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puro peru fantastic Peruvian food in Sandy UT - Rae Gun Ramblings

Well my menu was totally off last week but no worries right? I forgot that some family friends were going to be in town so we ate most of our meals with them and my family and then Teddy got SUPER HARD, so the moms brought us dinner.

Also that deliciousness above is a huge seafood platter from one of my favorite new restaurants Puro Pero in Sandy, UT. It’s absolutely scrumptious Peruvian food. Great prices and HUGE portions.  Definitely check it out if you’re in the area.

What’s for Dinner?

Day Main Meal Goals (Veggies and Fish)
Friday Mac and Cheese with Corned Beef Veggies: Carrots, Spinach, PeasFish: Tilapia
Saturday Tacos and Homemade Refried Beans
Sunday Stuffed Shells
Tuesday Eat Out
Wednesday Coconut Curry Lentil Soup and Naan
Thursday Lemon Cream Tilapia and Peas
divergent movie - Rae Gun Ramblings
What’s the World ?
  • Have you heard of The Daily Sew? It’s a great resource for sewing tutorials, patterns and just chatting with other sewing lovers!
  • We caught the Divergent movie. The baby was great and nursed/slept through the whole thing. My verdict? Shailene actually made a great Tris. As attractive as Theo is I still couldn’t buy him as Four. And as a whole the movie was good but I wouldn’t say great. There were some annoying changes and after school special type of moments but it was still fun, we still got to see one of my favorite books come to life. It’s no where near as good as the Harry Potter movies or The Hunger Games but definitely better than The Mortal Instruments movie.
teddy squish - Rae Gun Ramblings
What’s With Us?
  • It’s been a pretty rough week. The baby has had a super hard time settling so he hasn’t slept much. And yes I know newborns can be fussy but they also need more than 2.5 hours of sleep a day. He’s not hysterical for more than a few minutes at a time and he seems happy and full after eating it’s just he doesn’t fall asleep like he was sigh. Some friends suggested gas drops so I’m gonna give that a go. But even though I expected a new baby to be hard I just have to say as much as I love him some times (especially this week) it’s been SUPER hard. But we are blessed to have both families close and more than willing to help.

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He’s Here! Meet Baby Teddy

Rae Gun Ramblings baby boy

In case you didn’t hear the news over the Instagram or the Facebook the baby came this past Saturday. I would love you to meet Theodore Graham Fischer. We’re calling him Teddy for short. Yes, we did name our child Teddy Graham.

Teddy sI’ll write more of a recap later but the gist of it is that after my water broke at 1:30pm Friday the little guy finally decided to make his entrance late Saturday morning. We are doing pretty good considering I had 4th degree tearing (wahoo) and we’re still figuring out the nursing thing. But we’ve gotten out of the house every day so that is a good sign.

Teddy-002sAnd I’m doing my best to sleep as much as I can so I still haven’t gotten through emails and all of that if you’re waiting to hear from me hopefully I’ll be able to catch up soon enough. We’ve had finally meeting our little guy and the whole family is just in love. The nieces are so so cute with him I know they are going to be the best cousins ever! I can’t wait to share more about my adventure with my little guy. He’s proving himself to be pretty awesome already!

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34 Week Prego Update, Cute as a Button Shower, Birthing Classes, and Bigelow Tea

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Pregnancy Update with Bigelow Tea - Rae Gun Ramblings #AmericasTea, #shop, #cbias

So here’s what’s going on at 34 weeks! I’ve mentioned before that my husband is a music guy. His stuff has been played on national radio, appeared on TV shows, and more.  In fact he’ll be playing at a show for Sundance this weekend. He’s one of those people that will be making music into his old age. All that is to say that every night he’s at his keyboard working on songs and recently I’ve started having him play some stuff for Toasty. It’s kind of a fun little thing we’ve been doing. I have my nightly tea and have Daniel plays him a little tune.  It makes me really excited to see how music will play into the baby’s life when he’s here. Is that cheesy? I just think there is something sweet about it.

Cute as a Button Baby Shower - Rae Gun Ramblings #AmericasTea #shop #cbias

The biggest news is that I had my first baby shower. My MIL and mom threw me a shower this past weekend (my sister and friends have one planned for this weekend). It was a lot of church people and older friends of the family. They did a darling “Cute as a Button” theme and had a super yummy taco bar. It was really nice and let me just say this little babe is so loved already.

