20+ Royal Reads

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I’m a sucker for books with royalty in them. If the story takes place in a castle, has a fabulous prince or princess (even in disguise) it’s likely I’m gonna want to read it.

Great (most) YA reading list full of books with royalty and castle settings. SO fun!

When I heard that the theme for this month’s Owl Crate (bookish subscription box I get) was Royalty I got SUPER excited. My box came in the mail last week but I have been patiently waiting to open it because I want to do an unboxing live on my FB with my sister. So in conjunction with all that we decided it would be a blast to share our favorite Royalty books. You can watch the full video below just remember it was originally a FB live vid.

The royalty in these books are varied, some are main characters, some are formal royals, some are side characters but somewhere in each of these is a prominent prince or princes or queen or king, well you get what I mean. Each title to an Amazon so if you’re interested you can read the official synopses and of course see the title for each of them!

20+ Royalty reads. Lots of awesome YA books with royal characters, castle settings, etc. Some of my all time favs.
My sister and I pretty much agree that all of these books are awesome and have royalty aspects. We each picked our top 3 and I bolded them for you guys. But you’ll have to watch the live or replay video to see who said which ;) There are only a handful I personally haven’t read and I’m staring them (these are ones my sister loves though). Also all of these are YA except for the one’s that I’ve added the + sign too and these are still fun just intended for more mature readers! And make sure to like Rae Gun Ramblings facebook page so you can catch our next live book chat!
20+ YA books full of princess, princesses, castle life and other fun. Great royal reads

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  1. Love this list! My teenager will also love this list! Thanks!

  2. Reading and picnics is a favorite recreational activity this summer.

  3. I have to admit, a lot of books I end up loving are from the young adult section…:)

  4. andreasnotebook says:

    Great list!! Adding some to my list.

  5. You are the queen of YA books! (See what I did there?) haaaaa. No but really. Such a great list as always!

  6. I always count on you to give me the scoop on my next must-read book! Thanks!

  7. Try the this Christian adult series “Royal Wedding series” by Rachel Hauck.
    Only the first is from a fairy tale “Unfinished fairy tales” by Aya Ling.
    I Just finished the first one in “The Eldentimber Series” called Pippa of Lauramore by Shari L. Tapscott. I could lend you my kindle copy if you want.

  8. sydneyeditor1 says:

    This rec list sounds awesome! TY for psoting!

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