20+ Sewing Room Necessities

Great list of everything you need for a well stocked (but not over the top) sewing room. This is stuff that will actually be used - Rae Gun Ramblings

There are SO many craft tools gadgets these days it’s hard not to want everything.  But you can really have a super well stocked sewing room with just a handful of items. Today I’m sharing MY new room necessities.

  • sewing machine – You don’t need any thing super fancy. I’ve had both fancy and basic and for what I do basic totally does the job. The only reason I like the “fancier” ones is that they have more powerful motors and can handle ALL the sewing I do. This is hands down my favorite sewing machine for beginners and even those who sew a lot like me!
  • serger – I have a whole long post about how much I love my sergers and how to buy a serger you will love and actually use too. But if you’ve never used one they are kinda like a microwave, unnecessary but once you try it you’ll wonder how you lived without one. They just make things faster and easier. If you sew a lot it might be worth looking into.
  • magnetic pin holder – I don’t do pin cushions that requires too much attention I’ve got this awesome magnetic wand (you find it right on the notions wall) and I just lob the pins at it while I’m zipping along. It’s also great for grabbing pins that may have fallen onto the floor!
  • cone thread holder – Serger cone thread is so much cheaper than those tiny spools all you need to use it is an inexpensive holder. You can find one on the notions isle and that way you can save on your thread costs! I like this one.
  • iron– Sewing is the only time I iron. But some times you need to press things into place.
  • ironing board and/or pad – I have both a traditional ironing board that I use every once in a while and a big flat style one that I made that I use All.The.Time. Check out my Ironing Pad tutorial to make your own.
  • pattern weights – I stole my moms pattern weights when I went to college. One of the best decisions of my life. I’m all about pinning as little as possible and with these babies you don’t even need to pin when you’re cutting out a pattern. Guys they are life changing!
  • Ginger scissors – Ginger scissors might be expensive but wait until they go on sale or use a 50% off coupon because they are Worth.Every.Penny! But don’t forget to instill the fear of your wrath in your family so no one tries to use them on paper. My favorite are the dressmaker shears.
  • paper scissors – I’m always finding stuff that I don’t want to use my good scissors on whether it’s downloaded printed patters or something else.
  • loop turner – Oh my friends I did not know about this magical tool until I was married. But once I was introduced I fell in love. You can turn very small straps or larger ones without all the smooshing, scooching slowness of a safety pin or chopstick. Want to learn more, I wrote a whole post about why the loop turner is the best kept sewing secret.
  • embroidery scissors – I use these for everything. Snipping threads, cutting button holes, you name it. I am an adamant seam ripper hater. Really I’d rather spend more money and start a project over, well almost. But I use my embroidery scissors to carefully pull out mistakes (in fact I have a technique I’ve been planning on sharing schedule for the blog next week so make sure you check back in it’s like magic). Plus I’m a little addicted to buying these cute tiny cutters.
  • quilting ruler – I love the small clear 2X18 inch lightweight ones (often with blue or red grid lines). I use them for so many tasks from pattern drafting to just measuring out elastic. Once again another notion wall must have.
  • rotary cutter – Most everything I cut out I use a rotary cutter, they are fast and quick
  • large rotary mat – I love my giant rotary mat. I recommend getting the biggest one that can fit your space you won’t regret it!
  • large rotary cutter ruler – You know those hard plastic ones? These will help make straight line cutting a breeze. I am not a quilter but I use mine all the time.
  • fold out paper mat – Some times I like to work on the floor when I’m making adult sized things and I have a great card board folding cutting board that is fabulous. I can’t use the rotary cutter on it but it makes laying out patterns so much easier.
  • kid art paper – I know they have special pattern drafting paper but I’ve been using rolls of kids craft paper and it does the job. There’s a roll leaning on my cutting table as we speak.
  • disappearing fabric markers – These are like magic. If you need to transfer pattern markings or if you’re making multiple items and need to keep the pieces straight (like sizes for example) these are great.
  • chalk pencils – As much as I like the fabric markers they don’t show up on dark blue and black. For that purpose I love a good white chalk pencil.
  • quilting pins – Pins are one of those things that are totally personal preference but I like those long quilting pins with the big heads, easy to use and find. Unless I’m using really delicate fabric they’re my fav.
  • elastic thread – Have you ever sewn with elastic thread? It’s surprisingly easy and that’s how you can get that cool stretchy gathered (fake smocked) look. Check out my tutorial to learn how to sew with elastic thread if you don’t know how!
  • fabric – And last but not least fabric. You gotta have it!