Cute as a Button Shower - Rae Gun Ramblings #AmericasTea #shop #cbias

I was totally overwhelmed putting stuff away after the shower. They kind of cleaned out our registry. These ladies went wild. I knew the grandmas were excited but it seems like there are even more people are are looking forward to meeting the little guy when he’s out.

34 Week Prego Update and Herbal Tea - Rae Gun Ramblings #AmericasTea #shop #cbias

Speaking of getting Toasty out, we started our birthing classes and I’ve got to say they’ve been kind of traumatizing. The first class they showed this disturbing animated birth scene over and over where the creepy CGI baby turns his head and I just kept imagining his eyes popping open and being red. And then this last week they passed around intervention tools. Like freaking forceps and this heart rate monitor that they stick ahem up you and screw into the babies head if they can’t get a good external read. What the!!! Now I don’t mind knowing about these things but did they really have to pass them around?! At least they play some quality cheesy folk music while we practice relaxation techniques ;)

beat pregnancy heart burn with bigelow tea - Rae Gun Ramblings #AmericasTea #shop #cbias

And something new, I’m having a bit of heart burn. Nothing super bad but kinda acid-y back of the throat feeling, alot. It’s been a real bummer since I notice it kicks in more after I drink juice. And of course I’ve mentioned before that my prego body reacts weird to water. Like throws up. It’s not the taste. I actually really like water and miss it a lot but when I drink it in about 15 minutes I’ll throw up. So most of this time I’ve been drinking juice which obviously is really high in sugar so I haven’t been the most thrilled but with the new fun heart burn I’ve been turning to Bigelow herbal teas more and more. I’ve always been a big fan of their Mint Medley and Peppermint tea from Walmart but I’ve been branching out to more flavors. It’s been nice to have an alternative that isn’t so full of sugar and calories. I’ve always been a diet coke girl but I really hope to keep the tea trend even after Toasty is here, it’s just SO much healthier. And to be honest by the end of the day I was feeling totally sugared out from all the juice I had been consuming.

Plus it’s a good time to be a tea drinker since for a limited time you can find Bigelow packs with 4 extra bags in them at Walmart. And Bigelow is running a video contest with tea prizes as well as an iPad Mini. To enter just submit a video by January 29 get more info at https://www.facebook.com/bigelowtea.

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One Little Word: Learn and 32 Week Prego Update

One Little Word: Learn - Rae Gun Ramblings

I am a huge resolutions person. I’m a goal setter and list maker. I like to make plans but this year as I sit down to write my goals post I find that I’ve got a wiggly boy in my belly and all I know is that he’s going to be changing my life in so many ways. I find myself just excited to learn what’s next. So this year instead of a bunch of concrete goals I think I want to focus on learning. Learning what life is like as a mother, learning more sewing skills as I do my monthly Sew Our Stash projects, learning how I want the business to look with a kiddo of my own, learning how to improve my cooking, and general learning (like getting into a good Bible reading routine and reading a few non-fiction books).

Prego Update - Rae Gun Ramblings

Necklace from Delicate Industry on Etsy I love it SOOOO much!

It’s been a while so I thought I’d do a little pregnancy update. I am now 32 weeks. And I feel like it has completely flown by. This baby is going to be here SOON. We start our childbirth classes today. I’m a bit nervous. I’m normally a researcher but I have done minimal reading and looking things up (I think it’s a combo of being prego after loss and infertility as well as know so much of that material is fear mongering). Plus I’m older and have know a lot of people to give birth and have babies so I don’t feel completely ignorant about what’s in store but I know we’re going to get a lot of info and it’s going to become even more real. I think it’ll be fun to see how Daniel reacts to all the stuff ;)

I am…

  • feeling more tired. My energy is just lower in the last few weeks, which I hear is normal.
  • sleeping a lot more. I’m having a harder time getting to sleep and I think my quality of sleep is just a bit crummy so I’ve been “sleeping” a good 2-3 hours longer than I’m used to.
  • feeling huge. I don’t know why I did it but I weighed myself the other day. That was dumb. Yeah they weigh me at the doctors but they do it so fast and usually I’m not paying attention.
  • trying to get a bit more organized and make room for a new person.
  • excited for my baby showers (my friends and sister have one planned and my mom and MIL also are doing one together). Registering was a bit overwhelming PS thanks to all of you who gave awesome advice on the Rae Gun facebook page when I asked about what to register for.
  • thinking I want to do some pregnancy pictures but not sure where to do them in the middle of snowy winter here in SLC. Let me know if you have any ideas!
  • getting ready to go on “maternity leave” I have set a cut off date for all made to order items in my shop (that’s pretty much most of my shop). I hope to have some ready to ship stuff listed after that but I’m not going to kill myself and I’m definitely going to take my time to get back into things after he’s here. So, if you think you might want anything from my shop for this Spring (birthday parties, baby showers, etc.) please order before Jan. 24th.

