Awesome Must Sew Patterns for Women and Sew Our Stash

I’ve been on a sewing spree so I thought I’d gather up some awesome women’s sewing patterns and inspiration as a sort of to-do list.

I want to sew all of them. So many great sewing patterns for women. Great DIY fashion

It is indeed Sew Our Stash day. And I DID make myself something (wahooo) my Vintage Kitchen Kitty dress that I already showed off. But between Easter, which I did quite a bit of other sewing (for the kids), spring break, and company, that I didn’t have time to make a second item. But if you haven’t seen my dress yet I love it and I also share an easy tutorial for how to make the back stretchy even when using non-stretchy fabrics!

Love this idea to add an elastic back panel to DIY sewing dresses so they always fit no matter your weight changes! Great tutorial with lots of steps and pictures

Something about Spring fires up my sewing bug. Maybe that we aren’t constantly bundled under layers and coats, but regardless of the reason here are some fabulous sewing projects for women I hope to be adding to my stack and eventually my closet!

Must sew them all. Great DIY women's clothing sewing patterns.

Must Sew Women’s Patterns

Did you sew something for yourself this month? I’d love to see it remember to tag your pictures #sewourstash and follow me on Instagram at @raegunramblings to see my behind the scenes SOSing all month. And don’t forget to see what Bev from Flamingos Toes made this month!

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