SOS and Sewing Box Tour

It’s Sew Our Stash day and I made two (wahoo) creations. Not only that but I’m wearing them at the same time (I still am undecided if they go together) in a video sewing box tour. It’s my new favorite thing.

Cute and fast DIY dolman shirt. Sewing project for Sew Our Stash

So first the creations. was actually something I made while I was at the SNAP! conference a few weeks ago. My friends from Pattern Anthology were teaching a hands on class and we all got to make dolman tops with fabric from Girl Charlee! Good deal right?! You can make your own with this pattern.

Speedy DIY sewing knit pencil skirtNow for the skirt. This is another of those 10 minute elastic waist band knit pencil skirts the the Ikat one I did last year. SO easy and so fast. I used some fabric from a cute local store Harmony and I am so happy with how it turned out I’m pretty sure weather willing I’ll be wearing it tomorrow.

two easy sewing projects. DIY dolman top and fast knit pencil skirt.

And I didn’t intend for these to “go together” but I had them laid out next to each other to remind myself to take pictures and I realized the colors are exactly the same. But tell me the truth what do you think? You can see the combo more in action in the video.

Since Teddy has been around my sewing time has been super limited because he currently sleeps in a room right by my work room. Moving him isn’t really an option until he is older and my machines are just too loud for while he is sleeping. So I’ve been wanting a Sewing Box by the Original Scrap Box people SUPER badly. I will do a whole big formal review (with a better video) and all but I thought it would be fun to show off my new sewing toy that I totally adore and that has enabled me to sew more again.

So cool everything you need to sew closed up in a cabinet. Awesome organization for DIY crafty people with small spaces.

I know I say it every month but it’s because it’s true. I love doing this Sew Our Stash challenge because I am “forced” to make something for myself. And you know what the last few times I packed to go somewhere all the things I felt good in or thought I looked good in were things I made. I hope you’ll join us as we sew using the #sewourstash and tell me in the comments what you made this month or plan on making next month. And of course don’t forget to visit Flamingo Toes‘ Sew Our Stash Post too!

UPDATE: looks like they retired this sewing box but they do have a larger sewing box now

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  1. Linda G. says:

    Can you post a link to your skirt patterrn for those of use who are new to you?

  2. That sewing box looks incredible!! I WANT ONE ;o) what a great way to make another room workable for sewing without setting up another studio.

  3. I love your top and skirt! I think they look great together. And that Sewing Box!! How cool is that! It looks so cool and organized! Love it. ;)

  4. Andrea says:

    Where did you get the Sewing Box? I love it.

  5. Ok, I don’t even sew, but I might take it up just for that sweet storage unit! Love! Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday!

  6. I like the idea of the sewing box, thanks for showing it to us! Do you use the cutout section to lower your sewing machine into the surface of the desk?

    • You can for sure but I’ve never had a sewing table like that so I’m used to my machine being higher so I just have my machine on top and use the space underneath as extra storage.

  7. Elizabeth Brice says:

    Where can I buy a Sewing Box?? I love it!!!

  8. So many people have asked “where did you buy the sewing box?” Can we know? It looks great.

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