Toasty is…

  • a moving machine.
  • he was doing some weird rhythmic thing that made be a bit nervous but my friends all thought it was probably hiccups which made sense.
  • he flipped out like flailing like a crazy person when I went through the car wash during an exceptionally loud portion of it.
  • just how he’s supposed to be according to the doctor.
  • already spoiled. He’s got a big old pile of fabric (not cheap mind you) and a good sized couple of gift cards to a super cute baby boutique.

That’s all I can think of for now. I do tend to post more prego related pics and tidbits on Instagram and Facebook if you’re curious. And if you have any questions let me know. I am now a firm believer in pregnancy brain since I obviously can’t think of anything.

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What’s For Dinner and I Went Shopping and What are your Favorite Apps?

rolls and honey butter

You guys I’m TOTALLY on a shopping high.  I had such such good luck today and yesterday. If you missed my Instagram of my Joann’s shopping cart it was awesome and overflowing with crazy deals. I LOVE Thanksgiving weekend sales. I know some people think I’m crazy but it’s my favorite. I seriously loaded up a cart and had a list of sku numbers to order full bolts of solids which were 60% off! Wahoo. And no this isn’t a sponsored post haha I just love them.

But I’m also excited to because I was finally able to pick some clothes that actually fit me. I just haven’t wanted to pay for stuff that’s so plain but since it was all on sale it was a lot easier. Plus the baby currently known as Toasty got his first few goodies too.

Our Thanksgiving was nice and delicious but I realized after gobbling everything down that the only picture I had taken was of my rolls and honey butter. But they were mighty tasty I’d have to say.

Finally I’ve been wanting to get a smart phone for over a year. I’ve been eligible for an upgrade for at least 3 haha but I’m so ridiculously indecisive it took me this long first to decide I wanted to go the smartphone route and then to decide which one. So I can say I’m now the proud owner of an iPhone.

A conversation in the mall parking lot:

my sister’s boyfriend: Are you ready for my life to change forever ?

me: I’ll just drop him (the baby) off with you

my sister: he was talking about the phone not the baby

Umm yeah it was like he was my freaking doula so funny he helped me through the purchase and was so excited for me. So far I like it a lot :) So since I”m brand new to all this, what are your favorite apps? Even the super common ones because I know nothing!


What’s for dinner this week…

Day Main Meal Goals (Veggies and Fish)
Saturday Thanksgiving Puffs Veggies: ?
Fish: ?
Sunday Soup (not sure what kind yet)
Monday Chicken Artichoke Alfredo
Tuesday Cheesy Polenta and Spicy Beef
Wednesday Sausage and Risotto
Thursday Eat Out
Friday Some Kind of fish
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Super Duper Great News

Fun and silly pregnancy and baby announcements - Rae Gun Ramblings

So I was wondering if you guys would be willing to help me with this little puzzle ;) So yes I’ve been siting on some humungous news. I’m very happy to announce that I am pregnant. Many of you know that this has been a long journey for us and you were all so so sweet when I shared our struggle with infertility I don’t even think you can understand how the comments and emails touched me. Seriously they were beyond wonderful.

You can probably guess with my history and my admitted worrier-ness that I’ve been an anxious ball of nerves. I told a few people but always with the clause of I’d love you to pray but I’m not ready to be excited or talk about it yet. I know I’m lame like that but it’s all I could handle. But I’m very happy to say I am ready to be excited now!

With every appointment a little ounce of my tension would ease. Every time they pulled out that freaking Doppler I’d get so anxious. And then when I finally had a second trimester appointment and that wee little heartbeat was still going strong. I totally started crying. The nurse was worried and then I told her “I just haven’t let myself believe it was real yet”. But even then I was nervous. We’ve had a couple of appointments since and I’ve even felt a little movement so I figure it’s about time that I accept the good news AND share it! Or course things could still happen (see told you worrier) but we’ll just have to deal with them if they do.

Cute and creative pregnancy baby announcement - Rae Gun Ramblings

We finally told the nieces yesterday and they were so so stinking cute. I had T (6 yrs) read the pregnancy announcement. And then they kinda looked at each other a little confused so we asked some leading questions until they got it. And they were so happy and excited. L looked down my shirt and I told her the baby was under my skin haha and then she wouldn’t stop kissing my tummy. We haven’t shared any of the hard stuff with them and I wanted to wait until we were “in the clear” to share this news but it was so so fun.

