Princess Tiana Dress from The Princess and the Frog

Is there anything sweeter than a little girl in a princess dress? I’m so happy with how my DIY Princess Tiana dress turned out!
DIY princess tiana dress costume

Last weekend we had little miss T’s birthday party (pictures of that still to come). Remember how we took her to The Princess and the Frog (thanks again for all the toddler/movie going tips). She adored it. Before the movie she was all “I’m princess ‘no white'” and after it it was still Snow White some but also “princess T’nana”. So I knew exactly what to make her for her birthday. It’s a Princess Tiana dress. At first I was worried she’d think it was Tinkerbell but I really like how it turned out after the addition of the flower and the vine sash!

How to make a princess tiana dress

Regardless of what I think she LOVED it. Besides saying “I love it” and “it’s my favorite” and “so beautiful” over and over she put it on immediately and started twirling (it’s a circle skirt :) ). Oh and I was besides myself with happiness when the day before the party I found that adorable felt frog bucket at World Market, so much better that the rubber frog I was looking for. (It was by all the Easter stuff too cool!)

Princess and the frog costume tutorial
Yes you may have noticed that T is wearing two different tops under the dress, it’s because she had it on the next day too :) Ah feeling appreciated is there anything better?

UPDATE: I’ll be sewing a new one live today (1/23/2017) on FB I hope you’ll join me. I’ll make sure to add a full written and video tutorial after I make the new one so be sure to check back!

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  1. She’s a doll.

    Thank you for your comment when you said you love my taste.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog… What a lovely nieces you have, the dress is adorable…

  3. Love the dress. I think my daughter would too. :)

  4. Super cute!! You did a great job. *grin*

    Thanks for stopping by Bubba Bubbles!!

  5. She looks so cute in her dress! You did a great job!

  6. Hi, Marissa! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog! This little dress is freakin’ adorable – I can see why your niece says it’s her fave! :)

  7. You create lovely baby clothes!

  8. Girl, you’ve got some talent! She looks adorable in it!!

  9. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! It is fun to have surprise visitor now and then. Love your kids clothes, too tempting I think I shall have to buy something… :)

  10. Oh, it’s so nice when your work is appreciated! Congratulations on a well-loved dress!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  11. What a cute idea. How fun. You are on talented gal.

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