Complete list of must have sewing stuff. This stuff will get used all the time - Rae Gun Ramblings

Did I miss anything? If I did let me know in the comments I’m sure my baby brain is leaving something important out but as I’m scanning my studio that’s all I’m seeing! I’ve mentioned the Facebook page The Daily Sew before but in case you need a refresher it’s a wonderful site where TONS of great bloggers contribute to bring the best sewing tips, tutorials, and sewing bonding. I have found some of my favorite tutorials, hilarious sewing jokes, as well as in genius time saving tips there.

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  1. Amber Arnold says:

    Fabric and probably some more notions/tools!

  2. I would love to get fabric to make a duvet cover and shams.

  3. I would buy fabric of course! I also need the loop turner you wrote about, I have never had one of those!

  4. Quilting Tangent says:

    Fabric and see if there are any gadgets I could use.

  5. My silhouette!!!! Love it:)

  6. Great tips and great giveaway! Thanks!
    Ps. I’ve been on the fence about a serger for awhile… Might just bite the bullet.

  7. Nancy Price says:

    I would use for fabrics!

  8. I would buy a large rotary mat. I’ve wished I’d had one many times.

  9. Fabric, and probably a few quilting rulers to go with it. And elastic, and thread, and a bias tape maker (hey $100 is a lot of $$!). Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. I would look and look and wander and wander. Then probably get material and storage containers.

  11. I would love to have $100 to spend on lots of fabric!

  12. Elizabeth Penkert says:

    New pins, lots of fabric, needles, pinking shears, new rotary cutter and mat….I have a new sewing room, so…..oh yeah!!!! :)

  13. I would buy elastic thread! Brilliant idea! Plus lots of other fun stuff :)

  14. jessica hoover says:

    I’d buy some fall fabrics to make my little girl who will only wear comfy dresses,some dresses to wear into the cooler months. I must get one of those turner tools and I suspect a certain 3 yr old has been using mama’s sewing scissors:(

  15. Awesome giveaway!!

  16. Bias Tape Makers, Fusible Batting and Fabric….I would like to try fabric weaving.

  17. Leanne Becker says:

    I’d spend it on more fabric, for sure!
    I agree with your must have items. I have all of them!

  18. Jenniffer says:

    Fabric, specifally curtain and upholstry fabric.

  19. I would love to stock up on fabric.

  20. What wouldn’t I buy? I go there weekly. I would probably buy fabric and new scissors.

  21. One of the gadgets I love to mark my fabric is the rolling chalk pens found in the quilting area of Joann’s. I have a white one and a blue one– they are indispensable!

  22. I would buy fabric and thread :)

  23. FABRIC, FABRIC, and MORE FABRIC!! Oh, and maybe some buttons :)….

  24. There are so many things I would want to buy, I would have to think a while before I made a decision! It would either go towards a serger, more fabric, or to stock up on all the little goodies I wish I had in my sewing room :)

  25. I need to get some new rotary cutter blades–I go through a lot of them!

  26. I would by a cone thread holder and magnetic pin holder….. and anything else that caught my fancy!

  27. OOH! I’d buy a new cutting mat (maybe a rotating one?), and more fabric of course! As far as one thing I can’t live without, definitely my wonder clips!

  28. If I won I would spend the gift card on fabric and thread.

  29. Thanks a bunch for sharing this with all of us you actually recognize what you are speaking about!
    Bookmarked. Please also talk over with my web site =).

    We could have a link change agreement between us

  30. I think I would spend it on a Simplicity bias tape maker.

  31. I would use it for fabric, and a rotary cutter!

  32. Dana Rivera says:

    Thank you for the opportunity! I love finding new sewing communities :)

  33. for I go to the store to surtirme of fabrics and sewing materials

  34. I would spend it on fabric, and I tool I love is my Ottlite.

  35. Jenniffer says:

    purse hardware.
    Always need different things

  36. I would buy fabric! But there are also some other things I could use (thread, interfacing, batting, patterns…), so I would have to spend wisely! :)

  37. Would spend it on fabric to make a quilt for our bed as well as batting and maybe some rulers.

  38. I would get some elastics, thread, batting and I’d love to have a bias maker. I don’t know if I dare get more fabric! Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. Fabric and notions!

  40. I would buy the 18 mm rotary cutter, a loop turner and some large cones of thread and who knows what else!

  41. I would buy lots of fabric! Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. What an awesome giveaway – I love shopping at JoAnn!!

  43. Michele T says:

    With a prize like that I would get some fabric, a good pair of scissors, and that loop turner!! Thanks for the chance!!! This would be such fun to win and shop!!!

  44. I’d put it toward my daughters new big girl quilt!

  45. I would start by buying thread cones for my new serger I just got.

  46. I honestly would probably buy a bunch of fabric, but also invest in some fun sewing tools for myself! Shoot, maybe I’d even put it toward a new machine!

