Sew Our Stash Summer Tops

You guys, I sewed myself THREE new tops this month!!! Two I totally love and the other I’m trying to decide.

DIY knit top. This is my favorite shirt.

So this is one of the ones I love. I actually made it earlier today. I have a favorite shirt and I drafted the pattern based off of it and I am in love. I plan on making at least 10 more. Also ignore my crazy squinty eyes and wild hair the weather was nutso but when you sew your Sew Our Stash items the last day you need to write up your post you get what you get haha.

Sew Our Stash monthly selfish sewing challenge.

It came together so quickly and it’s one of those easy to wear styles that I need so badly in this stage of my mommy hood.

Sorbetto Top Sewing Pattern

The top I’m unsure about you may have already seen. I used some SUPER gorgeous Riley Blake fabric from their Desert Bloom line. I had originally planned on making a dress with the fabric but decided I needed more tops. I just don’t love how this turned out. I think it’s frumpy and not flattering. I took TONS of pictures in this shirt and there were only 3 where I didn’t think I looked really blah. I still really love the fabric so I feel like I wasted it you know. I think part of the problem was this style probably needed a lighter weight fabric but also the cut doesn’t seem to work for me. I don’t think the lines hit the right places to be flattering on me. Also I think it’s too big despite taking it in. I don’t know what do you guys think? You can see a couple more pictures here.

handmade wardrobe perfect tee

And the final top is another version of the first this time with the Idle Wilde print on the front and solid black on the back. I’m not sure if you’ve ever sewn with Riley Blake knits but they are dreamy. I have a few skirts (with big white sections) and I can wear bright neon undies under these tight pencil skirts and they don’t show through but they are still super soft and have a great drape.

Two fabrics for a fun DIY knit shirt

So that’s what I made for Sew Our Stash this month. I’m quite proud. I’m super anxious to make more of those tees! Make sure you check out what Bev from Flamingo Toes made this month for herself! And keep tagging those pictures  #sewourstash


  1. I love SEW OUR STASH posts! These are super cute tops! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Amanda Travaglini says:

    I love your self-drafted tops, and I”m bummed it wasn’t a pattern I could copy :)

  3. What? The second one is totally my favorite!!!! It looks great on you. As do the other two. Total stash busting win here in my opinion!

  4. flamingobev says:

    LOVE those tops!! The ones you drafted are my faves – I’d love it if you made a pattern! It’s so comfy looking and still flattering!

  5. I’m sorry your Sorbetto isn’t living up to your hopes. The fabric is beautiful but the fit doesn’t look right somehow. It seems maybe too wide through the shoulders? Your tees look perfect though!

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