I assume you might have some questions, if I left any out please ask in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer if I can. Again I told you I’m kinda new to the whole talking about this and being excited so I don’t really know what you’d like to know so give me some questions :)

  • Due Date: March 1st which puts me at about 19 weeks
  • Morning Sickness: Just general nausea and aversion to most foods. I feel like I’ve been living on juice, string cheese, and clementines. It’s let up a little but most stuff still doesn’t sound good.
  • Will we find out the gender: Yup, I’m a planner. We’re hoping to do a little reveal in a few weeks
  • Names: No idea seriously pray for us we have completely completely different tastes in names
  • Other: I can’t really drink water. Yeah it’s REALLY annoying. In my first trimester just a little bit of water would make me feel like throwing up instantly. Now if it’s super super cold I can have a little. But if I drink a whole glass I’ll start feeling nauseous. Also BBQ sauce sounds totally disgusting to me.

So there is my happy news. Thank you for being a part of my life. For reals, I mean it. When I found out I was pregnant it was just as important for me to figure out how and when to tell you my blog family and friends as my IRL community. You really have been with me through a lot including some rough stuff so I’m glad to be sharing this happy stuff. Of course it’s bittersweet since I know so many friends who are in the same boat I was in last year. Just in the time that I’ve been pregnant I’ve had three friends with pregnancy complications, two miscarriages, and many still trying to figure out what is next in their own attempts whether that be with doctors or waiting on adoption news. I hope you can be happy with me but continue to pray for happy news and peace for those who are waiting for it too.

Fun baby pregnancy announcement idea - Rae Gun Ramblings

Now you can go back and check out my last few posts where I showed myself (like my sew our stash) and you’ll totally see my tummy. When I went to write up that post I was so annoyed since those pics that made the post were seriously the ONLY pictures where my tummy wasn’t totally popping out or my face wasn’t like a crazy person. But now I can happily sew for myself (and the baby!) and show the results and what’s hiding underneath :)

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Work In Progress: PAX Prime Video Game Convention Bound

pax prime video game convention - Rae Gun Ramblings

Every year a group of us head out to PAX Prime a huge video game convention held in Seattle, Washington. We, Rotten Musicians, play shows along the way and then pop in to experiences and document the awesome geekiness that is PAX. I love it. While it would be totally poser-ish for me to claim to be a gamer I do enjoy watching others play video games and I absolutely love the gaming culture. But playing along side some people yelling “drop out drop out” ;) no I’d rather be a spectator and play just a little. I think part of my love of video games are the stories. Do you know there are TONS of YA book authors that started out in the video game industry (ahem Margaret Stohl and Marie Lu for example). It makes total sense if you think of the world making that goes into both games and YA lit.

pax prime preparations - Rae Gun Ramblings

I’m am getting so freaking excited for PAX but this year I want to make myself a few game inspired outfits. See this fits both my Sew My Stash goal and my holy moly every one is dressed up I want to play too goal.  So this is the stack of some of what will be going into my little outfits. I know for sure that I want to make a Ms. Pac-Man dress. I’ve got this more or less planned in my head first because my husband is crazy good at Ms. Pac-Man and I just think the imagery in the games is cool and classic. Then I really want a Mario shirt or something I haven’t sorted this out completely yet. And I’m toying around with a third. Let’s hope I can get them done.

Cosplay and Nerdcore at Pax Prime - Rae Gun Ramblings

And just since it’s so so fun here are some of my favorite shots of last year at PAX so you can get the full picture. I love all the cosplayers and seeing the families.

Video Game COnvention Pax - Rae Gun Ramblings

We always love the nerdcore sessions since we have a bunch of video game inspired geek songs. And it’s so fun meeting the designers of the games and seeing what they are working on. But I think my absolute favorite is seeing all the new indie games that are coming out. It’s a fun adventure and I can’t wait for it to be time to head up to PAX again but first I’ve got some sewing to do.


8 Posts To Give You A Picture of Me

This week’s top ten Tuesday is really interesting – Top Ten Posts On Your Blog That Would Give The BEST Picture of YOU (as a reader and a person — so pick the 10 best reviews/posts that you wish every potential reader of your blog would see!). Neat right?! Well I’m not a book blogger but while I was thinking about this I realized that many of my favorite personality showing posts do have books at their center. I couldn’t quite get to 10 though so I have 8 for you all.