  47. I would buy fabric and sewing supplies.

  48. Fabric to make a quilt for my friend who’s son just finished boot camp!

  49. I would spend my gift card on fabric! My one must-have sewing tool is my seam ripper, altho I love my mini scissors that are extra sharp and come in so handy. Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. I’d buy some fabric for Christmas gifts! Looking to make some bean bag chairs and stuffed animals for my kids and niece and nephew.

  51. Fabric, or use it on a second sewing machine for classes!

  52. Margaret C. says:

    I need to buy batting for a bed roll for my grand daughter. I would like some grommets and a newer rotary cutter. Thx

  53. I would buy fabric and sewing books and patterns!!

  54. Mary Craig says:

    Please enter my name in the give away!

  55. Ellen Christner says:

    I would probably increase my fabric stash!

  56. I would buy fabric!

  57. LOVE my Quick Turn Tool! Revolutionized doll and stuffed animal sewing for me! :)

  58. Awesome post & giveaway!

  59. I would buy tons of yarn for me and beads for my 12 year old daughter

  60. Sheri Andes says:

    I would probably get a magnetic pin holder and fabric. It would hard to chose though, they have so many amazing items!

  61. My sewing machine Fabric and a needle and thread I need new blades for my rotary cutter and of course more fabric Fabric Fabric!!!!

  62. Excellent opportunity !!!

  63. I would buy fabric, trends and ribbons

  64. I’d probably spend it on supplies for handmade Christmas presents!

  65. Great List! I’d like to add to it:

    Stabilizer, Bias Tape, Spray adhesive, storage, tables, variegated thread, metallic thread, yarn, buttons, snaps, buckles, glue gun, mini iron, hotfix tool, fabric paints and, well I could keep going.

  66. Barbara Bradford says:

    I would spend my winnings on fabric and sewing machine needles.. I seem to be going through a lot of them lately.

  67. Linda Claussen says:

    What a fabulous prize! One can never have enough fabric!

  68. Fabric!!! Luckily I have most of the tools I need….and truthfully I have tons of fabric….but who can have enough fabric??

  69. I need a loop turner thingy–just now I’m making tiny button loops! And I need some organizing things–a thread display holder, to start with.

  70. Dani Dreaming says:

    Of course I would find wonderful fabric to buy. Some rulers for cutting. im sure my surger will need more color thread. ;) winter is coming and I need to fill the closets. ;)

  71. Erin Breneman says:

    Fabric! With a baby on the way what else could one want?! :)

  72. I would use the gift card on fabric of course. My must have for my sewing room is my comic book boards to organize my fabric.

  73. I’d buy fabric, notions, & more fabric!

  74. Michelle Miller says:

    I would spend the gift card on material or a rotating cutting board.

  75. I would buy fabric!

  76. Whitney Larson says:

    New rotary mat and blades for starters.

  77. Awesome, awesome giveaway!

  78. Michelle Muller says:

    I would spend it on Fabric!!! You can never have enough. I only buy it when I have coupons considering I have way to much to use already but boy do I love having a stash! My one thing I couldn’t live without would be freezing paper since I use it to create patterns as well as copy patterns so I don’t have to cut the original apart for different sizes.

  79. Debra Kay Neiman says:

    I NEED a new large self healing rotary mat. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  80. Michele N says:

    Probably fabric. Or a new larger cutting mat, new large ruler, not sure how I’ve chipped off 3 corners of mine.

  81. I’d probably get fabric and thread. Thanks!!

  82. Fabric, fabric and more fabric and buttons.

  83. I’d by some scrapbook albums and page protectors.

  84. Debbie Jones says:

    Great give away! I would love it!

  85. Fabric!!! I’d spend it on fabric, because I’m a fabriholic!!!

    I cannot live without my rotary cutter.

  86. I have a loveseat that I’ve been wanting to update so I would splurge on some Home Dec fabric. I would use the rest for thread and needles.

  87. Kimberly Steinberg says:

    I’m so happy to find your blog! I love your style of writing and can totally relate to the baby brain! :) Can’t wait to explore all you’ve posted!

  88. I just used some birthday money to buy some of the sewing room stuff I was missing… so I would spend my gift card on FABRIC!!! :) I totally agree with your top 20 list. I have almost every single one and love them… especially the serger, changed my life a year ago!

  89. Melynda Yates says:

    I would spend the $100 on elastic thread, serger cones, embroidery thread, going her scissors, a thread stand and of course….fabric!!!!!

  90. Hannah Bader says:

    Fabric to sew for my girls!!

