18 Must Have Harry Potter Gifts

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It is here! The time we look forward to all year long, Happy Harry Potter time! That’s right it’s time for my annual Harry Potter series where over 50 awesome bloggers join me in bring the best Harry Potter crafts, tutorials, recipes, book lists, giveaways and more.

Great list of UNIQUE Harry Potter gifts. So many bookish things perfect for any reader.

This year’s series will run until August 1st and every day from now until them we’ll have a bunch of bloggers sharing awesome Harry Potter inspired creations. Every afternoon starting tomorrow I will do a round up of the posts from the day before. And every day you’ll have more chances to enter the fabulous giveaways! Scroll all the way down to enter the giveaways.

The ultimate list of Harry Potter gifts. Perfect for any book lover.

Every year I round up a collection of fabulous Harry Potter goodies that I would love myself and that would make the best gifts for any Potterhead and I throw them into a giveaway. This year I’m doing TWO prize packs. And if you follow me on Instagram you might find that I might actual do more than two, wink wink. But let’s kick off the series by showing the fun Potter finds that I have for you this year!

1. Magic Wand Holsters and Wands

How awesome, magic wand holsters. Perfect for Harry Potter lovers. This would be great to take to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Every Potter fan should have his or her very own wand and what better way to carry it around than with a wand holster. These holsters from Rae Gun Shop are light weight and have a zipper compartment perfect for toting around a few cards, some chap stick and even a couple galleons. Choose from toddler, child, and teen/adult sizes. Each prize pack contains one wand holster and wand set! One in classic black and the other in Gryffindor colors. I wish I had one of these when I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter last year!

2. Hogwarts House Scarf

Love these fabulous fleece Harry Potter inspired Hogwarts House scarves

Once you have your wand you’ll be needing that iconic Hogwarts House Scarf. Pick from Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or Hufflepuff colors with an awesome (and might I add cozy, I have my own) scarf from Pieces by Polly. And if you are into American Girl Dolls (or other 18 inch dolls) you should totally check out the matching scarf set and full Hogwarts robes for your doll!

3. The Unofficial Guide to Crafting the World of Harry Potter

Darling book full of Harry Potter crafts. This would make a great gift and tons of fun kid activities for the Summer or Winter break.

We don’t want to be the only ones crafting. You should totally join in on the fun and this awesome book,The Unofficial Guide to Crafting the World of Harry Potter by Jamie Harrington has 30 simple and easy crafts that you can do with the kiddos to join in on wizarding fun! The book is so cute and I love that most of the projects are really quick and easy and perfect for school age children to do or even younger kids with some help. Learn more about Jamie on Instagram and Snapchat: @alsoknownasmom .

4. Hogwarts Graduation Year Shirt

DIY Ikat knit skirt and Harry Potter shirt

Whether you’ve got a little wizard or witch at home with eyes set on attending Hogwarts like mom and dad or you just want to celebrate your alma mater, these Hogwarts Graduation year shirts are the best. They come in ones for the babies or tees for the kids (pictured in the giveaway photos) and adults and you get to request your year. I have some some darling birth announcements done with the baby onesies but I honestly wear my own a few times a month!

5. Owl Crate Bookish Box

Owl Crate young adult literature bookish subscription box this sounds awesome and like a great gift idea.

I love my subscription to Owl Crate. If you’re not familiar it’s a bookish subscription box. Every month a box arrives on your door step filled with a new release novel and a bunch of related bookish goodies. If you look at the pictures where you see the Owl Crate box all the stuff under and on it came in my “steampunk” box a couple months ago. It’s SO much fun in fact it’s so much fun my sister and I (we both subscribe) have taken to live unboxing our Owl Crates together. See us unboxing our “Royal” Boxes from last month and you’ll be able to see what kind of goodies they send! If you’re looking for a fabulous gift for a young adult book lover a Subscription to Owl Crate would be a total hit!. Follow Owl Crate on Instagram.

6. Personalized Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

How fun get a personalized Hogwarts acceptance letter. Great gift idea.

Know what else you Potterheads need? A personalized Hogwarts Acceptance Letter. Oh yes they do exist! I have one for Teddy and it’s so awesome and sweet and fantastically geeky. This is such a fun gift idea but also a really sweet memento or photo prop. We used Teddy’s in his Teddy Potter pictures from a few years ago. So fun right?

7. Book Nerd Pillows

Awesome book nerd pillows. Love the J.K. Rowling quote! Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic

Let’s be honest what a book lover really wants is time to read and short of baby sitting (although that would be a great gift idea) a cozy reading spot might just make things happen. How fun are these awesome book nerd pillows? Nothing says bliss like curling up with a great book and a fun pillow. Each prize pack contains one awesome pillow. One lucky person will get the fun Librarian Glasses Pillow and the other winner will receive the Words are Magic J.K. Rowing Quote Pillow! I made the pillowcases and the awesome folk at Fairfield World provided the pillow forms!

8. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Illustrated Edition

Love the illustrated edition of the Harry Potter books!

Have you seen the gorgeous illustrated editions of the Harry Potter books? Oh man I love them I can’t wait for all of the books to come out. They are so nice and big and they have the ribbon bookmark thing and they just feel special. Your HP fan will for sure want this fun edition of the books!

9. Lit Joy Crate Book Box

Fun reader gift. Lit Joy Crate bookish box. Monthly subscription box

Next on the list is the Lit Joy Crate bookish box. This is another monthly subscription box and so far I have LOVEDDDDD everything I’ve received in my boxes from them. They have 3 fun options one is a new release YA book box, a picture book box, and a board book box. I’ve been able to check out several of their YA book boxes (see me unbox the May box here) as well as the board book box. Let me just say I love these girls’ tastes. They pick fabulous books and the swag included is just my style. Each prize pack contains a box one winner will get the May box pictured above and one will get the June box (you can see that in prize pack #2 collage) Learn more about their different options and follow them on Instagram.

10. Hogwarts House Neck Tie Necklace

Subtle and cute Hogwarts house neck tie necklaces

I have a weakness for bookish jewelry and my Gryffindor Tie Necklace is one of my all time favorites. It’s so easy to wear and it’s subtle but still totally geeky that any fellow Harry Potter fans will recognize it a mile away. And if you’re not one of the brave the Hogwarts House neck tie necklace comes in Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff colors as well!

11. Harry Potter Cookies

Sweet Jenny Belle's Harry Potter Cookies

One very necessary component of a good reading time is a great treat and what better that these darling Harry Potter cookies from Sweet Jenny Belle Bakery. You might recognize her amazing work from Instagram! But yeah they are real and I just think they would be such a fun gift for your favorite Potterhead I mean look at them ahhhh have you seen anything cuter? Check out her whole shop!

12. World of Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit


Prove you are the king or queen of all things Harry Potter with this fun compact World of Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit game. This would be a blast to play during a Harry Potter themed party or as they are called in our house Thursdays. But really how fun is this. I bought two one for the giveaway and one for me because I just couldn’t resist. Who wants to come over and play?

13. Favorite Harry Potter Character Shirt

Snape is my homeboy and Hermione Library and Luna shirts. Great Harry Potter tees for the whole family

Be not so subtle with your love for Luna or whichever of J.K. Rowling’s wizards and witches is your favorite. Wear your love for Hermione’s bookishness across your chest or bond with other Snape supporters by donning your little one in a Severus onesie. Something for everyone with these fun Harry Potter character Shirt!

14. Hedwig Owl Post Necklace

Love this Harry Potter Hedwig Owl Post necklace

We can’t forget Hedwig now can we? Honor our feathered friend with this delicate Hedwig Owl Post Necklace. I’ve had one for years and I love it. It’s so easy to wear and the silver goes with pretty much anything. If you’re looking for a little trinket for your favorite book nerd this necklace would be perfect.

15. Harry Potter Swimsuit

I know I know you were like “WHERE’S THE HARRY POTTER SWIM SUIT EVERYONE NEEDS A HARRY POTTER SWIM SUIT” and of course you are right and hold your horses because I was getting to it! Make yourself an awesome Harry Potter swimsuit with the Classic Maillot Swimsuit SEWING PATTERN

16. Harry Potter Funkos

So cute love these little Harry Potter character toys. They have TONS of characters.

I can’t get enough of all the freakishly cute big head Harry Potter Funko Pop figures. I NEED them all. Like really need them. They are all so cute and they have tons of the side charactes and they keep on adding more. I want Neville so so so bad. I want all of them really. Oh I already said that but really this is such a fun and easy gift idea and every time your little Potter loving pal looks at her funkos she’s smile. I know I do!

17. Harry Potter Art Print

Awesome Harry Potter art print book list

Every Harry Potter fan deserves an awesome Harry Potter Art Print. I love this one from Have A Laugh. But there are other great ones too. Grab an inexpensive frame and pop the print in and you’ve got a super thoughtful and unique present.

18. Harry Potter Book Bag

make love not horcruxes book bag great harry potter gift

Because I know you need something to carry your library haul home in the last item on my Harry Potter must haves list is a Harry Potter Book Bag. My personal favorite is this sassy Make Love Not Horcruxes Book Bag but you might also love this Accio Books bag!

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Harry Potter everything. Great book nerd gifts and book swag.

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So many awesome Harry Potter gift ideas. Great for readers

Prize Pack #2

See more about each prize and sponsor at this giveaway post and be sure to enter the other equally awesome prize pack while you’re there! Winner must have a US address or be willing to pay for international shipping.

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