago.

Super easy sewing hack. Make a DIY slouchy sweatshirt

  1. Instead of the front and back bodice pieces of the Lane Shirt Pattern I cut two fronts. This helps to get the wider slouchy look.
  2. On the pattern the sleeve goes up to accommodate the back bodice pattern piece but you want it to fit with two fronts so cut  your sleeve pieces by folding your sleeve pattern in half and only use the “front half” on the fold.
  3. Add two inches to the waist band. I have wider hips and I new with the lack of stretch in my fabrics that I would need a little more room for it to look right. I didn’t change the bodice pieces and they stretched fine to fit the bigger band. I made sure to put the bodice piece down when I serged the two together.
  4. I did not add any length to the neck band. Okay I did at first I added 2 inches to the pattern (totally the length to 4 inches) and that was TOO MUCH. It didn’t lay right at all. So I cut it back down to size and it worked great. BUT next time I am going to try adding 1/2 inch to the pattern since I think I’d like even a wider neckline.

Great sewing tutorial for turning a regular shirt pattern into a slouchy sweatshirt

Also have I mentioned how awkward it is to take pictures of yourself? Especially when your camera battery is low and the the self timer takes FOREVER to take the 10 pictures it’s supposed too? Umm yeah well it’s awkward.

DIY slouchy sweatshirt quick and easy diy sewing hack

Don’t forget to hop over and check out what Bev made this month and keep tagging your sewing with #sewourstash we LOVE seeing what you’ve been up to.

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  1. ‘Super cute! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. These sweatshirts look great! I love how you used the front piece for the back too, it’s really pretty that way!

  3. They are soooo cute Marissa!! I love them both and they look so comfy!

  4. I love the floral and stripe (the other one is nice too!)
    I get my 16 year old son to take photos for me – he loves it (not) but it doesn’t make it any less awkward!

  5. These both look so cute on you! I looooove the floral fabric! Thanks for linking up with The DIY Collective Link Party this week! I hope you come back and link up again next thursday! xo! Cassie

  6. So cute! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. I am curious about whether or not the floral softened up with laundering ? or had you prewashed it and it remained stiff ?

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