  91. I need a cutting mat!

  92. I would spend it on a large rotary mat or lots of fabric!

  93. I wish I could add more of these it would make everything go so much quicker and easier, but as I am not a die hard seamstress (just yet) I work with what I got. I’ve definitely learned what’s indispensable!

  94. Kimberly Steinberg says:

    Forgot to say what I would buy – baby brain :) – I would love to stock up on all the notions I never buy because they aren’t “necessities” like a bias tape maker, magnet wand, thread holder, ruffler foot, pinking shears, more pins, fancy buttons, elastic thread, and anything else I could find!

  95. I would buy fabric and baking supplies. :)

  96. Jen Smith says:


  97. I would probably spend it on fabric!

  98. A serger!! I’ve been saving for one :-)

  99. I want to make some cute floor cushions for this winter for sitting in front of the fireplace. I need some batting and foam. I’d buy that.

  100. I seriously need a cutting mat & of course more fabric! thank you so much for this! :)

  101. Donna Lee says:

    I would probably buy a good light for my sewing area.

  102. Needles, thread, basting spray, rotary blades and fabric!

  103. I would buy fabric, elastic, thread, batting….oh my!

  104. Would like to look into the possibility of a serger or some other tools out there.

  105. Audrey Cones says:

    I would buy fabric! Specifically, knits. I want to make my daughter some pants and, heck, maybe some matching ones for me! :) And make curtains for my kitchen. And new pillowcases for my couch throw pillows…haha! I have a big list!

  106. I would like to look at the possibility of a serger or other tools.

  107. Thank you for offering this up!

  108. I’d buy cross stitch supplies.

  109. I love the fiskars amplify scissor so I’d probably start with buying another pair of those and then move on to fabric! :)

  110. camisgirl4 says:

    I would get some fabric and a few of the tools that you mentioned.

  111. One sewing gadget that I am in sore need of is a really good pair of sewing scissors and always pretty fabric to add to my stash. :)

  112. Rose Sabey says:

    notions, zippers, buttons, interfacing, fabric, I love it all!

  113. New scissors! and of course there is never too much fabric :)

  114. Embroidery scissors and supplies

  115. I would love some fabric to finish my kid’s Halloween costumes! Thanks!

  116. Michaeleen says:

    A larger cutting mat and more fabric!

  117. I would spend the money on thread and fabric…and maybe put it towards a serger. :)

  118. Notions ! It’s a drive to get to my closest Joann or any fabric store and so I end up ordering most of my fabric online. But I hate to order things like threads, interfacings, buttons etc from online. I need a big stock up run !

  119. I would definitely use this for more fabric for my kids.

  120. Definitely fabric!

  121. I’m a fabric junkie…. so yeah… lots of fabric!

  122. Benita Lindenmayer says:

    I would buy as much fabric as possible. But there were also a few items on the necessity list I don’t have, like pattern weights and a loop turner. Might just have to pick up those too.

  123. Andrea S. says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I’d buy some knits to sew up into fall shirts.

  124. Ashleigh J says:

    I would definitely buy fabric and buttons.

  125. Fabric, fabric and more fabric!

  126. Don’t forget Wonder Tape

  127. I’d buy a ton of fabric!

  128. I’d love to make my son a beanbag chair for his dorm room like I did my daughter, and I would buy pellets to stuff it with. It takes a ton of them!!

  129. tonya white says:

    New scissors and fabric

  130. I would buy merchandise for making Foster children items.

  131. katrina hertzer says:

    beautiful kona cottons, some new rotary blades and lots of pretty fat quarters!

  132. Carinna Kelly says:


  133. One of my must have crafting tools is a really good pair of scissors or rotary cutters. They gotta be sharp to do the job!! I might actually use the gift card for a cricut or silhouette machine so I can make iron on transfers and fabric paint stencils in a pinch for my kiddo’s clothes.

  134. I would get fabric and pretty notions!!!

  135. I love my seam ripper. I can’t live without it.

  136. I would buy quilt batting, machine quilting needles, thread, and more fabric for my stash.

  137. Linda Ruhlow says:

    I would buy thread, material, cotton to crochet and rug canvases.

  138. Deanna Barnes says:

    Thanks for the info! Esp for the Ironing Pad tut…was looking at one at Joann’s but passed on it. I am just sooo tired of dragging out my ironing board! LOL

  139. I would get fabric, needles, thread, yarn and patterns. :)

  140. Fabric and yarn :)

  141. Seam ripper for reverse sewing!

  142. I love Joanns. I just went today!

  143. yarns…learning how to crochet/knit, fabric (love), good cutting board and craft mat, heat tool, glue gun!