My Etsy Journey
This post was a long time coming but if you visit here regularly you know I do Etsy full time. It’s hard work but I love it. I never would have dreamed I could have such an awesome job, work from home, make things I love, all of it. This posts shares how I started and how I got from doing it on the side while trying to finish my phD to doing it full time making a real income with it.

Little Bulls
One of my favorite things in the world is to dress my family up, particularly my husband and my nieces. They are just so cute together. Any ways this is one of my all time favorite posts just because the costumes were so freakishly cute and the girls were at such a fun age. Click over to see our own version of the running of the bulls.

My First Harry Potter Birthday Party
Even though I’m postponing it this year I always have a birthday party FOR Harry Potter (last week was the big day). This post shows my true book love is by far Potter. This was my first Potter party (pictured above). Also the best part of my book addiction is that I have some awesome friends that share my obsession. It all started with Potter but they have joined me in my love for The Hunger Games, Divergent and even more. Book friends are the best. It’s like going on vacation and talking about where you’ve been but it’s way cheaper and you can travel often and all over! If you want to be Goodreads friends with me you can find me here.

Dark Days Pitch Dark Tour
I picked this one because I really love and appreciate my friends. I have some awesome people in my life and I’m super grateful. I also love books and to meet the authors of two of my favorite books (Divergent and Partials) was super neat. But most of all, if you know me you know that I wear what I love on my sleeve, literally. I am always making fan crafts and I share two in this post my Tris inspired shirt that I wore to the signing and my Insurgent book cover pendant that I like the geeky fangirl I am gave to Veronica Roth.

Top 10 Heroines
There is just something about heroines. For me I am a sucker for books that have strong characters so these are some of my all time favorite books. If you’ve read them know that will share a little bit into who I am.

Playing With a Green Screen 
I love my husband he makes awesome music and this is a post about how we made a music video Dani Lion, my favorite of all his music projects. I just love the music. Our friend that does the vocals has a fabulous voice and I think he makes music that just brings out the best of her. They sound awesome together.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
I love to travel. For Christmas one year my husband surprised me with a trip to Florida to go on a cruise (I love love love cruising) and to go to Harry Potter land. It was awesome.

Eclair Cake
And finally dessert. I included this one because I just love this recipe it is super tasty and easy but also the post includes some of my favorite pictures of my nieces. And hanging out with them whether in the kitchen or elsewhere is one of the best things in the world. They are a huge part of who I am.

Holy Smokes I’m a Lego

So miss Heidi got T this for her birthday a few weeks ago. Kinda awesome right? It was passed around as we all marveled at how it looks so similar to my work room which was just upstairs (the party was at our house).

So funny. My hubby kept on saying he was sort of weirded out and the only thing that would have made it even crazier is if the girl’s name was Marissa instead of Emma. I don’t have green eyes but long black hair really toys never look like me, nor do they have a giant ruler sitting on their cutting table, sewing machine, laptop and camera hanging out just like me. Super weird. Really it’s kind of freakish. I should get some flowers though that’s a nice touch. If you can’t picture my studio there are some recent pictures of it from last week here.

Oh and the musicmaker kept on joking that it would be extra awesome if there was a boy one that was called “boyfriend Daniel” and he was a DJ. Not that my Daniel is a DJ but it would totally look like his music set up in the other corner of the workroom. Yeah I just had to share it because it’s kind of awesome.

Things I’m Loving: Guilty Pleasures

I was partaking in one of my guilty pleasures and thought it would be fun to share a few of late favs and see what little things warm your cockles as well.

  • Saying the phrase “warm my cockles”. It’s like “warms my heart” right? but better. And my husband and sister hate it :)
  • MacDonald’s Chicken MacNugget Happy Meals. Yup I said it. I love those salty fries, that delicious nugget and my diet coke with lemon. I tell them I want it fresh and that I’ll wait extra time. I drive through then read my current book whilst eating it in the parking lot.
  • Checking books off on my goodreads account. It satisfies my natural love of list and goal making and marking things off.
  • My newish purse. I put my MIL on alert for a sale on this baby and once it FINALLY happened she called me up with a coupon, and I also had a gift card from some returned Christmas presents and voila the bag I’ve been pining after for 1$ yup you read that right.
  • Downton Abbey. No spoilers though since I’ve been watching the disc old school through Netflix so I’m a whole season behind.

So what things have you been loving lately? No really I want to know.