The Best Princess Dress Tutorials and Inspiration

Super helpful list of tutorials for making princess dresses (sleeves, skirts, bustle, etc.) - Rae Gun Ramblings

It’s my favorite time of the year, costume time. Hands down my favorite thing to sew are costumes and some of my favorite costumes are Princess Dresses. My husband was making fun of me the other day because I told someone I was lost when it came to menswear but if they want me to whip up I big poofy princess dress I’m their gal.

I know lots of you will be sewing princess dresses in the next few months whether for Halloween, dress up, or as Christmas presents so I thought I’d gather up some of my favorite tutorials for all things princess. I hope that when you look through these if you’re a bit nervous about your project it will seem more doable for you.

How to make princess sleeves, bustles, corsets and more. Great Princess dress tutorials - Rae Gun Ramblings

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