  144. Isabel A. says:

    The rottary cutter ruller

  145. Tarien Roux says:

    I’m still a beginner and am learning to love sewing, but one of the challenges I face is living in a small rural town without a fabric or craft shop. So I have a long list of things I need and would like including fabric wish list for projects that I would love to do… but I feel like I’m constantly in limbo waiting till I get to the shop and can never just start something with may dismal fabric stash. This would certainly help to keep me motivated.

  146. Barbara Orozco says:

    I’d spend it on a rotating cutting mat, a square ruler for rotary cutting and fabric, fabric, fabric. Thanks for the chance!

  147. I would buy quilting notions. I love quilting and the associated notions can certainly add up.

  148. Would love to get a serger!!

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  149. Fabric without a doubt:-)

  150. Bradlee Jennings says:

    Definitely fabric, my daughter would have the cutest wardrobe :)

  151. Mie @ Sewing Like Mad says:

    Fabrics, thread or craft for the kiddos. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  152. Christina says:

    Awesome list! Fabric, notions, and crafts…oh my! :)))

  153. I would buy more fabric! I always need more fabric!! I love my wonder clips!

  154. Oh new rulers fabric snaps fabric thread fabric batting and did I mention fabric?

  155. I need a new cutting matt – a really big one!

  156. I’d buy lots of fabric, and probably some fabric weights (right now I just use random objects laying around lol)

  157. A wrist pincushion makes the work quicker and easier to always have them nearby. I would by fabric beautiful fabric.

  158. I need one these fancy loop turner because when I have something like that to make, I always try to avoid it and find an alternative.

    I would spend than money on more rulers and another cutting mat because mine is getting old !

  159. I’m sure I’d get some new fall fabric right away, but I could also use some refreshers on my tools – new rotary blades, stock up on elastic, all that fun stuff :)

  160. I would love that prize to make some gifts for my granddaughters

  161. I’d spend the card on the crazy expensive Frozen fabric for my soon to be kindergartener. Any thing left over would go to solids/semi-solids to blend with prints I have in my stash.

  162. I’d put it towards a Go BABY cutting system!

  163. I would get a rotary cutter and mat

  164. I would get a rotary cutter and mat

  165. Freezer paper is great for tracing patterns!

  166. My craft room isn’t complete without my trusty seam ripper! I’d spend the ENTIRE gift card on my Granddaughter Rayven! :-) Thanks for the giveaway!!

  167. I need new scissors and fabric of course :)

  168. Terri van Gulik says:

    I would spend on fabric, of course. Also on basting spray – I love using it. It makes it so easy to get the layers together without puckers.

  169. shirley cree says:

    books…sewing, quilting, knitting……and some martha tools…..

  170. Fantastic give-away! Would love to win it so that I can buy more fabric. As if I need more! >G>

  171. Thread! I never seem to have the right color around.

  172. Fabric! I think I am a hoarder

  173. A good selection of garment sewing thread

  174. Raina DelRio says:

    I would get a new blade for my rotary cutter, maybe a new mat, and of course, fabric!

  175. Kathy Davis says:

    I would spend my winnings on a new cutting mat and rotary cutter.

  176. Not strictly a sewing tool, but I need some masking tape or the top of a post-it when I’m sewing — there’s always some spot I want to mark temporarily and a bit of tape does the trick.

  177. I would get fabric!

  178. Probably fabric for Halloween costumes :-)

  179. I would spend on fabric– probably wool felt!

  180. If I would win I am new to quilting so I would buy fabric and thread. Thanks!!!

  181. peggy hendrick says:

    I would put the gf card towards a new sewing machine.

  182. Emilie Proctor says:

    I would spend the money on fabric for a Sally costume (Nightmare Before Christmas) and a Mad Hatter costume. And maybe some supplies for a little baby Beefcake costume (Gwar). Can’t wait for Halloween!!

  183. Sheryle J Augustine says:

    I would get some Accuquilt dies. Thanks for the contest.

  184. stephanie says:

    There’s no fabric store where I live except for hobby lobby, so I would spend it on fabric! I guess I should get over it, but I just don’t like shopping for fabric online. It’s not the same!!!

  185. stephanie says:

    You mentioned disappearing marking pens. I love using Pilot’s Frixion pens for marking…the marks don’t disappear until you iron over them…helpful when you have little ones around and don’t always get to finish a project before they wake up or need you!

  186. Katerina moss says:

    I’d put it towards a serger!

  187. I need fabric for a couple of first day dresses, and an Elsa dress!

  188. Manette Gutterman says:

    Fabric! I be been trying to save for some but money has been tight lately. This would really be an answer to my prayers!

