Luna Lovegood’s DIY Glitter Playdough

Have you ever used glitter play dough, like the real stuff? It’s weird and sticky and frankly a pain in the tush to use with all the contraptions and presses and stuff. This DIY Glitter Playdough on the other hand, it’s like butter!
hands down the best glitter playdough and it's so easy to make

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier but this was SO ridiculously easy and I had everything I needed on hand. My little guy loved helping me make the sparkly play dough. Bonus points for getting the glitter fix but in a way that keeps it totally contained!

DIY glitter playdough tutorial and luna lovegood

And since it’s time for our Happy Harry Potter series and I could see our favorite free spirit Luna loving this play dough I’m dedicating this one to her! There’s just something about glitter and blue, ahem Ravenclaw that made me immediately think of Ms. Lovegood when we were making this!

such a brilliant trick for making glitter playdough but you have to get the right stuff

What You Need

What to Do

  1. Roll the play dough out into a flat pancake. 
  2. Sprinkle the glitter on the play dough. I used extra fine glitter and the texture was perfect. It went through all the press crazy pasta makers and ice cream playdough dealibobs that Teddy plays with like butter!
  3. Fold the play dough to sandwich the glitter and smoosh to mix.
  4. Repeat until you get the desired about to glitter distributed.

crazy easy glitter playdough tutorial with great texture

Insanely easy right? Yup I know. And if you’re the type to make your own play you can for sure do that and just toss in some glitter. Easy Peasy. Call me crazy obsessed but I reallllllllly want to find some maroon, green, dark blue and goldenrod (or maybe black) to do all the different house color playdoughs with glitter too. Wouldn’t that be so fun!?

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