What’s for Dinner: Week 40

 (berry cobbler we kinda scarfed it before I even thought to look for the camera)

For those of you are new  to my blog I write these weekly plans to help me spend less (I kinda of love grocery shopping, yea I know I’m weird), to save time and to try and help us eat in more often. Also I love knowing what other people eat so I thought it would be fun to share. For a while I’ll be adding my plans for what greens I’ll be eating since one of my resolutions is to build a habit of introducing more green veggies into our diet. Maybe some day it’ll be so normal for us that I won’t have to mention them any more.

This was a pretty bad week for eating, not only did I not stick to the plan at all but I ate a lot of junk. Plus buying for the upcoming events and company I already went over my food budget (but this is the first month so I’m still seeing if that amount is reasonable). This week we’ve got even more company -this time actually staying with us- and lots of parties since for some reason Utah is doing fireworks on the 2nd and the 3rd, since the 4th is a Sunday, yup that’s Utah, so lots of munchy food, my favorite. I plan on making homemade pizza, blueberry white chocolate cheesecake, cowboy caviar, chex mix, and more that I haven’t decided on yet.


Day Main Meal Goals (Veggies, Whole Grain, Fish)
Sunday Shepherd’s Pie
Grains and nuts: Sandwich bread
Veggies: salad
Fish: talapia
Monday Carnitas Tacos
Tuesday Something with Talapia
Wednesday Red Iguana
Thursday Homemade Pizza
Friday 2nd of July Party
Saturday 4th of July Observed Party


  1. This cobbler looks great!

  2. I’ll make another soon and post the recipe when I can take better pictures

  3. that cobbler looks amazing. i just drooled on my shirt.


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