  189. Sandy Zimmer says:

    I got some small pallets from work and want to turn them into ottomans, so I would buy foam and fabric. Thanks for the giveaway.

  190. With Christmas and Halloween coming up, I could totally use this! I love the list of 20 things you need.

  191. Fabric and thread! And new scissors. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  192. Fabric for new curtains!,

  193. Fabric. I always seem to purchase fabric there. Thanks for the giveaway.

  194. Deana Stephens says:

    I would buy some craft supplies to make some fall/Halloween crafts.

  195. I would buy some fabric. I have so many projects I want to do!

  196. I very much need to replace my quilting rulings. I use mine all the time, but my favorites were snapped in half during a recent move. I’ve glued them back together, but they just are not the same…After I’ve replaced those, I would buy fabric (of course).

  197. I would buy a bolt of Pellon Shape Flex SF 101, wonder tape, fabric, and thread! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  198. I will spend it mostly on Fabric and Pellon I don’t have enough!

  199. I would put towards a new embroidery machine

  200. Candy Mak says:

    My rotary cutter and mat are an absolute must!

  201. Christina says:

    I would love to get some fabric and notions!

  202. Fabric and yarn!

  203. Heather Jones says:

    Have been eyeing a lamp and several fall vogue patterns!

  204. Great list! Thanks!

  205. I’d get a good pair of scissors and then hide them!

  206. I would buy fabric, fabric, and more fabric!

  207. Fabric fabric and more fabric! Talk about heaven on earth! :-)

  208. Fabric, Fabric and Fabric! Buying lots of thread too!

  209. I would buy a new Olfa cutting mat and some Accuquilt dies.

  210. Fabric! I am a beginner at sewing and don’t have the “stash” everyone talks about, so I’d love to go in and just buy whatever caught my eye, instead of limiting myself to my current project needs.

  211. Elizabeth says:

    Fabric, fabric and more fabric.

  212. I have been on a self-imposed fabric buying moratorium for months, and I would SO SPLURGE on fabrics for Christmas gifts and projects for my girls at Joann! WHAT FUN! Oh, bolt of Shape Flex … flannel for baby blankets … patterns …. lots of great stuff!

  213. I love this blog and Facebook page. thank you for the giveaway opportunities.

  214. supplies for Halloween costumes, maybe a new rotary cutter.

  215. I would buy fabric, elastic, and thread. I am sure I could find more things to buy as well.

  216. I need to buy storage for my re-vamped craft room. Thanks for the opportunity!

  217. FABRIC. And thread, really. Twice in the last week I’ve found myself using a questionable thread color because I didn’t have one that matched. OOH and one of those spool racks.

  218. I would probably put it towards a serger because I have wanted one forever!!!

  219. I would spend it on new fabric and notions!

  220. Kelly Sasman says:

    Great list. Always have back up rotary blades and bobbins.

  221. Rhonda Desgranges says:

    I would get fabric and quilt batting!,

  222. Rhonda Desgranges says:

    I would get fabric and quilt batting!

  223. I would spend it on fabric for my daughter’s junior-senior dress.

  224. Fabric and thread

  225. Tori Self says:

    I’d get some new fabric markers–permanent & disappearing :) and lots and lots and lots of trim, rick rack, chenille ball, fringe and anything else that I usually talk myself out of when I go to JoAnns

  226. I’ve been making purses and bags lately, so I’d spend it on Peltex and other interfacing – it’s boring stuff but necessary to provide good bones for bags. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  227. We’re talking Halloween around here so patterns and fabric!

  228. Can’t live without my sewing light!

  229. And would buy more fabric! I am a “frequent flyer” at Joann’s!

  230. irene martinez says:

    I would buy holiday fabric to make table runners for my dear friends and family who live a long distance. I just started learning to quilt, and love the creativity in making simple things. Thank you for the giveaway.

  231. I would use it toward a Silhouette! I’ve wanted one for sooo long! I never seem to win one, so it’s time to buy one! LOL!

  232. Thanks for hosting the giveaway! This is a great list – I have a lot of these, but it’s always great to check out new notions! And I’m looking forward to your embroidery scissors seam rippers post – I always rip the fabric when using my seam ripper – maybe this will help!

  233. Fabric. Lots and lots of fabric :)

  234. Chelsea Rodriguez says:

    I am in desperate need of some new notions, but I always seem to walk out of the store with new fabric instead!!

  235. Christy H says:

    Fabric… definitely fabric.

  236. Ruth Griffeth says:

    I have to buy a sewing ham, and a roll also. I find using the iron makes it easier to sew. I would also get some more fabric.

  237. Hello !
    I have to say I love fabrics so bad I would probably use the whole coupon for it. BUT I wish also for a biiiig cutting mat and quilting rulers (some triangles). Oh wait, isn’t it my christmas list ? ;)
    Thanks for hosting this nice giveaway !
    Have a nice day everyone.

  238. Elizabeth Carroll says:

    I would by fabric to make odds and ends for people

  239. I would include extra blades for the rotary cutter. There’s nothing worse than being inspired to tackle a project, then discovering your blades are dull, dull, dull! And they are kind of expensive, so they may not be in the budget when inspiration strikes.
    Now you know thing on my shopping list of I won the Joann gift card. Thanks for your blog!

  240. I would spend it on fabric and then more fabric. Thanks!

  241. Quilt batting, pillow forms and new cutting mat and rotary cutter.

  242. Kelly Wilson says:

    I would use it for more OLFA blades and sizes as well as a larger cutting mat and maybe a new specialty ruler. Thanks for the opportunity! notwendy gmail

  243. Stephanie Cleveland says:

    I’m just starting to sew. I have a machine and a good pair of scissors (thanks mom) and need pretty much everything else! would love to win this!!

  244. Most likely fabric and notions.

  245. christy e says:

    Fabric! My daughter is sewing a malificent costume

  246. I would buy a new rotating cutting mat and fabric, of course

  247. julie cutshaw says:

    Oh my, I’d thrill in buying some paisley prints in cotton, soft knits and alot of narrow elastic to make some tuck sheets. Batting to make throw pills, serger thread in various colors, wonder under for fabric appliqué. I could list all day, I love Jo-Ann Fabrics :) thanks

  248. Probably fabric or a new rotary cutter mat :)

  249. Fabric! Never enough.

  250. I need more quilt batting!

  251. Lori Morton says:

    Wow!! will definitely get some Templates, notions, fabric (of course! lol),,,,,and will use all the coupons I can, to stretch my gift card!! Way fun!! Yay! :)

  252. Lanae christiansen says:

    I will most likely spend the whole thing on fabric! I need to make a couple blankets for my toddler and a car seat cover for my newborn.

  253. I would spend it on dissapearing markers and a rotary cutter. I’m a beginner, so there are a lot of things I have to purchase. Winning this give-away would be a good help!

  254. I’d definitely have to look into getting a serger!

  255. Peggy Gibbs says:

    I do a lot of sewing for charity, so I would stock up on fabric, thread, sewing machine needles, and a new pair of scissors. Thanks.

  256. I would use it to buy a pair of nice left handed sissors. Thanks!

  257. You just cant have too much fabric in your stash!

  258. Serena Powell says:

    I would spend the gift card on fabric. I’ve been wanting to make a 1950’s style dress but I don’t have enough fabric to do so.

  259. Darlene Warner says:

    Thank you for the chance to win great giveaway :)

  260. I would use the gift card to help replace my sewing machine. It bit the dust and I’m finding that life is just no fun without it. Love your list of must haves.

  261. Barbara Sutherland says:

    I love your Blog :)

  262. Jennifer Seace says:

    I would spend my gift card on a new rotary cutter and mat and definitely a new iron!

  263. This would be so amazing to win lots of things come to mind that I could use!! I know get some great fabric!

  264. Christine says:

    I would probably spend it all on fabric or maybe some new shears.

  265. I would spend the gift card on a new die for my GO! cutter, and fabric, of course. :)

  266. I would spend it on thread, rulers and or a good pair of scissors.

  267. I would LOVE a dress form!! I’ve been wanting one for YEARS! Thanks!! :-)

  268. Tanya Henry says:

    I need a new rotary blade, and I always need fabric!! ;)
    Thanks for all the tips!

  269. Sheila Hagosojos says:

    Fabrics and embelishments/accessories.. love doing bunch of sewing crafts!

  270. I need to try this loopy tool. And someday I shall see about a serger.

  271. I’d buy lots of fabric to make doll clothes for my granddaughters!

  272. Jen Calvert says:

    I need a cone thread holder and didn’t even know they existed until I read this post. Thank you! I’m off to get one.

  273. I would buy quilting notions, rotary blades, thread…

  274. Kachi Elsie says:

    My winnings will be spent on Fabric at MOOD fabrics and Fabric Mart fabrics! :D

  275. I would love to buy fabric for new duvet covers.

  276. Fabric. Fabric. Fabric.

  277. I loved reading this. Thank you for putting this out there. I will have to look into the loop thing.

  278. Molly Campbell says:

    Would love to win!

  279. Meagan Zefirov says:

    I would definitely buy some more fabric! And look at some sergers too. I have been curious about them bit haven’t used one yet.

  280. Upgrade my tools and storage.

  281. I would spent my gift card on sewing classes. I want to learn how to really use my serger and learn real tailoring techniques. Right now I can serge a straight line and my tailoring is make it up as I go alone.

  282. I would spent my gift card on sewing classes. I want to learn how to really use my serger and learn real tailoring techniques. Right now I can serge a straight line and my tailoring is make it up as I go along.

  283. My favorite things to buy at JoAnn’s are ribbon and buttons. But I never end up using them. Still fun to buy.

  284. Charlotte says:

    Fabric…Fabric…Fabric.. and maybe a larger cutting mat and some rotary blades (you can never have too fabric) It’s the season for fleece and flannel and I love making soft and cuddly quilts.

  285. Melissa p says:

    I love my rotary cutter, and what I would buy is a circular rotary cutter. There’s something about getting a smooth perfect circle that makes me happy.

  286. I would spend it on the piles of fabric I will need for my next project!

  287. Stephanie Olmsted says:

    I would use the money toward fabric for my new house. Moving with the next couple months. Window treatments!

  288. Patty Sarner says:

    i would use my gift card for either some sewing classes or to get more fabric. i just love re-learning how to sew and love the projects

  289. Annie Dee says:

    I could always use more fabric – and not for my stash either. For projects! Really! And I really want to give variegated thread a try too. Thanks!

  290. I would spend it on fabric and yarn! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  291. Super giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  292. I love to have lots of scraps. I’m a sucker for remnants and fat quarters. It’s easy to be inspired just looking at all the materials. Nothing worse than getting an idea to sew and not having all you need to make it. Ugh

  293. I would use this to get fabric and little knick knacks I may not have normally bought while learning to sew for my baby and myself. Oh man, I am already smiling and imagining all the projects I could get started on with this gift.

  294. I would choose a tube turner, a rotary cutting blade sharpener, and what is left for fabric

  295. Lisa Cowell says:

    I would get the very large self-healing cutting mat. I was looking at it last week, but it was $199 and change, and I just couldn’t justify getting it when I needed other stuff. With a 50% off and this gift card, it would be free!

  296. Sandy Kramer says:

    I could really use a larger cutting mat. And new rotary blades. My favorite sewing tool is my Bodkin. I’ve had it so long it has a bend in it.

  297. Courtney Dean says:

    I’d spend it on fabric and thread or put it towards a dress form or serger

  298. Kellyjo Keithley says:

    I would love to be able to purchase a new great light and some supplies for my new surger..My Hubs is in the process of making me a new craft room and I am sure I will need lots of new stuff!

  299. Fabric!

  300. I’m with you on the embroidery scissors, I use mine for EVERYTHING.

    If I won the gift card, I’d be getting lots and LOTS of fabric :) The stuff I normally wouldn’t buy because it was too expensive.

  301. Betty Sazama says:

    Fabric and I really need a new Fiskars paper cutter ?

  302. Kathleen Dalecio says:

    If I were the lucky gift card winner, I would stock up on interfacing, Soft and Stable, bag-making hardware & Kona cotton solids fabric! Jo-Ann’s has everything a sewer or crafter could want.

  303. Carolyn Proulx says:

    Iwould definitely buy fabric and new rotary cutting blades.

  304. Karen Propes says:

    I need some new quilting feet and batting, and backing. Lots more, but those are the main items.
    Thanks for the chance.

  305. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I would love to buy fabric

  306. I would love to have new fabric to make Halloween costumes for my kids.

  307. I would probably buy rotary cutter blades and fabric. But if they had an overlock on special I would use it toward that. I sew for the 4 females in this house and could really use one.

  308. I’d spend it on lots of fabric to make the most outrageous Halloween costumes for all three of my granddaughters, my little angels are going to get some handmade costumes from their Nana this year if I win.

  309. I’d likely spend it all on fabric! lol

  310. I need to get embroidery scissors! What an awesome way to remove stitches! I also need a good pair of fabric scissors. I’ve started using alligator clips instead of pins to hold fabric together, soooo much easier for me.

  311. I’d first buy scissors, then interfacing and fabric!

  312. New scissors, mine always disappear and then reappear all cruddy :(

  313. I’d buy fabric for garment sewing, and a rotary mat for cutting blocks.

  314. jeri staley says:

    Great plug for Ginger/Gingher actually, scissors. They are worth every penny. The quality has not changed over the years. My first pair didn’t need sharpening for a good 5 years…nice list, I think I’ve got it covered.

  315. Seam ripper! I couldn’t do without mine.

  316. Linda M. Jung says:

    Just wanted to mention that one should NEVER place their magnetic pin holder near their sewing machine IF it is computerized. It will mess the computer up.